Chapter 269 Mortals Pissed Me Off

Chapter 269 – Mortals Pissed Me Off

Everyone from the dormitory stared at Ye Zichen speechlessly.

They really did not expect that this roommate of theirs would start to turn more and more mysterious in just a few months time.

He had to free-load off them before, and now he was able to afford his own sportscar!

After a round of retorts, since the car did not have too much space in its interior, Kang Peng and Zhu Yunbai decided to take a taxi to lead the way, while Ye Zichen followed closely behind them as the driver.

After about an hour, they stopped in front of farmhouse.

“Little Bro, you sure it’s here?” Everyone looked at Zhu Yunbai in shock. He actually could hook up in these sorts of places, he’s pretty wild!

“It’s here… That’s definitely right!” Zhu Yunbai frowned.

Kang Peng squinted his eyes and signaled everyone else.

They immediately understood, and climbed over the wall.

“No one’s here either!”

They walked around the farmhouse several times, but they did not see a single person.

“They might have gone out. Let’s wait here for a bit!”

At the same time, outside the farmhouse…

The Ganshui Road Pengci Brothers walked to the entrance of the farmhouse as they hummed arm in arm, with beer bottles in their hands.

The shortest one of them pointed at the parked Panamera tipsily.

“Hey, this car is so familiar!”

“F*ck, I get so annoyed whenever I see a fancy car. The guy actually dared to park in front of our home. Bros, wreck it!”

With that, they wobbled towards Ye Zichen’s car…

Beep, beep, beep.

The alarm started blaring.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and climbed over the walls again, and coincidentally saw the Ganshui Road Brothers pissing at his car…

“What are you guys doing!?” Ye Zichen roared, then quickly ran towards them.

They looked up.

One of them raised his eyebrows, “Isn’t that the rich second generation from yesterday?”

“F*ck, this grandson tried to crush me the other day. The world is truly tiny, we actually bumped into him here. Bros, destroy him!”

The Ganshui Road Brothers charged over with their beer bottles. Ye Zichen raised his hand…

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

He slapped each of them once!

These slaps completely shocked the five brothers. They blanked out for a while, then subconsciously touched their slapped faces…

“Bros… Go… Hey, these lords, how may we help you?”

At that moment, Kang Peng and co. also climbed back over the wall of the farmhouse.

Zhu Yunbai pointed at the skinny man in the middle with skin whiter than a woman’s with his trembling finger, “It’s him…”

“Then what are you guys hesistating for? Beat him up!”

Everyone from the dormitory charged over. The Ganshui Road Brothers clearly met these sorts of situations many times before, so they were not afraid at all.

If they were fighting with normal people, then the Ganshui Road Brothers might have had a chance.

But against Ye Zichen…

Kang Peng and co. did not even attack much, as Ye Zichen had already knocked down the Ganshui Road Brothers easily.

“Say, you guys are into quite a bit of stuff. Not only pengci, but also Immortal Jump?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and looked at the Ganshui Road Brothers, whose faces were already swollen like a pig’s.

“Big Bro, we’re just trying to make a living!” The buzz cut young man on the floor folded his hands in front of him.

“Return what you robbed from my bro yesterday!” Ye Zichen kicked him. The young man with a buzz cut quickly took out a phone and placed it on the floor. “This is your friend’s phone. As for the money…”

“Big Bro, what are you submitting for!” The rather menacing-looking young man frowned. “Your friend’s an idiot. He really should look at a mirror to see what the heck he looks like. He actually wants to hook up with someone? He jumped into the Immortal Jump, he deserves it.”

“You’ve got a temper!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “You have such justification for being a criminal. Amazing…”

“Heh, don’t talk shit with me. Kill me if you dare!” The menacing-looking man glared.

“Killing is illegal. Do you think I’m an idiot?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

The menacing-looking guy instantly bared his yellow teeth in disdain, “Then stop blabbering at me. You’re just going to beat me up at worst. My skills are rough and my muscles are thick so I don’t care!”

“Very strong!” Ye Zichen smiled faintly, then raised his eyebrows at his roommates. “Let’s go!”


“What are you guys waiting here for? He already said it, kill him if we dare. Do you guys dare kill him?"

Thus, they immediately got into the car or a taxi and left.

The menacing-looking man watched in disdain as Ye Zichen and co. left, “You see that? We’re still more fierce!”

Meanwhile, Zhang Rui pushed his glasses up in the car and cursed, “F*ck, I’m really annoyed about just letting them go like this!”

“Yeah,” Kang Peng let out a long sigh. “But what could we have done? It was just beat them up once at most.”

Ye Zichen did not join in the discussion.

He had more important things to do.

Ox-Head, the fallen ghost marshal of the Underworld, felt like everything was brighter after repaying the entirety of his debt of twenty thousand merits in the Heaven and Earth Bank.

“Leader Ox!”

“Marshal Ox!”

The ghosts on the streets greeted him. Although Ox-Head’s status was lowered, he still possessed the title of Ghost Marshal in the Underworld.


Ox-Head nodded towards the ghosts with a straight face. At that moment, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

Ever since his position drastically lowered due to the tension between the Heavenly Court and the Underworld, he had lost a lot of friends. Aside from the loan officer of the bank, people rarely contacted him through his phone…

Ox-Head took out his phone in confusion…

Little ghost bro!

Ox-Head instantly smiled!

Thinking back, when he was a proper soul-reaping servant, everything was bright. Countless people were proud of adding him as friends. However, ever since he has fallen, he found that the number of friends he had on social media gradually decreased…

Since they had all deleted him.

It was from then on that he saw relationships clearly.

Number of friends didn’t matter. The quality of friends did!

It was clear that Ye Zichen was a true friend in Ox-Head’s mind.

“Little bro, what business do you have with Old Ox?”

“It’s not exactly business,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “This little one merely wants to ask Big Brother Ox-Head a question.”


“How do we hurt a mortal if those of us in the Underworld get annoyed with them?”


Ox-Head instantly shuddered when he saw Ye Zichen’s message. He subconsciously glanced around at the ghosts on the street, then quickly walked to a dark corner to send his reply.

“Little bro, you can’t just carelessly say that. It can cause you to lose your life. The Underworld and the mortal realm are two separate realms, we can’t carelessly interfere in it. It was fortunate that you asked me. If you asked other people, they might have reported you and gotten you fried in the oil wok!”

“It’s that severe!?” Ye Zichen was stunned. He never expected things to be so strict in the Underworld. However, when he thought about the Ganshui Road Brothers, he couldn’t help but ask. “But those mortals offended me!”

“What?” Ox-Head was stunned. “Mortals offended you?” 

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