Chapter 254 A Lesson

Chapter 254 – A Lesson

“You’re back.”

When Ye Zichen and Mu Chuang got in the car, Mu Jinglei noticed the bruises on Mu Chuang’s face and the blood at the corner of his mouth.

Although she didn’t ask, Ye Zichen could tell from her gaze that she still cared about it a lot.

“This brat didn’t do anything proper, so I taught him a lesson,” Ye Zichen hook Mu Chuang’s shoulder and chuckled. “He promised me that he won’t ever gamble again.”

“This is good,” Mu Jinglei smiled faintly, while her depressed mood started to turn for the better.

However, she was still overwhelmed with self-mockery that she could not hide.

My boyfriend for a year was actually someone like that. It truly is ridiculous when I think about how I was on the verge to getting married to him.

Later that night.

The Mu siblings stayed in Ye Zichen’s home to rest.

The three of them came to a tacit understanding to not mention about the troubles at the casino to Mother Ye. They merely told her that they got Mu Chuang back with money.

Mu Chuang naturally got scolded. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen, who had already tired himself out for the day went back to his room to rest.

On the next day, Mu Jinglei decided to take her annual leave from the school to nobody’s surprise. After all, she should get a good rest after so much had happened.

Ye Zichen returned home, the moment his veterinary lessons were over.

Mu Chuang had gotten ready very early, because Ye Zichen had said in the morning that he would bring him to the clubhouse today.

“Jinglei-jie, I’m going to take Mu Chuang out for a bit.”

“Hmm,” Mu Jinglei nodded slightly. It was apparent that she had not yet come out of her depression.

Ye Zichen signaled Lil’ White, who was wandering around the room. Lil’ White immediately wagged his tail to show that he understood, and jumped beside Mu Jinglei and wiggled.

Ye Zichen smiled. With someone that knew how to make her laugh here, Jinglei-jie’s mood should improve.

Then, he left the mansion with Mu Chuang and took Mu Jinglei’s car to get to the clubhouse.

Today, I must teach Mu Chuang a lesson.

“This is the clubhouse you were talking about?” To be honest, this clubhouse isn’t all that big, and compared to Xiao Hai’s commercial clubhouse, this seemed rather tiny.

Chuang nodded, then revealed a worried expression, “Zichen-ge, the stuff in the clubhouse isn’t just a little high… We…”

“Come with your Zichen-ge. Today, I’ll teach you a good lesson,” With that, Ye Zichen hooked his arm around Mu Chuang’s shoulder and walked in.

“Sir, please show your membership card!”

The moment they entered, a tall girl wearing a qipao came up to them. Hmm, although this clubhouse didn’t seem as grand as Xiao Hai’s from the outside, the interior was rather well decorated.

The tall beauties wearing qipaos were also extremely pleasant to look at.

“It’s my first time here, help me register for a membership card.”

“Then please sir, this way,” The girl’s face lit up more since they did get a commission if guests wanted to apply for a membership card.

“Membership cards are separated into silver cards, gold cards, platinum cards and diamond cards. Each card corresponds to different treatments…”

“Diamond card!” Ye Zichen casually took out his card and slapped it on the table.

The girl was momentarily stunned before she explained kindly, “Diamond cards require ten million…”

“That’s fine!”

Hearing that, the girl was stunned. Then, a huge smile blossomed on her face.

Mu Chuang couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy when he saw the smiling girl and Ye Zichen’s calmness.

He had come to the clubhouse with Li En several times before, but never once had he seen the greeter smile so brightly.

Approximately three minutes later, the girl handed Ye Zichen’s card and a diamond card over respectfully.

“Sir, please enjoy.”


Ye Zichen took out his chequebook, wrote a string of numbers on a cheque and stuffed it in the girl’s cleavage. From what Mu Chuang remembered, this sort of action as not allowed.

“This… is your reward.”

Mu Chuang had seen a boss stuff tips in a girl’s cleavage, but what he got in return was a slap in the face. Then, he even got kicked out of the clubhouse.

Mu Chuang never could have expected that the greeter smiled even more brightly after taking out the cheque.

She bit her lips, then took a pen and a slip of paper from the reception to write down a string of numbers, which she handed to Ye Zichen.

“Let’s have a meal together when you have time!”

“Sure!” Ye Zichen placed the slip of paper in his pocket, then patted Mu Chuang’s head with a smile. “I’m here to accompany my little brother. He’s rather interested in a girl here.”

“So it’s like that. Then please have fun with your little brother. I won’t delay you any longer.”

Ye Zichen nodded towards the girl slightly, then patted Mu Chuang’s head, before walking away, leaving the girl standing still with stars in her eyes.

“He’s so cool.”

“Zichen-ge, you’re so amazing,” Mu Chuang said shortly after they walked away from the reception. “I came here with Li En before, but never once was it like this… Every single one of those greeters are extremely proud, so getting a phone number from them was impossible. Li En told me that there were rules here, we can’t…”

“The fact that he can’t just means that he’s not qualified,” Ye Zichen smiled faintly. “This is big brother’s first lesson to you. In this society, your status corresponds to the treatment you receive. There is no can’t, there is only not enough…”

“Mr. Ye!”

The clubhouse’s supervisor immediately walked over with a huge smile when Ye Zichen and Mu Chuang got to a room on the second floor. People rarely applied for a diamond card, so he definitely had to take good care of this source of income.

“I heard that this is your first time coming do our clubhouse. Do you need me to help you…”

Ye Zichen shook his finger at the supervisor, then patted Mu Chuang, who stood beside him, “Say it, who is it! As the older brother, I also want to know which girl my little brother was mesmerized by!”

“It’s that girl in purple!” Mu Chuang scratched his head slightly embarrassedly.

Ye ZIchen took a look at the purple-shirted girl in the roster book and nodded, “Her… and the girl in blue next to her. I’ll choose these two!”

“Sure, please wait a moment.”

The supervisor left the room. Not long later, someone knocked on the door, and two pretty girls walked in.


Mu Chuang blushed. It was clear that he liked the girl a lot.

“Mr. Ye!” The two girls greeted Ye Zichen at the same time.

Ye Zichen nodded towards them with a smile and called the girls over.

He told the girl, who Mu Chuang liked, to stay by Mu Chuang’s side, and walked to the other side of the room with the girl in blue.

“Mr. Ye, is this your first time coming here?”

The girl’s appropriate smile easily gained the affection of others.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows slightly, finished the wine in his glass and smiled, “Shouldn’t you do a self-introduction before that?”

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