Chapter 256 Half-Beastmen

Chapter 256 – Half-Beastmen

Both girls looked at Mu Chuang nervously. There was no helping it, their fates were going to be determined by a single sentence from him.

“Zichen-ge, let’s go back,” Mu Chuang looked over the girl in purple and laughed softly.

Ye Zichen nodded in satisfaction after hearing his reply, “Are you sure?”

“Mhmm,” Mu Chuang nodded in confirmation, stood up from the chair and walked next to the purple-shirted girl to take down the ribbon in her hair.

He smiled as her long hair flowed down and snagged the ribbon, “Give it to me as a souvenir. There’ll be a day that I make you look up to me.”

During this entire time, Ye Zichen maintained a faint smile. He wasn’t that much of a scum to allow Mu Chuang to forcefully take the girl. If Mu Chuang chose to have the two girls accompany him…

Then he definitely would get beaten up.

From the heated gaze in Mu Chuang’s eyes, Ye Zichen could tell that the lesson as rather successful.

Then, Ye Zichen left the clubhouse with Mu Chuang as the clubhouse’s supervisor and manager bid them farewell alongside a large group of other people.

“Zichen-ge, I want to work for you,” Mu Chuang looked up determinedly the moment they left.

“That’s fine, but don’t think that you can directly be a high leveled worker. If you do choose to work for me, you have to start from the bottom,” Ye Zichen replied.

Mu Chuang maintained his determined gaze, “No problem.”

Ye Zichen smiled, he was rather pleased that he managed to redirect his little brother onto the right path.

Ye Zichen patted Mu Chuang’s shoulders in recognition, when a dangerous feeling suddenly surrounded him.

Ye Zichen reached out his hand to stop a taxi, pushed Mu Chuang into the car and chucked three hundred yuan at the driver.

“I’ll deal with your work issue tomorrow. Take the cab back first, then tell Jinglei-jie and my mom that I have some stuff that’ll delay me for a while.”

Then, he closed the door without waiting for a reply and watched the taxi leave. Only then did he let out a long sigh and took out a cigarette for himself.

“Come out!”


A spandex-wearing man walked out from the dark and gazed at Ye Zichen with snake-like eyes, causing the latter to feel uneasy.

That was especially true since Ye Zichen could feel a dense bloodlust from him…


Ye Zichen released a mouthful of smoke and eyed the clubhouse behind him, then back at the man.

“Han Yu told you to come, right? But he’s in too much of a hurry, I haven’t even left the surroundings of his clubhouse yet. Is he not afraid of the blame of this falling on him?”

Ta ta ta…

The man slowly walked towards Ye Zichen in silence. The closer he got to Ye Zichen, the more intense the thick smell of blood became.


Ye Zichen chucked his cigarette onto the ground and stomped it out…

Since the Hou brothers did not come out to guard him, it is possible that they weren’t nearby, so he could only rely on himself.

Since his strength was unknown, I might as well take initiative and attack him for a bit…


Ye Zichen punched his arm, but Ye Zichen did not expect the other person’s reaction speed to be so fast…

A ray of cold slight flashed across Ye Zichen’s face, while he dropped down and kicked the man.


He isn’t very easy to deal with.

“Tiger Fist!”

A huge illusion of a tiger head attacked from the side, shocking Ye Zichen with it’s aura.

The person that dashed towards Ye Zichen stopped, then leaned to the side.

“F*ck, I missed!” An angry voice shouted.

Not long later, Ye Zichen saw the buzz cut young man, who kept on asking him for a duel, walk out from the side.

The spandex-wearing man merely paused slightly before he continued to charge over.

“F*ck, the heck are you blanking out for!? Run!” The buzz cut young man grabbed Ye Zichen by his shoulder and ran backwards. The spandex-wearing man wanted to chase, but a rock suddenly fell down from the sky.

Immediately afterwards, Wei Chen stretched lazily, and blocked off the path of the spandex-wearing man.

“Young Master Ye, hurry up and run, leave this place to me.”

“You…” Ye Zichen revealed a worried expression. From his brief fight with the spandex-wearing man earlier, he was able to feel the strength of the other person.

“You what? My dad’s definitely alright. Where’s your car, hurry up and run!”

Under Wei Chen and the buzz cut young man’s continuous urging, Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and drove away. Meanwhile, the spandex-wearing man wanted to follow as he saw the SUV leave, but Wei Chen blocked him off.

“I’m here, and you still want to chase?” With that, Wei Chen took out a cigarette from a box, held it in his mouth and lit it. “Half-beastman, I’ll give you a cigarette of time. I hope you can satisfy me!”

Ye Zichen sat in the front seat and looked at the excited young man with a buzz cut, “I still don’t know what you’re called!”

“Wei Teng!” Wei Teng licked his lips and stared intently in front of him.

This name…

Ye Zichen looked at him speechlessly. There really wasn’t much thought put into it.

Although Ye Zichen clearly knew that the “Teng” wasn’t the Teng meaning hurt or ache, he still felt like there was a large chance that…

Wei Chen might have had a stomachache when he named Wei Teng[1].

Ye Zichen did not comment on Wei Teng’s name, “Is it really alright to leave your dad there?”

“What issues could there be? I’m telling you, my dad is really amazing,” Wei Teng said in admiration.

Thinking about the strength of Wei Teng’s Tiger Fist, Ye Zichen did realize that Wei Chen shouldn’t be too weak.

“Why did the two of you come over to save me?”

“How would I know!” Wei Teng turned his head and rolled his eyes at Ye Zichen. “My dad was intent on coming here, can I, as the son, stop him!?”

“F*ck, can you drive properly!?”

Does this guy not care about his life!? He dared to just look around even though he’s driving!

“Oh yeah, I forgot!”

Wei Chen scratched his head with a smile, causing both of his hands to leave the wheel.

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide, then looked at the way he was driving…

“Have you driven before?”

“I’ve driven tractors with my dad back in the village!”

The more Ye Zichen asked, the more uneasy he felt. However, he still asked hopefully, “Do you have a driving license?”

“You need a driving license to drive this?” Wei Teng replied, shocked. “Grab on, we’re going downhill!”

Eventually, Ye Zichen was able to return to the mansion safely. If you had a heart attack or something, you might have to go straight to the emergency room in the middle of the journey if you let Wei Teng drive..

Ye Zichen got out in his fatigue, then puked on the side of the road.

“Are you alright? You get carsick even though you have a car?” Wei Teng walked over and looked at Ye Zichen’s mansion. “Zeze, the place you live in isn’t bad. Oh yeah, find a time to compete with me, but you have to give me ten minutes time to prepare…”

“No way!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes furiously.

Wei Teng threw the car keys back into Ye Zichen’s hands, then patted the SUV reluctantly, “It really is nice. This feels so much better than driving a tractor. Here’s your car keys. If you need a driver, then call me any time.”

Then he left casually.

On the other hand, Ye Zichen, who was holding the car keys, couldn’t help but retort.

No one wants you as the driver!

  1. Stomachache is 胃疼 in Chinese. It is homophonic with Wei Teng (魏腾)

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