Chapter 257 Ore Trading Center

Chapter 257 – Ore Trading Center

Wei Chen looked at the fallen man with a human’s body and snake tail with a shake of his head. A slither of smoke blew out from his mouth. Only half of his cigarette had been burnt.

“Yellow Emperor’s life is truly filled with disasters, even half-beastmen came. It seems like I have to find some helpers, otherwise, I won’t be able to defend him.”

With that, Wei Chen chucked the cigarette beside the half-beastmen’s body and left.

Not long later, two men appeared by the half-beastman’s side. They glanced at the cigarette, that was still smoking, and the dead half-beastmen on the ground, then dialed a number.

“Number Three mission failed. Recovering him now.”

On the next day, Ye Zichen took Mu Chuang to the jewelry store.

“Young Master Ye.”

Bai Dahai’s face was covered in a smile. Since Ye Zichen completely handed the jewelry stores to him, he didn’t have to follow other people’s decisions, making him the boss of the jewelry stores, so his recent days have been very comfortable.

“You’ve lived a good life recently. You got fatter again,” Ye Zichen patted his shoulders with a faint smile. “Oh yeah, let me introduce someone to you.”

Then, Ye Zichen pointed at Mu Chuang.

“This is the helper I got for you, Mu Chuang! Didn’t Yumei take Li Shuang to the medical company, he can stay here to assist you, and learn from you.”

“No problem, no problem!”

People that Ye Zichen brought over in person was definitely royalty. Bai Dahai was an intelligent person, so he quickly smiled, “Recently, I’ve been looking for an assistant. Thank you so much, Young Master Ye.”

Ye Zichen smiled and eyed Mu Chuang, “This is the general manager of our jewelry store, Director Bai, Bai Dahai! Just follow him from now on!”

“Director Bai.”

Mu Chuang and Bai Dahai nodded towards each other.

Ye Zichen wandered around the store a few times, then raised his eyebrows, “How has business been recently?”

“It’s been pretty good. It’s just that we don’t have much ore left on hand, so we have to control the amount we put out,” Bai Dahai replied.

“Control for what? Is there an ore trade today?”

Bai Dahai’s heart leaped when he heard that. Is this master going to make a move again?

This is definitely great news!

“Yes, yes, yes. I just received an invitation to an ore trade a few days ago. Young Master Ye, are you going…”

“Yeah, I have nothing better to do.”

“Sure, sure!”

Bai Dahai and Ye Zichen left Mu Chuang at the jewelry store, then the former gave some orders to the store’s manager and supervisor before driving Ye Zichen to the ore trading center.

Plenty of people recognized Ye Zichen the moment they entered the hall.

“Mr. Ye, I wonder if you can sell me a few pieces this time?”

“Mr. Ye, I can use a high price to…”

“Mr. Ye…”

More and more people begun to surround them. That was inevitable, since Ye Zichen had swept up goods way too fiercely a while ago in the stone gambling circles.

Since he managed to get it right every single time, he was already called a god.

“What’s going on over there?” Han Yu looked at the crowd with a frown. He did have a jewelry store of a decent size that was subsidiary to his company, so he had come with an invitation.

“I heard Stone God or something. It should be someone that’s rather good a stone gambling,” The expert beside Han Yu frowned slightly, then smiled. “It is impossible for a person to get jade every single time when stone gambling. That Stone God is probably coined due to exaggeration.”

“That’s true,” Han Yu nodded. After all, nobody had x-ray vision to be able to see what was in the stone.

Stone gambling was all luck, although experience was also very important…

However, no matter how experience the person, they will get it wrong a few times.

Just as he shook his head and was about to leave, a laughter sounded out behind Han Yu.

“Young Master Han, what a coincidence, I actually bumped into you here.”

Ye Zichen smiled playfully, but his eyes were completely cold. This brat nearly took my life yesterday!

“Young Master Ye?” Han Yu raised his eyebrows, then couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the people around Ye Zichen. “Young Master Ye is that stone god?”

“It seems like it!” Ye Zichen eyed the people around him.

Ye Zichen’s reply truly surprised him.

Experience from stone gambling needed to be built up. At such a young age…

Han Yu hid the astonishment in his heart, then said respectfully, “Young Master Ye, that is truly admirable.”

“Haha, speaking of admiration, I admire Young Master Han quite a lot. I was terribly shocked by the huge present you sent me yesterday,” Ye Zichen smiled coldly.

Han Yu put on a look of confusion, “What present?”

Pretend, keep pretending!

Ye Zichen had pretty much cursed all eighteen generations of Han Yu’s ancestors, but he couldn’t do anything if Han Yu didn’t admit it.

He had no proof that Han Yu did it.

But the chances were over eighty percent.

Ye Zichen smiled faintly and did not continue down the topic. Instead, he glanced at the stone gambling expert beside Han Yu, “Geezer Liu, we meet again!”

Expert Liu’s face immediately darkened when he saw that playful smile.

If it wasn’t for the brat in front of his eyes, he might still be receiving the best treatment in Xiao Yumei’s jewelry shop.

“Hmph,” Expert Liu snorted coldly.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows with a smile, “So angry.”

“You know each other?” Han Yu raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen shrugged, “We’ve met when stone gambling before. This Expert Liu is a titan-class person in the stone gambling scene. Young Master Han has found a prize!”

Then he glanced at Expert Liu, “I hope Expert Liu can help Young Master Han pick a few good stones that can open up green.”

With that, he walked into the ore auction area.

Han Yu squinted his eyes with a smile, “Come, let’s follow him and see.”

When Ye Zichen arrived at the trading area, he naturally met another group of people that respectfully begged him for stone. After he nodded in response to their demands with a smile, Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed with a gold light…

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

“This stone can open up jade, who wants it?”

Ye Zichen pointed to a stone covered in moss. Since he had the Fiery Eyes of Truth, he didn’t have to look all over the place like other experts. He was able to tell whether a stone could open up jade with a single glance.

“Young Master Ye, I want this stone!”

“Screw off, I’m going to take it. Young Master Ye, let me buy it, I can give you a consultation fee!”

“I want it…”

“I want it…”

All of the jewelry business men surrounded him like locusts after hearing Ye Zichen’s words.

Han Yu was also stunned. He picked it so quickly. However, what made Han Yu even more speechless was that those jewelry businessmen started to fight over it without thinking at all.

Weren’t they afraid of it not opening up jade and losing the bet?

“Don’t be anxious, take it slowly. Everybody has a chance!” Ye Zichen smiled, then picked twenty-odd more stones, which those jewelry businessmen snatched away.

“Everyone, are you not afraid of it not opening up to anything?” Han Yu couldn’t help but ask.

The businessmen nearby looked at him as if they were looking at a retard. If it wasn’t due to Han Yu’s position, some people might have even started to scold him.

Ye Zichen merely smiled.

“Open them, show Young Master Han whether you guys won or lost the gamble!”

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