Chapter 252 Two Monsters

Chapter 252 – Two Monsters

Even the dealer was visibly shocked when the chest was opened.


He looked at the three threes within the chest in shock, then looked up at Ye Zichen with a look of surprise.

“Oh wow, the God of Fortune has blessed me!”

Ye Zichen laughed crazily, then crooked his fingers at the dealer, “Bro, pay up!”

The dealer frowned and handed over the chips that Ye Zichen had won, while maintaining a look of solemnity.

The people all around him praised his good luck, while Ye Zichen merely smiled, then placed the chips in his hands and the chips he had won back on Cougar.


Plenty of people were shocked, including the dealer…


Four, four four!


Ye Zichen went all in on cougar once again!


Five, five, five!


The dealer of that table continued to open up cougars as if he was jinxed. Meanwhile, the chips Ye Zichen owned also increased gradually, until a small mountain was piled in front of him.

“You’re cheating!’ The dealer shouted angrily.

Ye Zichen put on a speechless expression and raised his eyebrows at the dealer, “Bro, you can’t just bullshit like that. You’ve been controlling the dice all along, why are you saying I’m cheating? What? The casino wants to take my money?”


Ye Zichen stepped on the table and glared, “I’m telling you, I'm not someone that can be easily bullied. Give me… my money!”

“Sir…” Not long later, the manager of the casino hurried over with a group of people. “This…”

“Your dealer doesn’t want to give me the money I won. What? I came here to consume. Do you guys want to threaten me?”

The casino manager frowned. Then after he understood the situation from the dealer, he laughed softly, “Then let me play a few games with you!”

“Sure, give me the chips first!”

He pushed the chips in front of Ye Zichen with a smile, then personally took control of the dice…

Six, six, six.




Ye Zichen bet on cougar every single time, and the manager opened up cougars every single time. The manager finally threw the dice in his hands to the side, then smiled and took off his white gloves.

“Sir, if you return all of the chips you just won from here, then we won’t pursue it!”

“Now you’re trying to scare me?” Ye Zichen smiled. Then he picked up a ten thousand yuan chip from the table with his right hand and flung it.

The disc-shaped chip shot into the casino manager’s collarbone, causing blood to start flowing.

A master!

The manager clenched his teeth as he pulled the chip out.

“Sir, you have impure purposes here!”

“I’ll tell you the truth then, I came to trash this place!”


Ye Zichen slammed the table.

The chips on the table flung up in the air, while Ye Zichen’s hands moved like illusions and continuously knocked them out.

Terrible screams sounded out endlessly. When the other chips from the table finally fell back down…

All of the fighters beside the manager had a chip stuck in them!

“Don’t say that I’m not nice to you. We spend money together, so take it to buy a packet of cigarettes!”

As the fighters fell to the floor, Ye Zichen sat down on the casino table and smiled towards the room at the back of the casino, “Li En, aren’t you going to come out? You truly aren’t afraid of causing a ruckus as you watch the show!”

Clap, clap, clap.

Li En clapped his hands and walked out, while several tens of fighters followed him.

A sinister smile on his face as he looked at the wailing fighters on the floor, “Pretty amazing.”

“Li En!” Mu Jinglei exclaimed. She didn’t think that he would be behind everything exactly like Ye Zichen said.

“Jinglei, I truly am very disappointed at you for refusing me!” Li En shook his head with a sigh.

“Jinglei is not a name for you to call,” Ye Zichen revealed a dark expression. Then he pointed at the chips on the table, “There is three hundred million here, exchange it for me. I’m going to use three million to exchange for Mu Chuang!”

“Brat, you seem to have forgotten something!” Li En frowned. Another person walked out of the room with his dagger on Mu Chuang’s throat as Li En continued. “I have the person in my hands, so I have the initiative.”

“Lil’ Chuang!” Mu Jinglei exclaimed.

Mu Chuang also cried out, “Sis!”

“Such a moving sibling relationship. Do you see that? I have the initiative!” Li En smiled proudly. Then he looked at Mu Jinglei lustfully, “Say, how much less trouble would it have been if you slept with me for a night?”

“Li En!” Mu Jinglei screamed.

“Don’t shout out my name, I will suspect you of falling in love with me,” Li En’s handsome face turned sinister. “Or, are you already in love with me? Then stop hesitating, sacrifice yourself here for you little brother!”

With that, Li En took off his pants, “We can get a large audience to enjoy the sights here.”

“Do you think that I’m non-existent?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes as he held a chip in his hands.

“I know you’re amazing, but are you sure that you are faster than his dagger?”

As Li En replied, the person holding the dagger held it closer towards Mu Chuang’s throat, causing droplets of blood to flow down the blade.

“Sis!” Mu Chuang yammered.

At this moment, Mu Jinglei also bit her lips as if she made up her mind, “Let go of my little brother, I’ll go with you!”

“Jinglei-jie!” Ye Zichen exclaimed. “I can save Lil’ Chuang!”

“Zichen, never mind. I can’t let Lil’ Chuang get into any more danger!” Mu Jinglei smiled softly.

Hearing that, Li En laughed loudly, then stepped on a chair with his leg, “I want you here…”

“Alright!” Mu Jinglei nodded without any hesitation, causing the Li En’s face to be filled with a maniacal smile.

Mu Jinglei walked towards him a step at a time.

When she arrived in front of him, Li En smiled, “Kneel down!”

Mu Jinglei did not resist. Her gaze seemed to say that she had given up all hope. However, the moment she was about to kneel down, she leaped towards the person holding the dagger without caring about anything else.

“Lil’ Chuang, run!”

Mu Jinglei hugged the dagger-possessor’s waist tightly, causing the person to frowned, before he stabbed at Mu Jinglei’s back without any hesitation.

“How many times did I tell you already? Do you really treat me as non-existent?” Ye Zichen held the blade tightly and smiled before waving his right fist towards the person holding the dagger.

“It’s you that’s treating us as nonexistent, isn’t it?” A pitch black barrel pointed at the back of Ye Zichen’s head.

Ye Zichen froze briefly, then smiled.

His fist hit the dagger-wielder’s face without any pause.

“You really are cocky,” Li En, who was holding the gun, had a savage look on his face.

“Hey, you can’t bully Ye Zichen, otherwise, I’ll get angry,” At that very moment, Lu Lu ran over with a giggle and her hands behind her back. Meanwhile, several tens of fighters wailed on the floor in pain.


She pushed her hand against the end of the barrel, then flicked her wrist.

The gun instantly twisted.

Ye Zichen also slowly turned his head with a smile, while his right hand still clenched the dagger without it causing him to lose even  a single drop of blood.

“Mon-Monster!” Li En screamed out. Ye Zichen brought down the dagger with his right hand and pierced towards Li En’s collar bone.


A rock hit the blade, causing the dagger to fall onto the floor. As Ye Zichen turned his head…

“Mr. Ye, please stop!”

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