Chapter 251 Change of Plan

Chapter 251 – Change of Plan

Would you like to use Thousand-Li Tracking Sigil?

Note: Thousand-Li Tracking Sigil is a consumable item. It locates the target for three hours.


Please select the target. It is limited to a person or item that you have seen before.

Li En!

The image of a scene appeared in Ye Zichen’s mind just moments after confirmation.

Li En smiled coldly in the image, while he held a cigar in his hands. A phone was placed on the table in front of him as if he was waiting for somebody’s call.

More importantly, Mu Chuang was there as well, and he seemed to be having a great time.

“Wow…” Ye Zichen shook his head and smiled. This is rather like a scam[1]!

Ye Zichen was unable to hear the conversation going on in the image, nor was he able to be sure of the precise location of it, but he could tell from the image that…

“What is it?” Mu Jinglei raised his eyebrows. “You said there needs to be a change of plans, but what’s the change?”

“The plan has been changed again!”

Ye Zichen licked his lips as he pondered about whether he should tell Mu Jinglei about the scene he saw.

However, he thought about it, then realized that she wouldn’t be able to understand even if he told her about it.

“Why was there a change needed again?”

At that moment, the phone in Mu Jinglei’s pocket rang. The moment she saw the caller ID, her face became stark white.

“… It’s a call from the casino!”

“Answer it! Put it on speakerphone!” In contrast, Ye Zichen appeared a lot calmer.

Not long later, Mu Jinglei turned on speaker mode as he requested.

“Miss Mu, I wonder how goes your efforts to gather money?”


Ye Zichen yanked her forcefully, and spoke up at the same time, “We can’t gather three million, we just have one million. Are you the owner of the casino? We want to test our luck at your place to see if we can win three million to get him back!”

“Who are you?”

“I am Mu Jinglei’s friend, she got the money from me.”

“Heh, Miss Mu has the relationship to borrow three million, yet you guys said that you only have one million. Are you messing with me?” The man on the other side of the call snorted.

“No, no, no. We truly want to get Mu Chuang back, but money’s a little tight. Can you please give us a chance?”

“Wait a moment,” The man on the other side of the call laughed sinisterly, then handed his phone back to his subordinate and walked into a room at the back of the casino.

“Director Mu, it seems to be a different from what you said. They said that they only have one million, and wants to gamble a few times here to win enough to get the guy back.”

“Is that so?” Li En laughed. “Then let then, isn’t earning an extra million a good thing?”

Thus, the man left the room.

Meanwhile, Li En looked towards Mu Chuang, “There are truly quite a few men at your older sister’s side…”

“Hehe,” Mu Chuang laughed idiotically.

Li En squinted his eyes, “Are you cooperating with me sincerely?”

“Of course, I’m truly sincere!”

“Then pray for you sister to lose!”

After a long while, various buzzes sounded out from the other side of the call, while the man also spoke up, “Fine, come. You know the address!”


When the call ended, a complicated emotion surfaced in Mu Jinglei’s eyes, “Zichen, why did you say that?”

“Naturally, I have my own plans!” Ye Zichen smiled mysteriously, then leaned back in his seat. “Let’s go. It’s time to win money!”

Half an hour later, Mu Jinglei parked the car in front of a supermarket in the suburbs.

Everyone got off the car and walked into the supermarket.

The moment they walked in, Mu Jinglei called out towards the cashier, “Cougar[2]!”

The cashier raised his eyebrows slightly. At the same time, Ye Zichen patted his briefcase, opened it to reveal it being stuffed full of hundred yuan notes.


Not long later, the three of them arrived at a place underneath the supermarket under the guidance of the cashier.

Ye Zichen was stunned the moment he arrived.

Nobody could have imagined that such a scene existed underneath a seemingly normal supermarket.

The place was filled with smoke, while curses would be heard at times.

“Sir, Ma’am…”

“Exchange a million into chips for us!”

Ye Zichen handed over the two briefcases in his hand. The man, wearing a waiter uniform, raised his eyebrows and left the briefcases. Not long later, he returned with a tray full of chips.


“Ye Zichen!” I want to play!” Lu Lu reached out to grab some chips, since she could not suppress her curiosity any longer.

Ye Zichen handed her five hundred thousand yuan of chips for her to use, then took Mu Jinglei to a Sic Bo[3] place.

“Hands off when you’ve placed the bets!”

Many people chucked their chips to the corresponding location. At the same time, Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up with a faint golden light.

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

I truly can see the numbers on the dice.

Ye Zichen smiled, then chucked a hundred thousand yuan chip to where it said small.

“Five, five, six. Big!”


What the heck is going on?

I clearly saw small using my Fiery Eyes of Truth just now. The house collected the chips under the complaints of the people. Then, Ye Zichen played another round in disbelief.

He lost again!

“Zichen!” Since it was Mu Jinglei’s first time to somewhere like this, her palms became covered in sweat when she saw Ye Zichen lose like that.

Not long later, Lu Lu walked back with a pout of dissatisfaction. From the looks of it…

She lost everything.

“It’s no fun, people are controlling all the games here,” Lu Lu muttered softly.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen yanked her, “You said someone is controlling it!?”

“Yeah! It’s been so many times! I want to hit them so much!”

“Then, I’m just asking, could you change these dice to a number we want?” Ye Zichen pointed to the Sic Bo place.

Lu Lu pouted, “It should be fine.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen hugged Lu Lu happily, and whispered, “Let’s cooperate later…”

After Ye Zichen muttered some things by Lu Lu’s ear for quite a while, he called a waiter over to exchange another million yuan of chips.

At the same time, in the room at the back of the casino…

“Director Li, they exchanged for another million!”

“No need to tell me. Earning money is a good thing. Make them continue to lose without winning at all!” Li En smiled faintly. “Since they’re giving us money, we have to accept it!”

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

Ye Zichen stared straight at the dice.

At the same time, Lu Lu whispered in his ear, “What numbers do you want?”

“Three threes!”

“Sure!” Lu Lu replied before turning quiet.

Ye Zichen also surveyed the changes of the numbers on the dice.

“Hands off when you’ve placed the bets!”

Ye Zichen bet five hundred thousand on cougar.

Plenty of people shook their heads when they saw him bet on cougar.

He definitely went crazy from losing. Getting cougars isn’t that simple at all.

Even the person shaking the dice rolled his eyes subconsciously.

He smiled as he glanced at the chips on the table, then slightly tapped it.

The numbers changed!

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen, who was staring at the changes in the number gave Lu Lu a signal.


Three, three, three!


Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. To be more specific, the type of scam being referred to is Immortal Jump (仙人跳). Basically, a female would usually lure a male victim somewhere (either because the female is fake hooking up with him, or just pretending to be a prostitute). Then, a male accomplice(s) would then arrive at the scene. Since the victim is either intimidated or just doesn’t want the news to spread, he will pay the male accomplice(s) and the female to keep their mouths shut.
  2. That is the term you use in Sic Bo for referring to the three dice getting the same number.

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