Chapter 274 Topical People

Chapter 274 – Topical People

Nowadays, platforms would invite some renown people on in order to raise their reputation.

These kinds of people that are in the limelight can raise a lot of discussion surrounding themselves, which increases the chances of the platforms being in the spotlight.

The same principle applied to Yue Lao’s dating show.

Ye Zichen sighed, then formed a reply after sensing the old man's confusion.

“Find some recently noteworthy people to enter…”


Yue Lao was stunned. He then looked at his chat screen in shock.

“Sky Sovereign, you are the most talked about person recently. Sky Sovereign, could it be that you’re coming back to the Heavenly Court?”

The gossips in the Heavenly Court all surrounded Sky Sovereign Nameless and Chang’e. The two of them being together was slightly old news, but the two of them still drew the attention of many occupants in the Heavenly Court.

The Heavenly Court’s Number One Beauty.

The Heavenly Court’s Number One Mystery.

Yue Lao felt that it would take a long time before the two of them stopped drawing any attention.

“Return to the Heavenly Court, your ass!”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort. He did want to go to the Heavenly Court to take a look, but that’s if he could actually get there…

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly at his phone.

“Don’t just throw Chang’e and I out there. Aside from the two of us, what other people would draw a lot of attention in the Heavenly Court…?”

“I can’t think of any! Sky Sovereign, what do you think I should do?”

Yue Lao scratched his head. Recently, he had been either focusing on his business or playing Landlord with Old Lord Taishang and his group that he had completely ignored the gossips in the Heavenly Court.

“This sovereign truly submits.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips and sighed speechlessly. This guy really has to be spoon fed everything, even though everything was already laid out for him, and he only needed to reach out to grab it.

“Can’t you use your brain?”

“I’m so old already. Using one’s brain is the job for the young people.”

Yue Lao replied shamelessly.


Ye Zichen was speechless. He was truly unable to do anything when a deity was shameless to that degree.

But then he thought… Why do I have to help him?

Yue Lao can get screwed, but I won’t. It’s not like I get any benefits from Yue Lao getting his year end bonus.

“I’ll leave it at this. If you don’t want to use your brain, then don’t. It doesn’t have anything to do with this sovereign.”


Ye Zichen turned off his phone, laid on the bed, and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Yue Lao gripped his phone in shock. He truly felt a bit worried as he read message.

No, Sky Sovereign, you can’t mess with me like this! This old man is already so old, my brain definitely doesn’t turn fast enough, so at least give me some hints!

What am I, this old man, going to do when you just disappear like that!

He continuously sent messages to Ye Zichen, but the messages did not result in any reaction. Thus, Yue Lao glanced around at the parents, who were lining up to sign their children up, then scratched his head…

Just what deities do I need to find!?

Thus, without any other choice Yue Lao sent Ye Zichen a red packet…

Still no reply.

A while later… Ye Zichen crawled up sleepily from the bed and turned on his phone…




A series of notification sound sounded out from his phone. Ye Zichen opened up WeChat, and saw that the messages Yue Lao sent him filled the screen.

At the very end of the long list of messages, Yue Lao even sent him a red packet.

You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x66666.

At that very moment, the phone of Yue Lao, who was drawing circles as he squatted on the ground, vibrated, causing his body to shudder as well.

No matter how hard he thought, he was unable to think of which most gossipped about people to invite. What’s more, that was when his tidy white hair had already been scratched into something that resembled a bird’s nest.

If any bird was brave enough, it could totally lay an egg on his head.

Sky Sovereign Nameless received your red packet.

Sky Sovereign appeared!

Yue Lao quickly stood up and sent Ye Zichen a message.

“Sky Sovereign, you finally came back!

Ye Zichen had originally wanted to quit the chat just after collecting the red packet, but Yue Lao’s message stopped him…

“Don’t tell me that you have just been waiting for me for all this time…”

“Sky Sovereign, this old one considered it a fair bit, and asked plenty of other celestial friends, but there honestly aren’t any hot topic people recently!”

Yue Lao frowned.

So foolish.

Could everyone in the Heavenly Court be so dead set on one thing?

Ye Zichen no longer had the stamina to retort.

“Talked about people don’t have to be recent ones, even… Never mind, I’m not going to explain that much to you. I’ll tell you directly, go and invite some royalty!”

“Royalty?” Yue Lao did not understand.

“Seriously… Basically, go and invite the Seven Fairies[1]. Of course, you don’t need to invite Lil’ Seven, since she already has Dong Yong! As for the other people, you know what to look for now, right?”

“That’ll work?”

Yue Lao was stunned.

“Why wouldn’t it? I’m telling you, the other six of the Seven Fairies might have been itching to get married already when they saw their little sister get married. The entire show will definitely become famous if you invite them!”

Yue Lao frowned slightly. Back then, he had done a lot as Yue Lao in order for Lil’ Seven of the Seven Fairies to be with Dong Yong.

However, the Jade Emperor was not particularly happy about it, resulting in him not getting any year end bonus that year.

Now, he was being told to start from the Jade Emperor’s fairies again… Yue Lao did feel rather worried.

“Sky Sovereign, the Seven Fairies are the Jade Emperor’s darlings. Are you sure that we should invite them?”

“So? Can darlings be spinsters for life!?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “I know what you’re worried about. Aren’t you just worried about the Jade Emperor criticizing you for it? Let me tell you, this’ll definitely be fine. The issue with you helping Lil’ Seven and Dong Yong get together was because one was a mortal and the other was an immortal. This time, you’re setting pairs up in the Heavenly Court, everyone is suitable for one another, so what are you afraid of? Perhaps, the Jade Emperor will even reward you greatly since you set the Seven Fairies up!”

“That’s true!” Yue Lao was clearly fickle. As long as someone was convincing him, he would change his mind.

“Then Sky Sovereign, which men should I find?”

“You naturally have to find matching people as well!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “Think about it, which of the men in the Heavenly Court are not married and are gossiped about…?”

“True Lord Erlang, Great Sage Sun, Third Prince Nezha…”

Yue Lao did start to understand the criteria for selecting people after getting the suggestion of the Seven Fairies.

“Correct,” Ye Zichen nodded. “Just the three of them. For the first show, only invite them three. I’m telling you, if your show doesn’t take off, then I’ll stream myself eating shit!”

“What’s shit?” Yue Lao did not understand.

“Don’t mind so much!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. “If you have the time to care about that, then you might as well hurry up and invite people!”

“Alright, I’ll go and organize it! But for True Lord Erlang and co…”

Yue Lao stopped once again. However, how could Ye Zichen not know what he wanted to say!

“If they don’t agree, then I’ll help you sort it out!”

  1. The Seven Fairies (七仙女) are the daughters of the Jade Emperor and are married/single depending on the texts people refer to. The only thing consistent is that the Seventh Fairy is married to Dong Yong (董永).

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