Chapter 255 First Clash

Chapter 255 – First Clash

“Huang Jia!” The girl in blue smiled.

Ye Zichen nodded, then glanced at the girl in purple, “She…”

“Jiang Xiaoyue!”

Ye Zichen nodded with a faint smile, then started to chitchat with the girl in blue.

Doing so, he learnt that both girls were Year Four students in the Media University nearby.

They both majored in radio hosting!

No wonder they invoked such affinity when speaking, while their words also easily made people fall for them.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled, then stood up from the sofa. Huang Jia followed him as he walked towards Mu Chuang and the other girl.

The fact that he could chat with the girl of his dreams made Mu Chuang blush excitedly.

“Mr. Ye,” Jiang Xiaoyue smiled.

Ye Zichen nodded, then smiled at Mu Chuang, “Do you like her?”

Mu Chuang blushed without speaking. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and scanned the two girls.

“If you like, I can get her to go to your room tonight to be with you. If you feel like she’s not enough, then she…” Ye Zichen pointed to Huang Jia. “Can as well.”


Ye Zichen merely smiled meaningfully in response, “Just tell me whether you like her or not. If you do…”

“Mr. Ye I think you made a mistake. We merely accompany you for chats and do not provide any extra service,” Jiang Xiaoyue frowned.

Ye Zichen merely smiled meaningfully, “Do you think you have a choice?”

With that, he leaned back on the sofa and looked towards the two girls with an appraising gaze, “Professional chatting accompanier costing thirty thousand per hour. Needless to say, you know how to chat very well, and you are indeed worthy of this price in the eyes of rich people. Your clubhouse may actually have regulations, perhaps… you don’t provide other services. But, do you think the clubhouse would help you out if I wanted to take you two away?”

The two girls remained silent, since what Ye Zichen said was the truth.

He straightforwardly asked for a diamond card worth ten million, which was shocking even for the costly prices here.

If someone of his status really wanted to take us away, we can’t resist at all.

Dong dong.

At that moment, the room door was pushed open, and the clubhouse supervisor walked in from the outside with a coy smile.

“Mr. Ye, a VIP came and specifically asked for Jiang Xiaoyue…”

“Hmm?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. I’m teaching my little brother a lesson here, and this supervisor is coming to shit on my face?

“VIP? You have to go in order, right? I already chose these two girls, yet someone else can just take them?”

“Mr. Ye, I’m very sorry. The clubhouse will give you a twenty percent discount on all your consumptions today,” The supervisor nodded respectfully with a coy smile.

Ye Zichen sneered, “Do you think I lack the money? I’m don’t care who comes and asks. GET OUT!”

“Such arrogance,” A playful laughter sounded out at the door. Not long later, a bright-looking young man walked in.

“Boss Han, help me talk to him. He wants to take me away!” Jiang Xiaoyue revealed a worried look and grasped at straws.

The young man was briefly stunned before curling the corner of his lips, “Sir, you can’t not know the rules of this humble one’s clubhouse, right? No additional services are provided here.”

Then, he clapped his hands.

Not long later, a group of security guards appeared at the entrance.

“Sir, you might not be too familiar with our rules since you’re a new member. If you just leave the issue, then I can give you a fifty percent off. If you are determined to take our clubhouse’s girls away, then I don’t mind teaching you a lesson about our rules.”

“You’re Han Yu?” Ye Zichen, who sat on the sofa, took out a cigarette from his pocket, which he then lit.

“You are?” The young man paused upon hearing that.

“I knew it!”

Ye Zichen had thought that he sounded slightly familiar when the young man entered the room, and with the way Jiang Xiaoyue addressed him just now…

Just like I expected.

“How is your little brother’s finger?”

Han Yu’s face immediately froze when he heard that. Then, he smiled meaningfully, “Ye Zichen!”

“It seems like Han Qi mentioned me to you?” Ye Zichen smiled. “That brat truly isn’t that bad, so I taught him a lesson in your place. That isn’t too much, right?”

“Indeed! I wanted to teach my little brother a lesson ages ago, I can’t even thank Young Master Ye enough for doing that,” Han Yu smiled brightly. Then his expression darkened. “Though Young Master Ye’s teaching methods seem a bit too much…”

“It’s alright, at least he’s still alive, right?”

Everybody’s heart jumped when they heard those words. Nobody expected that this diamond member actually had this sort of link to their boss.

And from the meaning behind the last sentence…

They had a grudge!

“Hehe… Then I have to thank Young Master Ye,” Han Yu half-squinted, then smiled. “Young Master Ye came to this humble one’s clubhouse so suddenly, could it be to…”

“Don’t think too much into it, I just brought my little brother here to have a look. He kept on saying that he wanted to chat with the girl in purple. If I knew this was Young Master Han’s clubhouse, I wouldn’t dare to come, no matter what!” Ye Zichen smiled faintly, but no hint of fear could be seen in his eyes.

“Young Master Ye…” Han Yu chuckled, then patted the supervisor’s shoulders. “Waive all of Young Master Ye’s charges here. From now on, whenever Young Master Ye comes to our clubhouse, treat him as a VIP of the highest level.”

“Understood, boss!” The supervisor continuously nodded in response.

“I wish Young Master Ye a good time here. I’ll stop bothering you.”

“Then why are you still standing here? Leave. You’re wasting my time,” Ye Zichen sneered mercilessly. “Oh yeah, I want to take these two girls away, is that alright?”

“Please!” Han Yu made a “please” gesture, then left the room with the supervisor.

I didn’t think that Han Yu would have that much tolerance. This makes him hard to deal with, but I need to deal with this first.

The faces of Jiang Xiaoyue and Huang Jia turned stark white after seeing their final hope get crushed.

At this moment, Ye Zichen also laughed, “Do you see that? You two have no way of resisting.”

With that, he turned towards Mu Chuang with a smile, “What do you think? As long as you want, the two of them are yours tonight. If you want, they can even be yours forever!”

“I just want to ask one thing,” Mu Chuang, who had stayed silent until now, looked up and straight at Jiang Xiaoyue. “All of the stuff you said to me just now was purely part of your job, right?”

“If you tell him the truth, your futures might have a chance,” Ye Zichen spoke up.

“Yes!” Jiang Xiaoyue bit her lips. “The reason I chatted with you was purely because you guys paid…”

“Does that mean that it was all due to Zichen-ge’s face?”

“Yes!” Jiang Xiaoyue clenched her fists tightly and nodded.

Hearing that, Mu Chuang looked up at her with bright eyes and smiled.

“I’ve decided!”

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