Chapter 271 Sun Yige’s Drastic Change

Chapter 271 – Sun Yige’s Drastic Change

When Ye Zichen looked back at Yue Lao’s chat after putting away the red strings, he saw that the old man had exploded.

He couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you getting anxious for!”

“How could I not be anxious!” Yue Lao thought to himself. It’s not like you’re the one who might lose his year end bonus…

“Never mind, since you gave me those red strings, then this sovereign will give you a few tips,” Ye Zichen replied with a smile. “You can make a dating game show for the Heavenly Court!”

“Dating game show?”

Yue Lao was confused.

“Find twenty six marriage-thirsty girls, essentially just female deities that want to get married. Then find some good quality lads and give them a platform to get to know each other so that they’ll become a couple. After that, they can leave. Whenever there’s an empty spot for the girls, find someone else to fill up the spot etc…”

Ye Zichen was definitely able to talk about several tens of different non-repetitive ideas when it came to dating game shows.

Since there were so many of them in the Modern World, he naturally understood a bit from just hearing about them.

“Uhm… Are you sure it’ll work?”

Yue Lao didn’t quite believe him.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort when he saw Yue Lao’s doubts.

He actually did not trust “If You are the One” that is famous throughout the whole world. The popularity of this dating game show…

“It’s definitely alright. I’m telling you, if you do just that, you’ll definitely get a share of the year end bonus. What’s more, as Yue Lao, if it really doesn’t work, then do some tricks behind their backs!”

“Alright, I’ll try it!”

“I’m telling you, if this game show gets high ratings in the Heavenly Court, do give me some commission!”

Ye Zichen left the chat with Yue Lao and decided to stare at the red strings.

He was able to link strings, but that was only when he could see them…

I can’t exactly go over to Ganshui Road just to help them tie some strings, right…

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen remembered the Thousand Li Tracking Sigil from All Seeing Eye…

He immediately sent a friend request.

I have accepted your friend request. Let’s chat!

All Seeing Eye: Sky Sovereign!

All Seeing Eye spoke with a hint of seriousness. Sky Sovereign was not a title that anyone could bare. This deity dared to address himself as “this sovereign”, while the other deities in the group also called him “Sky Sovereign”…

Although they have never met before, All Seeing Eye did not dare to offend him.

All Seeing Eye: I wonder what business do you have with this little deity?

Ye Zichen glanced at the intimacy level.


“I wonder if daoist friend still has any Thousand Li Tracking Sigils left?”

All Seeing Eye was surprised.

That kind of crappy thing was things he randomly made for fun when he had nothing better to do. If he actually wanted to, he could provide him with a whole truckload of them.


“I wonder if daoist friend can send this sovereign a few?”

“No problem!”


You received All Seeing Eye’s red packet.

Thousand Li Tracking Sigil x50.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but rub his eyes when he saw the amount… There was no mistake. It was fifty!

“If Sky Sovereign needs anymore, then you can ask little deity for them any time.”

Was it that worthless?

Ye Zichen looked at the message on his phone in shock. I had thought that the sigil was some sort of amazing treasure.

“Sure, thank you daoist friend.”

“Sky Sovereign is too courteous. If there are no other matters, then little deity is going off to patrol.”


Ye Zichen took out a sigil from the Treasure Chest.

Would you like to use Thousand Li Tracking Sigil?

Note: Thousand-Li Tracking Sigil is a consumable item. It locates the target for three hours.


Please select the target. It is limited to a person or item that you have seen before.

Ye Zichen imagined the Ganshui Road brothers in his mind. Not long later, a scene appeared in front of him.

The Ganshui Road Brothers kneeled on the floor in a line with terrified expressions as they continuously prostrated.

The sounds of bottles breaking could occasionally be heard from behind them.

It seems like Big Brother Ox-Head called some ghosts over.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and smiled evilly.

The Ganshui Road Brothers’ bonds are truly strong!

Also, since that trap liked being a girl so much… Then I’ll let him feel a man’s passion.

Ye Zichen quickly tied the red strings for them and revealed a satisfied smile.

“I wish the five of you a happy life!”

The moment he said that, Ye Zichen could see from the image that…

Four of the five Ganshui Road Brothers, who were kneeling in a line, instantly sat their gaze on the trap.


The buzz cut brother kneeled on the floor with a knee and grabbed the trap’s hand with his right hand…

“Flower, I have fallen in love with you. Be my man!”


At that moment, the scar-faced brother kicked the buzz cut brother away and cursed.

“F*ck off, Flower, I’m the one who loves you the most!”

“All of you f*ck off. Flower, it’s me who loves you the most!”


Ding dang dong.

The Ganshui Road Brothers immediately started to fight amongst themselves, causing Ye Zichen to be unable to resist his laughter.

“Why are you smiling so lecherously?” Zhang Rui pushed Ye Zichen a bit. “Hurry up, we have lessons later!”

“Haha, we might be able to see huge news in tomorrow’s headlines!” Ye Zichen chuckled.

When he finished the entire day of class, Ye Zichen was rather surprised that Class Rep Sun did not attend class.

From what he could recall, that class rep of his never missed any lessons.

“Ye Zichen.”

To no surprise, Lu Lu immediately stuck to him when lessons were finished. However, what caused him to feel even more troubled was that…

Su Yan and Xia Keke were also outside the classroom.

“School Beauty Harvester, as expected of your name!” Xia Keke twitched her mouth meaningfully, while Su Yan looked straight at Lu Lu with the gaze of the legal wife…

All of a sudden, the smell of gunpowder was everywhere.

“Ahem… Errr, have you seen Sun Yige?”

“You’re still thinking of Sun Yige…”

They instantly exploded.

“We didn’t see Yige today,” Xia Keke and Su Yan finally replied after sorting out their moods. “She did not return to the dorms yesterday.”

“Really?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

At that moment…

“How many times have I told you? I’m not your Sis. If you guys dare to harass me one more time, then don’t blame me for being merciless,” A yell could be heard from the school woods.

Ye Zichen immediately frowned when he heard this familiar voice as he hurried towards the woods…

When he arrived in the woods, he saw a tall girl who wore black skintight leather clothes and black high heels.

If she had a whip in her hands with this outfit…

Cough cough!

Ye Zichen looked in front of the girl and saw three delinquents lying there.

He took a closer look and saw that these three delinquents were Wei Teng’s underlings.

Ye Zichen connected the dots, then ran in front of the girl in disbelief.

“Sun-Sun Yige,” Ye Zichen gulped. What’s going on?

This Sun Yige is totally a different person from the Sun Yige I know!

Sun Yige has always been like a little sister next door, who caused people to be unable to resist caring for her. But this lady in front of me…

Had her hair tied up in a bun, drew long and thin eyeliner, had bright red lips as well as a gaze that looked down on the world…

She isn’t that little sister next door at all!

She is a queen!

“Are-Are you Sun Yige?”

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