Chapter 262 Multi-dimensional Changes

Chapter 262 – Multi-dimensional Changes

After Ye Zichen gained Literari Star’s experience on memory techniques, he become one of the frequent people at Polytechnic University’s library.

He would go to find a lot of books at the library all the time, but the way he read them was astonishingly fast.

In fact, he wasn’t reading them at all, he was just flipping through the books.

Ye Zichen read most of the books in the library using three whole days, then left the library on the last day.

He stretched lazily. At that moment, he could be described using phrases such as “eight bushels of talent” and “so knowledgeable that his knowledge could fill five cars”.

Then, he decided to head over to Xiao Yumei’s medical company.

Xiao Yumei sat in her office with a troubled look and a frown that did not disappear for a long time. Ye Zichen knocked on the door with a smile, causing her to look up and see Ye Zichen standing by the door.

“You came!” Xiao Yumei forced a smile.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, and walked in front of the office desk…

“I’ve rarely seen you smile after starting this medical company,” Ye Zichen raised his hand and spread Xiao Yumei’s brows. “If it’s too much work, then let’s not do it anymore.”

“How can I go back after I have already begun!” Xiao Yumei sighed.

“But like this…” Ye Zichen touched her hair. “What? Did you get into some sort of trouble again?”

“The paperwork for our medical company was voided!” Xiao Yumei replied faintly.

“Why did that happen?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“I heard that the higher ups voided our paperwork because we gained them through an irregular way. However, I feel like it was actually someone causing trouble behind our backs,” Xiao Yumei squinted her eyes.

“It seems like you have a suspect?” Ye Zichen smiled faintly.

“It’s probably Han Yu!” Xiao Yumei shrugged. “There only seems to be Han Yu, who has so much power in Bingcheng and doesn’t even give Young Master Su face.”

“That’s a good guess!” Ye Zichen smiled.

“But, why did Han Yu make a move on our medical company? Was it purely because you beat up Han Qi?” Xiao Yumei asked in confusion.


With that, Ye Zichen told Xiao Yumei about the recent stuff that had happened between him and Han Yu.

Xiao Yumei was stunned upon hearing that.

After a long while, she couldn’t help but smile wryly, “You actually screwed him over for sixty million, no wonder he has such a huge grudge against us. But what should we do now? If we wait for the normal paperwork and Han Yu’s intentional pressure, it might have to wait until the end of the year.”

“I guessed this sort of possibility might happen already,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “Didn’t you say that you want to send this medicine to the military?”

“Yeah, but that’s when our medicine gains a bit of reputation…”

“No need, we’ll just directly make the medicine exclusive for the military,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

“You sure?” Xiao Yumei was shocked when she heard that. “If it was purely exclusive to the military, then we’re going to become a nationalized company! The military would definitely invest in us.”

“We can make it more multi-dimensional, make it so that it is not only a pill, but we can make it so that it can be applied as well.”

Ye Zichen’s eyes shone with an intelligent light. He probably wouldn’t have been able to think of so much before. However, after swimming in the ocean of knowledge for a long time, and reading several tens of managerial books…

He became like a general, who is had read up a lot of military strategies but lacked the actual experience. Yet, that was no matter, he still had Xiao Yumei by his side!

“I found out by chance a while ago that that our medicine can not only heal internal wounds like bone fractures, it also has an miraculous effect of healing scars. Then we can sell two types of this medicine. One is military-exclusive, which can be designed to be used as a special medicine. The other is for normal people. Everybody loves beauty, I’m sure scar-removal would able to have a very huge impact on the market!”

Xiao Yumei looked at Ye Zichen in a shocked expression, then pinched him, and pulled…

“Are you sure you’re my little idiot man…”

“Who’s an idiot!" Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. “I have always been really smart!”

“This is too unbelievable for you to say something like that!” Xiao Yumei’s face was covered in disbelief. “I can get R&D to develop what you talked about, but about the military-exclusive…”

“It’ll naturally be down to me,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled. “I don’t believe that Han Yu would be able to stick his hand in when military-exclusive is written on it. If he dares, then I’ll put the crime of treason on him.”

“Wow, my little man is so cool!” Xiao Yumei hugged her chest, tilted her head, and looked at Ye Zichen in admiration.

“Hmm, of course,” Ye Zichen pulled Xiao Yumei into his arms dominatingly.

Yet, at that moment, the phone in his pocket rang.

Ye Zichen looked at the caller ID and smiled.

Speak of the devil!

Ye Zichen went to the Su household in Xiao Yumei’s car. During the drive, Ye Zichen noted down that he must buy a car when he finds the time. Otherwise, it really was too inconvenient for him.

When Ye Zichen entered the courtyard, Old Man Su sat in the pavilion in the courtyard as Ye Zichen expected.

“Elder Su, you called me?” Ye Zichen ran over and sat down with a chuckle.

Old Man Su raised his eyebrows and pointed at the tea on the table, “Have a taste…”

“I don’t have much knowledge on this stuff, so never mind.” Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile.

Old Man Su did not insist. Instead, he smiled, “Why haven’t I seen you with my darling granddaughter recently? What? Did some relationship trouble happen again?”


Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment. I truly haven’t looked for Su Yan recently. The main reason is truly because I’ve been way too busy…

Ye Zichen laughed dryly and scratched his head, “There isn’t anything wrong with the relationship. It’s that that I’ve been slightly busy recently!”

Elder Su nodded, then smiled meaningfully, “Busy setting up a medical company, right?”

With that, he took out a green pill from his pocket.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he saw it. The pill was the pill that was spread through the underworld before Xiao Yumei’s medical company was established.

“Zichen, this old man isn’t going to take you around in circles. I just want to know, the recently established medical company is actually yours, right? And this medicine… actually comes from you as well?”

Ye Zichen did come over with a purpose relating to the pill, so Elder Su’s words seemed like they were just assisting him…

“Yes, it’s from me!”

Elder Su raised his eyebrows, while his blurry eyes lit up, “Then Grandpa Su has an unreasonable request…”

“Please say it!” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Can you turn this medicine into a special one that’s military-exclusive?”

“About this…” Ye Zichen revealed a troubled expression.

“What? Military-exclusive medicine would mean that you’re doing things for the country,” Old Man Su frowned.

However, Ye Zichen smiled wryly, “Elder Su, there are things that you don’t know!”

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