Chapter 270 Yue Lao’s Relationship Hall

Chapter 270 – Yue Lao’s Relationship Hall

Ye Zichen’s heart jumped as he gripped his phone…

He was in too much of a hurry just now, so he said the wrong thing. Ox-Head can’t have noticed something, right?

“Those mortals are sick of living, right? They actually dared to offend Old Ox’s brother!” Ox-Head slapped in thigh in the alley of the streets, causing the group of nearby little ghosts to get freaked out.

“Bro, your Ox Bro will help you teach the mortals you talked about a lesson.”

“Ox Bro, didn’t you say that if anyone of us in the Underworld goes and harms people in the mortal realm, we will be thrown in the oil wok?”

“Hey, little bro, you don’t know about it right? There are loopholes in everything,” Ox-Head explained with a smile like an older brother. “Tell Ox Bro, just which mortals offended little bro…?”


Ye Zichen told Ox-Head about the location and appearances of the Ganshui Brothers.

“Leave it to I, Old Ox!”

The moment Ox-Head sent the message, he placed his phone back into his pocket, then casually grabbed two ghosts with foot cuffs.

“Marshal Ox!”

Both of these little ghosts were ones sent to Hell to be punished due to committing too many crimes in the Modern World. They were truly scared when they met ghosts servants of the Underworld, so they were naturally terrified when they saw Ghost Marshal Ox-Head.

“Do you want to get your foot cuffs taken off?” Ox-Head smiled slightly meaningfully.

“Yes, naturally!” The two ghosts quickly nodded.

“Then do this…” Ox-Head grabbed the heads of the two ghosts and whispered.

The two ghosts quickly whispered.

Inside the Ganshui Road farmhouse.

The five brothers were truly not afraid of anything at all. Even though they were just beaten up, they were eating and drinking together happily once again.

“Qiang-zi, you’re still the most menacing!” The buzz cut knocked his beer jug with the scar-face. “It seems like we have to act more menacing from now on. Look at that second-generation rich kid. He ran away with his tail between his legs!”

“Look… In terms of how menacing people are, we are this!” The scar-face raised his thumb, while the others also chuckled.

At that very moment…

The table was suddenly flipped over, while a sinister feeling surrounded them…

Their sweat glands uncontrollably exploded, and that scar-face actually felt that something was touching his back…


The five people quickly kneeled on the floor and kowtowed towards the east, while muttering some inaudible words…

At the same time…

Ye Zichen and co. finished their breakfast at the bun shop outside the school, then Ye Zichen directly returned to the dormitory, laid down on his bed and took out his phone…

He definitely wasn’t just going to do that. It was too low to just get several ghosts to scare them.

Since he was going to play, he had to play in a more high-class manner.

At that moment, Yue Lao was looking at the messy red strings in the Marriage Hall with a frown. Ever since he started to do business in the Heavenly Court, he hadn’t dealt with the situation in the hall for a long time.

Yue Lao scratched his head with a terrible expression as he looked at the red strings in front of him, which would not be sorted out.

What am I supposed to do!

It was nearing the time for him to hand in the annual report, but he truly could not sort out the red strings.


His phone on the table rang.

Yue Lao, who was getting troubled over the red strings, looked at the messages on it…

“Sky Sovereign, what is it?”

“Yue Lao, do you have some lower-leveled red strings? Send me a few!”

Red string!

Yue Lao felt like his head was going to explode whenever red strings were mentioned.

“Which fairy did Sky Sovereign fell for? Do you want to link the strings by yourself? That seems like it’s going to be rather troublesome, since this old man’s Marriage Hall is facing some small issues!”

Ye Zichen was speechless.

I had way more than enough red strings around me, and to link even more…

Do you think that I’m crazy!?

However, he did noticed Yue Lao’s words!

Marriage Hall!

Was the Marriage Hall that Yue Lao was talking about the place that was in charged of the marriages of the Three Realms? However, why did he say that there was trouble?

“What is it? What trouble? Tell me and let me enjoy myself.”


Yue Lao did not reply, but sent an image.

The image showed countless tangled red strings.

Ye Zichen immediately understood after seeing that.

No wonder so many cheating incidents and stuff happened after marriage. So that’s the origin of the issue!

“Old Man, you’re not good for doing that. These strings are all tangled together, so aren’t you forcing couples to fight?”

“This old man has no way to sort it out!” Yue Lao sighed.

“In my opinion, you should just cut all of these tangled strings. Let them start a new relationship. Otherwise, wouldn’t they just be harming each other?”

“How can that be okay!” Yue Lao said justly. “As Yue Lao, I have to be in charge of the relationships in the Three Realms. How can I intentionally destroy their marriages!”

“But aren’t you destroying them right now?” Ye Zichen was speechless. Those other men and other women had a more severe impact on the destruction of families.

“Say, marriages have to be natural, so you should cut those tangled strings. If they truly are meant to be, then they will naturally go back together… That will stop the current situation which causes trouble for their families!”


Yue Lao lifted his hand. A celestial child immediately handed over a pair of scissors with a piece of red cloth tied on the handles.

Don’t blame me, blame Sky Sovereign Nameless. He told me to do this!


Yue Lao snipped the strings several times with his scissors, causing the tangled red strings to all fall apart.

“I cut them!’ Yue Lao placed the scissors back into the celestial child’s hand, then complained in a  speechlessness inducing manner. “It seems like I’m not going to be able to get my year end bonus!”

He’s still thinking about his year end bonus even now?

Ye Zichen was truly speechless.

“What, even as Yue Lao, you got some performance indicators?”

“What do you think!?” Yue Lao rolled his eyes. “Right now, competition is huge in the Heavenly Court. Just those cuts…”

“Worried for what!?” Ye Zichen smiled.

“How could I not get worried. It’s nearly the end of the year!”

“I can tell that you’re a newb at work,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. “This sovereign shall now tell you about the workplace survival laws…”

After ten-odd minutes, Yue Lao was rather confused from all the listening. However, once he thought deeper into it, he found that the stuff Ye Zichen talked about really did make sense.

“Sky Sovereign, then how do you think I should fix it?”

Yearend bonus was something that I definitely can’t lose!

“Give me a few low-leveled red strings first. The ones that you can only use for ten odd or twenty days are fine.”


Yue Lao sent the red packet without thinking.

You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Red String x5.

Red String: A necessary item to refine the Red Strings of Fate. It is able to have a simple string-tying effect, but it is not comparable to a Marriage String. It can only maintain itself for half a month.

Not bad, not bad.

It was exactly what Ye Zichen wanted…

With these red strings, it seems like the Ganshui Road Brothers will love each other even more.

Meanwhile, Yue Lao felt like he was on fire.

What’s going on with Sky Sovereign? Why does he disappear at the key moment every single time? He already told me about the workplace survival rules, but he didn’t say what I should do!

Just how was I supposed to show myself off in front of the Jade Emperor? How can I get my year end bonus…

All of a sudden, Yue Lao wanted to sing a song…

Sky Sovereign, come back quick, I can’t take it by myself…

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