Chapter 272 Leveled Up!

Chapter 272 – Leveled Up!

Ye Zichen truly felt like he was going crazy.

Just what the heck is going on? Sun Yige was perfectly fine last night, why did she suddenly turn out like this after a single night…

Did she get stimulated somehow!?

“Of course I’m Sun Yige!” Sun Yige smiled, then kicked the wailing lackeys of Wei Teng, who were lying on the ground. “I’m going to say it one more time. I’m not your sis… If you guys come to harass me one more time, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

“Yes, yes!”

The lackeys immediately ran away, while Ye Zichen watched everything in shock…

Is she really Sun Yige?

At the same time, Xia Keke and co. also walked up. All of them were completely stunned when they saw Sun Yige.

“Yige?” Su Yan walked over with a stunned expression. This Sun Yige was way too different from her memories.

“Susu!” Sun Yige smiled, then pulled Su Yan’s hand.

Su Yan couldn’t help but reply after hearing the familiar tone and way of addressing her, “you really are Yige!”

“Yeah, why did you all ask me that? Ye Zichen asked me once, and you asked me once as well… What, is it no good for me to be like this?” Sun Yige twirled with a giggle, then formed a gun with her hand before raising it up.

So cool!

No matter what, Ye Zichen was unable to relate the girl in front of him to Sun Yige.

People’s personalities can indeed change, but… This is a bit too much change, right?

Xia Keke pouted as she blinked for a long time. Then, after making sure that the girl in front of her was Sun Yige, she immediately skipped over, “Yige, your outfit is super cool!”

“Yeah? I like it quite a bit as well,” Sun Yige smiled warmly.

Ye Zichen, who stood behind them, couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you suddenly think about dressing up like this?”

“I’ve wanted to dress up like this since a long time ago, but I’d never got the courage to!” Sun Yige smiled faintly. “But, I had a dream last night and decided to wear this when I hope up. From the looks of it, it suits me rather well!”

Too strange.

Even when Ye Zichen arrived at Huang Shengmei’s office, he still felt like Sun Yige’s suddenly change was rather strange.

Both from the way she spoke and the confidence that she emitted faintly…

That is different from the Sun Yige I know.

“Why are you frowning so much?” Huang Shengmei handed over a cup of coffee.

Ye Zichen received it then raised his eyebrows, “Shengmei, I want to ask you a question!”

“Mm, go on!” Huang Shengmei nodded.

“From a medical perspective, is it possible for a girl who had a rather weak personality to suddenly turn extremely dominatrix-like?”

“It is!” Huang Shengmei nodded. “The extremes of things are its exact opposites. If she is overly cowardly and careful, it is rather possible for her to suddenly wake up one day with an altered personality… However, there are huge cons for her heart and mental health.”

“Why do you say that?” Ye Zichen asked.

“The extremes of things are its exact opposites. The reason that happens is because it surpassed the endurable range. When a person’s mind gets an intense attack, this sort of situation would occur!” Huang Shengmei answered plainly.

Is Class Rep Sun’s situation like this? Ye Zichen scratched his chin. For some reason, he felt like Sun Yige’s change was not as simple as that.

“Ai, oh yeah, what did you call me over for?”

“Can’t I just want to see you?” Huang Shengmei rolled her eyes and pouted.

Ye Zichen sat in Huang Shengmei’s office for the entire afternoon. Originally, he had wanted to take her out to dinner, but an ad hoc surgery caused the plan to be voided.

While Ye Zichen drove back to school, he continued to think about whether he should take Sun Yige for a check up…

At that moment, a truck barreled towards him.

Ye Zichen reacted as if it was his natural instinct and turned the wheel, forcing his car to rush into the greenbelt. The Hou Brothers and him opened the door, while the former stood in front of him.

“Boss Ye, the other side isn’t weak at all!” Third Hou said vigilantly.

“I’ll cover you guys, send Boss Ye off first!’ Fourth Hou stepped forward and released a faint gold aura from him.

“Boss Ye, let’s go!” Third Hou grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulder and ran backwards. However, no matter how far they ran, a group of people were always on the verge of blocking them off.

“We can let you go if you hand over the person behind you!” The one who spoke was a woman with long hair and double pupil eyes, who had faint scales on her arm.

“Boss Ye, find a chance to run. I’ll help you block them off!”

With that, Third Hou charged towards the woman.

A chaotic fight broke out!

Ye Zichen could feel that the person who fought Fourth Hou and the woman that blocked off off earlier were both spiritual body leveled expert.

What do these people want to capture me!? Could my identity as the Yellow Emperor been exposed?

Ye Zichen scratched his head. He was unable to get involved in spiritual body leveled fights, and he also clearly knew that he was merely a burden to the Hou brothers if he stayed behind.


He immediately started running without turning his head.


Just as Ye Zichen turned around to run, a man and a woman with the same double pupil eyes and scales on their arms appeared beside him.

“Boss Ye!” The Hou brothers were in no spot to help him.

Ye Zichen scratched his head and looked at the pair in front of him, “Why are you guys capturing me?”

“We have nothing to say!”

With that, the pair blocking Ye Zichen’s way charged towards him.

“Hey, I am of the false spiritual body level as well, so give me some face!” The pair in front of him were also false spiritual body leveled experts, but they worked very well with each other. Even when Ye Zichen activated both Unbreakable Body and the Fiery Eyes of Truth…

He could only continuously defend.

As Ye Zichen lost his stamina drastically, he was in no shop to exchange a pill from the Treasure Shop. He had to maintain being absolutely vigilant, but that was devastating for his mind.

He subconsciously looked over at the Hou brothers. It seems like they can’t free themselves to help me.

Soul Pearl Yiyuan is still soaking in water at home…

Am I going to fall here?


The pair that was fighting with Ye Zichen instantly attacked more intensely.

Due to being caught unaware, Ye Zichen fell backwards…


This fall made it so that I no longer have the chance to turn the tables.

At that very moment…

Ye Zichen felt a warmth flow through his entire body. His originally tired out body instantly became full of energy…

More importantly, he felt as if his senses had become sharper.

System notification.

Level leveled up. Current level: Spiritual Body.

Experience: 100/200.

Daily Experience Gain: 8.

Ye Zichen instantly smiled when he saw the notifications. The saying is right. There is always a way…

Ye Zichen scratched his head and looked at the pair, who now had vigilant expressions, and apologetically raised his eyebrows, “I’m so sorry. I leveled up!”

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