Chapter 250 Exposing Li En’s True Face

Chapter 250 – Exposing Li En’s True Face

“I will try my best to return the money to you,” Mu Jinglei added afterwards, as if she was afraid that Ye Zichen would not agree.

“No need to return it, if you need the money, I’ll give it to you!” Ye Zichen nodded without even thinking about it.

Mu Jinglei was stunned, then her eyeslit up even though they were red from her crying earlier “Really?”

“Of course, this is a cheque for three million yuan! But I want to know what Jinglei-jie wants so much money for! Three million is no small sum!” Ye Zichen frowned slightly. From his understanding of Mu Jinglei, it definitely wasn’t her that needed the money.

“I-I need it to get my little brother back!” Mu Jinglei received the cheque, bit her lower lip and replied quietly.

“What happened with your little bro?” Ye Zichen was shocked.

Although Mu Chuang didn’t really study properly, but it wasn’t to the point that he needed three million. Even if he was beaten up or beaten until he is disabled, she still wouldn’t need this much money!

“Did he do something he shouldn’t have?”

“He gambled and lost nearly three million!”

“Just how much did he gamble to lose that much?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Then, when he saw Mu Jinglei was about to cry once again, he sighed. “Never mind, go and get him back quickly!”

Mu Jinglei nodded, then hurried outside thankfully with the cheque.

Mother Ye, who sat on the sofa, looked towards Ye Zichen, “Go with your Jinglei-jie, the people there aren’t exactly good people.

“That’s true.”

With that, Ye Zichen quickly ran outside.

“Jinglei-jie, wait for me,” Ye Zichen frantically stopped the car when he saw that he car was going to drive away. Then he opened the car door while Mu Jinglei hesitated and got in with Lu Lu.

“You two…”

“We’ll go with you,” Ye Zichen laughed softly. He clearly knew how amazing Lu Lu is, she was strong to the point that even the Hou brothers could not defeat her. If we were to face some sort of evil forces there, this girl would definitely turn into an angel of justice!

“No, you two are just messing around right now,” Mu Jinglei frowned. She wasn’t going to any sort of nice place. She didn’t have a choice to take the risk for her little brother, but how could she take the two students over?

“Jinglei-jie, hurry up and drive. What if little bro gets killed if they don’t get the money in time?”

“Even so, you can’t come with me!”

“I know martial arts, and can fight against ten. Lu Lu knows self defense, she can fight against twenty.

Due to Mu Jinglei being worried about little brother, and because both Ye Zichen and Lu Lu looked very certain, Mu Jinglei no longer stopped then, and the car sped off from the mansion with a step of the pedal.

They remained in silence as the SUV slowly drove out of the city and into the suburbs.

Ye Zichen suddenly frowned from noticing an issue, “Jinglei-jie, did Lil’ Chuang call you himself?”

“Yeah!’ Mu Jinglei frowned and replied anxiously.

Something’s not right.

Ye Zichen knew Mu Chuang way too well. He couldn’t remember anyone’s number. Also, Auntie did not buy a phone for the kid because she didn’t want him to go and browse pointless stuff on the internet…

How did he call Mu Jinglei?

Also, he’s just a kid around seventeen or eighteen years old. It’s possible for him to find somewhere to gamble, but he wasn’t an idiot. Could he really go and gamble in places where they gambled with millions?

Although this brat didn’t like studying, he wasn’t incurable. He definitely wouldn’t get involved with huge bets like this.

“How did Mu Chuang say it on the phone?”

“He just cried and told me that he lost three million from gambling, and asked me to borrow it from a friend!” Mu Jinglei replied with a frown.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and raised his eyebrows, “Did you go and find Li En yet? He didn’t want to lend it to you?”


Mu Jinglei, who was driving, stepped on the brakes.

She stared at Ye Zichen in shock and raised her eyebrows, “How did you know I tried to borrow from Li En? You know him?”

As I expected…

Ye Zichen raised his lips, “Then what was the condition Li En gave you?”

“He-He said he can lend me the money, but I have to sleep with him for a night. Then he’ll make sure Lil’ Chuang returns safely the next day.”

“Hehe!” Ye Zichen laughed plainly.

“Zichen, do you want to say that the person behind it is actually Li En?” Mu Jinglei’s eyes jumped. Then she shook her head intensely. “No way, I’ve known him for a long time. He isn’t that sort of person!”

“Isn’t that sort of person?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully. “His company is of a decent size, it’s not like he can’t afford three million. But what was the condition he gave you? You have to sleep with him! If he truly loves you, would he say something like that? Would he give out conditions at a time like this?”

“Li En, what a familiar name,” Lu Lu, who sat in the back seat, muttered. “Oh? Isn’t that scum you hit yesterday called Li En?”

“That’s him!” Ye Zichen nodded.

Mu Jinglei raised her eyebrows, “It was you guys who hit him!?”

“Jinglei-jie, don’t get tricked by that grandson. He’s a true piece of scum,” Ye Zichen’s gaze was cold as he snorted. “Lu Lu and I were in the mall yesterday, we saw him kick a girl with our own eyes, and he said that he was sick of playing with her or something…”

“I heard your name yesterday, so I went to threaten him to leave you. Lil’ Chuang’s incident today might just be a way for him to get you. What’s more important is that Lil’ Chuang did not lose that much money from gambling at all, and it was just all controlled by him!”

Mu Jinglei was shocked. Ye Zichen could feel from her gaze that she still didn’t quite believe him.

She thought she clearly knew what sort of person he was after being with him for a year.

Could this entire year be just a front he put up?

“It seems like Jinglei-jie still doesn’t believe me. Then I’ll show you the girl when I get a chance. Oh yeah, she said she’s called Bao Xi!”

Bao Xi!

Mu Jinglei knew about that woman. When she started to date Li En, she felt like that girl had quite the ambiguous relationship with him.

“I believe you!’ Mu Jinglei bit her lips, while a bit of sadness and depression was visible in her eyes. “I didn’t think that he was that kind of person. Then-Then what should I do? Zichen, tell me, what should I do!?”

“Of course we have to go and get Lil’ Chuang back. Since it has already come to this, are you actually going to call Li En and interrogate him?” Ye Zichen chuckled. ‘However, the way we do it has to change!”

With that, he opened the WeChat Treasure Chest and took out the Thousand Li Tracking Sigil.

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