Chapter 248 I Have a Bad Temper

Xiao Yumei couldn’t help but smile when she saw Ye Zichen’s look of surprise, causing her to slide her white fingers across his cheek, “No, I’m just expressing my mood out!”

“You scared me,” Ye Zichen let out a sigh of relief. I just chased Huo Da, that disaster away, if another one popped out, I seriously would have to use extreme methods. “Then what happened? Something happened with the medical company?”

Xiao Yumei was slightly stunned upon hearing that, causing her to turn Ye Zichen’s head with her hands to take several closer looks, “Are you really my little man? When did you become so smart?”


Ye Zichen’s expression darkened. Was I really that dumb before? Was there really a need to have such a huge reaction when I asked that level of a question!?

Ye Zichen held Xiao Yumei’s hand and smiled, “What happened with the medical company? Did a problem come up with the operational side?”

“There aren’t any issues with that. In fact, the market is actually unusually heated,” Xiao Yumei replied plainly.

“That’s good news!”

If the market has a high demand, it means that the company is earning money, it should be the cause of Xiao Yumei’s expression.

“Since the market is big, there’s a lot of profits. When there’s a lot of profits, there are always going to be people that want a share…”

“So it’s like that!” A hint of smile appeared on Ye Zichen’s face.

Dong dong dong.

Someone knocked on the office door. Not long after, Li Minghu walked into the office.

“Director Xiao. Oh, Boss Ye is here too,” Li Minghu raised his eyebrows. Xiao Yumei and Ye Zichen both nodded towards him before they all sat down on the sofa.

“Tiger disturbed your business, right? Tiger apologizes to you right here, but I do have urgent matters to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Meanwhile, Xiao Yumei revealed a troubled look beside him, as if she had already guessed Li Minghu’s purpose for coming over.

“Ai, our special medicine sold really well in the market before, but for some reason, it just can’t be sold these past few days,” Li Minghu squinted his eyes.

Ye Zichen looked towards Xiao Yumei, and when he saw her expression, he couldn’t help but ask, “Yumei, do you know something?”

“Mhmm,” Xiao Yumei nodded. “It should be that Han family’s child, Han Qi!”

“Who’s he?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Li Minghu, who sat opposite him, was stunned, “Boss Ye, you don’t know Han Qi? Han Qi, the second young master of the Han family, which is part of the three great families of Bingcheng! If it really is him behind it all, then it is a bit troublesome.”

Dong dong dong.

At that moment, someone knocked on the office door.

“Director Xiao, that guy came again,” Li Shuang frowned at the entrance.

Xiao Yumei also revealed a troubled look, “I understand, I’ll be right there.”

After her reply, Xiao Yumei couldn’t help but shake her head with a laugh, “Speak of the devil! Han Qi’s here!”

A young man, who had dyed his hair a wine red, sat on the sofa in the lobby of the medical company. The young man appeared like a delinquent with tattoos covering his arms and fingers.

Nobody could imagine that this young man was actually Han Qi, the second young master of Bingcheng’s Han family.

“Hey, girl, did you go and call your boss? I’ve been sitting here for nearly five minutes!” Hang Qi’s voice was slightly sharp, while his face was covered in an impatient expression.

“Why is Young Master Han so angry?” Xiao Yumei walked out with a smile.

Han Qi’s eyes lit up, then licked his lips, while he swept his greedy gaze over her, “Boss Xiao’s body is getting better and better, and your face is getting prettier!”

“I thank Young Master Han’s praise. I wonder what did Young Master Han come here for…” Xiao Yumei replied plainly.

“Does Director Xiao not know that I only have two purposes in coming here?” Han Qi smiled faintly.

“Young Master Han, I, Xiao Yumei, naturally welcome you if you want to invest in our medical company. However, buying shares with just one yuan seems a bit illogical, right?” A faint smile covered Xiao Yumei’s face.

“Logic is just for people. What’s more, when Director Xiao is with me in the future, isn’t the country going to be mine!?”

“You would have to ask my man about that,” With that, Xiao Yumei hugged Ye Zichen’s arm sweetly.

Han Qi had already noticed Ye Zichen from the get go, but he had thought that Ye Zichen was merely a business associate or a bodyguard etc…

“Oh yeah, he’s also the real owner of this medical company!” The reason Xiao Yumei said this was due to Ye Zichen telling her to beforehand.

She might not know how to handle these shameless bastards, but he did!

“This grandson is Han Qi?” Ye Zichen laughed. Before seeing Han Qi in person, he thought the grandson was someone with a lot of talent.

He’s just a f*cking delinquent!

And a delinquent with a rather low intelligence at that!

“You’re cursing at me?” Han Qi frowned.

Ye Zichen nodded, “He’s not seriously dumb, at least he knows how to identify people talking about him!”

“You…” Han Qi pointed with his face full of darkness and rage.

Ye Zichen merely whistled and shrugged in reaction, “Don’t point at me. I don’t have a great temper. Didn’t you hear Yumei say that this company is mine? If you want to invest, then speak properly to me!”

“Hehe, grandson, you’ve overestimated yourself way too much, haven’t you?” Han Qi sneered. “I’ll give you two choices!”

“Say it!”

“One, I’ll force your company to close down and make you live the rest of your life in fear!”

“Two, hand the company over to me obediently. Make the woman beside you be with me until I get tired of her!”

Han Qi reached out two fingers menacingly.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen’s smiling face gradually turned dark… “I told you already. I have a bad temper!”

With that, Ye Zichen reached out towards Han Qi’s fingers!


“F*ck… You…” Han Qi’s face turned bright red as he glared at Ye Zichen like a bull. Then, he subconsciously reached out to point at Ye Zichen with his other finger.


“You seriously have a bad memory, don’t you? I said it already, I have a bad temper!!”

“You are f*cking seeking death!” Han Qi curled his body and shouted with a menacing gaze.

Ye Zichen kicked him back, then stepped on him. Then, Ye Zichen put his hands into his pockets and smiled, “I don’t know whether I’m seeking death or not. I just know that if you dare to bullshit about anything else, then you won’t live long!”


Ye Zichen kicked Han Qi to the revolving doors.

“F*ck off! If you dare to come here and act cocky again, I can’t guarantee that you’ll walk out alive.”

“Grandson, you’re good. Just f*cking wait, if don't kill you, my surname isn’t Han!” Han Qi’s eyes were filled with menace as he cursed as he held his arm.

“You’re not leaving?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled. Then, his gaze begun to sullen, while his hands remained in his pockets. “If you don’t want to leave, then just stay here forever!”

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