Chapter 273 The Five Loving Brothers

Chapter 273 – The Five Loving Brothers

The Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation is truly amazing!

It actually comes with plot armor. I was just about to get screwed, but then I suddenly get told that I leveled up!

Ye Zichen supported his chin with his right hand, while he took out a cigarette from his pocket and stuck it in his mouth.

“My two bros are waiting for my help. You two… Sorry, but I’m in a hurry!”

Bang bang.

Ye Zichen knocked down the pair with two chops, then ran over to the Hou brothers.

The situation of the originally equal fight instantly changed with Ye Zichen’s participation.

When the double pupil lady with scales noticed that Ye Zichen had advanced to the spiritual body level, she immediately ordered a full retreat.

The Hou brothers decided to stay and remain on guard with the mindset of not chasing an enemy with nowhere to go, while Ye Zichen walked to the place where they fought and picked up a piece of scale from the ground.

The scale was a greenish-blue, and felt rather slimy. It was both cool and soft at the same time.

“Do you two know who they are?” Ye Zichen handed the scale over.

Third Hou examined it closely, “They should be half-beastmen, probably of the snakemen tribe!”

“Half-beastmen?” It was Ye Zichen’s first time hearing about them. “Are half-beastmen half beast, half men?”

“You can think of them as such,” Fourth Hou nodded. “But half-beastmen normally only appear within the Three Realms, I don’t know how they managed to get here.”

“But there is a point to note,” Third Hou squinted his eyes. “These half-beastmen aren’t particularly strong on average. What’s more, during my fight with them, I felt that they don’t seem to know how to use their Power of Heritage!”

“Then…” Fourth Hou frowned.

“Never mind, leave it!” Ye Zichen waved his hand with a faint smile.

Actually, Ye Zichen did have some ideas about why everything happened.

These half-beastmen appeared in the Modern World most likely because of him.

Great Emperor Qingming had told him that this ninth life of his would definitely not be calm. At that very moment, he was like Xuanzang’s meat, which anyone would want to take a bite out of.

What’s more, it seems like he had gained quite a few enemies back when he was the Yellow Emperor.

And the descendants of these enemies had been continuously looking for him…

It really is hard to stay alive!

As Ye Zichen drove back to the dormitory, he saw his roommates grouped together with a focused gaze that would cause people have some dirty thoughts.

“What are you guys looking at?”

Zhu Yunbai was the first to turn around. He immediately pulled over a chair for Ye Zichen, then massaged his arms and legs.

“One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions… Say it, do you want to borrow money or get boosted?” Ye Zichen took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

Zhu Yunbai shook his head, “It’s neither this time!”

“Then what are you acting solicitously for? Go away,” Ye Zichen smacked Zhu Yunbai’s hand away.

At this moment, Zhang Rui pushed his glasses up with a smile, ‘Ye-zi, tell me, are you responsible for this?”

“What?” Ye Zichen took a glance at the computer screen.

Zhang Xiaohua, a member of the Ganshui Five, has turned himself in.

The body of the news laid below the title, mostly talking about what the Ganshui Five did.

There was also a short video in the middle…

“Mr. Police, please arrest me! I have committed crimes, please arrest me. I’m begging you!”

In the video, Zhang Xiaohua cried as he grabbed the policeman and said that he had committed crimes…

Also, it could be said that Zhang Xiaohua’s clothes were messed up, and that he had a strange posture when walking!

It seems like his four brothers really loved him a lot!

“Ye-zi, tell us the truth, what sorts of tricks did you pull this time!” Zhang Rui raised his eyebrows. “I saw that you were smiling extremely lecherously when you smiled. You said that there will be a headline, so this is what you were referring to, right?”

“Hey, I just wanted them, those five brothers, to get more loving with each other!” Ye Zichen shrugged speechlessly.

At that moment, another news popped up on the screen.

The Ganshui Five turned themselves in all together.

An extremely eye-catching title appeared on a certain Bingcheng forum.

Ganshui Brothers, not real brothers, but are as close as real brothers!

This author eloquently described the journeys of the Ganshui Brothers, but emphasized his words in the last paragraph, which he accompanied with a video.

The video was already heavily censored. Mr. Zhang Xiaohua of the Ganshui Five were pressed down onto the ground by four hulks passionately…

During that, the four hulks would occasionally physically fight in order to gain a better position.

Meanwhile, the comments below were extremely amazing.

“You guys now know why I’m still single after watching this video.”

“Look at that trap’s expression carefully, he has a look of enjoyment…”

“I heard that Zhang Xiaohua of the Ganshui Five just turned himself in, then his four waifus also did the same. Are they going to love each other until the end of days?”

“Zhang Xiaohua said, ‘Uncle Police, I’m regretting it a little now!’”

Ye Zichen smiled faintly as he read the comments, while his roommates rewatched the video several times and even chuckled…

“He’s so pitiful!”

“You won’t understand his happiness,” Zhu Yunbai chuckled.

All of them laughed. It was a good thing for the Ganshui Five to get arrested.

Especially since one was able to find out that they truly had plenty of penci and Immortal Jump victims from reading the comments.

Then, Ye Zichen played two games of League with his roommates before falling asleep on his bed.

In the Heavenly Court…

Yue Lao did choose to listen to Ye Zichen’s ideas to start a dating show, and there was a very good reaction to it.

Plenty of families even gave Yue Lao some red packets in hopes of getting their family’s child on the show.

After all, everyone wanted their family’s child to get married and have kids. They were naturally anxious when they see some families get their celestial fourth generations, while their celestial second generations did not even start dating yet!

However, Yue Lao noticed an issue… The good reactions from the dating show merely came from the lower and upper class…

The higher ups had not noticed it at all. If this continued, then according to the workplace survival laws that Ye Zichen thought him, he would be just wasting his efforts for nothing!

“Sky Sovereign, little deity is facing some trouble!”

When Ye Zichen, who just woke up to go to the bathroom, saw the message on his phone, he raised his eyebrows.

“What troubles is it now?”

So lucky, Sky Sovereign is actually here!

Yue Lao directly described the problem he faced to Ye Zichen, causing the latter to not be able to help but raise his eyebrows.

“I’m telling you, this first show must be extremely shocking and spread through the Heavenly Court!”

“I want that to happen too, but those that signed up…” Yue Lao hesitated.

“Who told you to just wait for them to sign up? Don’t you know how to invite people?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “Since you just started, many deities are just watching on the sides for now!”

“Then who should little deity invite?”

Ye Zichen smacked his forehead speechlessly. Why isn’t this gramps getting it!

Invite who? Of course he had to invite well-known people!

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