Chapter 247 Level 4 Immortal Heart of Pure Yang

Chapter 247 – Level 4 Immortal Heart of Pure Yang

When Ye Zichen entered the Underworld’s staff chat, he was able to get the Azure Underworld Fruit, which was one of the necessary items needed to level Immortal Heart of Pure Yang to Level 4.

Now, all he needed was a Hell’s Lotus in order to level it up.

He had searched for it in the Treasure Shop before, but it wasn’t there.

“What do you want a Hell’s Lotus for?”

Taibai Jinxing raised his eyebrows and replied.

Ye Zichen knew that geezer definitely had such a treasure when he saw the message.

“Don’t care about that stuff so much. If you send me a Hell’s Lotus, then I’ll work for you. If you don’t, then I’ll leave the chat!”


Taibai Jinxing’s teeth chattered in his frustration. He clearly knew that Ye Zichen was just scaring him, but he didn’t dare to place the bet.

A person with nothing to lose has nothing to fear from someone with everything to lose… What if he really leaves the chat?

Taibai Jinxing clenched his teeth.


Ye Zichen smiled when he saw the red packet on the screen.

You received Taibai Jinxing’s red packet.

Hell’s Lotus x1.

The system has detected that Immortal Heart of Pure Yang is able to level up to Level 4. Would you like to level it up?



Immortal Heart of Pure Yang upgrade successful. Current Level: 4.

Daily Experience Gain x8.

False Spiritual Body (52/100).

“Thanks, Taibai Jinxing!”

Ye Zichen smiled in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Taibai Jinxing’s face was covered in pain.

This was a treasure that I got from the Underworld ten thousand years ago. Since the Underworld and Heavenly Court have a really tense relationship right now, it could be said that this Hell’s Lotus is an extreme treasure.

It was taken away by Ye Zichen, the mortal, just like that.

After a while, when Taibai Jinxing finally calmed himself down, he sent a message to Ye Zichen.

“You have the treasure now, so you have to work properly for me. Tell me immediately whenever a situation comes up with the Underworld.”

“No problem. As long as I get the treasures, you’ll definitely get timely news from me!”

“I hope so!”

Ye Zichen arrived at Yu’s home at noon the next day.

Zhang Lingling had already fused with her lost spiritual soul, causing her to reveal a strange color.

It seems like this girl didn’t lose any memories, including…

“Ji Gongsheg!” Zhang Lingling screamed out in the room.

Ye Zichen smiled completely and utterly helplessly, then shrugged, “Can you calm down for a moment? Let me introduce myself, I’m called Ye Zichen!”

“Hmph, in my eyes, you’re Ji Gongsheng!” With that, Zhang Lingling leaned over, hugged Ye Zichen’s arm with her hands and leaned her cheek on his shoulder.

“Ye…” Yu was completely dumbfounded when he saw this.

He looked blankly at Zhang Lingling and Ye Zichen stick together, while a sharp dagger appeared in his hands, “Ye Zichen, I thank you a lot for helping Lingling find her spiritual soul, but what do you mean by this?”

“…” Ye Zichen shrugged speechlessly. “Can’t you tell that I’m the victim here?”

Zhang Lingling stuck to Ye Zichen in her enjoyment. When she opened her eyes and saw the dagger in Yu’s hands, she immediately exclaimed, “Second Uncle, what are you doing! Don’t try to bully my Gongsheng!”

Zhang Lingling used her petite body to block in front of Ye Zichen.

Yu looked at the scene in surprise…

“Go and rest for a bit. Right now, you need to rest, I have some things to discuss with Yu.”

“I don’t want to go!”

“Hurry, do you want to see me angry?” Ye Zichen immediately frowned.

Seeing that, Zhang Lingling quickly patted Ye Zichen’s brows, “Don’t frown, I’ll just go!”

After Ye Zichen sent Zhang Lingling back to her bedroom, Yu, who was still standing dumbfounded in the living room spoke up, “Can you tell me just what is going on? Why is my niece so clingy towards you…”

“You’re asking me, but who am I supposed to ask!?” Ye Zichen glared. “Your niece must have mistaken me for someone else.”

“Deal with the matter between yourselves by yourselves, I’m not getting involved.”

“Hey, this uncle…”

Ye Zichen took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it for himself, before sitting down and crossing his legs, “How is Huo Da acting recently?”

“Huo Da?” A strange expression surfaced in Yu’s face. “He went back to the capital in what seems to be a hurry!”

Ye Zichen smiled upon hearing that.

If there was no surprise, then it should be the actions of the God of Fortune, which caused some threats to the Huo family’s economy.

“Going back to the capital is good. At least he won’t tell you to kill me every single day, making me live in fear,” Yu smiled.

A hint of coldness surfaced on Yu’s face, ‘Actually… Huo Da had told me to kill you if I find the chance before he left!”


A sharp dagger appeared in his hands.

“Say, am I going to succeed if I take action now?”

Cough cough!

Ye Zichen immediately coughed intensely due to choking on the smoke.

He looked vigilantly to the side. Feeling Ye Zichen’s nervousness, Yu shrugged, put away the dagger and smiled, “I’m just kidding. Don’t be nervous. The current me is unable to be of any threat towards you.”

“Your joke is truly terrible.”

When Ye Zichen left Yu’s place, he hurried towards Xiao Yumei’s medical company.

Although the amount of registration funds for the company was shocking, the company itself wasn’t very large.

When Ye Zichen arrived at Xiao Yumei’s office, he directly pushed the door and entered without knocking.

Within the office, Xiao Yumei took sips of coffee as she stood by the window. She did not even notice Ye Zichen enter.

“Yumei,” Ye Zichen called out softly by the door.

At that moment, Xiao Yumei turned around and revealed a forceful smile, “You came.”

Whenever she made such an expression, it meant that she reached some sort of annoyance, or some sort of trouble.

“Yeah, I’ve missed you!” Ye Zichen walked next to Xiao Yumei with a smile. Then, he took over the cup of coffee in her hands and finished it. “It seems like you aren’t in the best of moods. Or is there some sort of trouble?”

With that, Ye Zichen placed the coffee cup back onto the desk.

Xiao Yumei smiled and asked in surprise, “You can tell?”

“What’s so surprising? Do you know what my eyes are? They’re the Fiery Eyes of Truth! There isn’t anything I can see or tell!” Ye Zichen pulled Xiao Yumei into his embrace and looked at her watery eyes. “Let me see, just what caused our Yumei to get so troubled.”

“Then try,” Xiao Yumei smiled.

Ye Zichen acted like a fake fortune teller as he moved his fingers and rolled his eyes, “Is our Yumei too pretty, and got too annoyed because of there being too many pursuers? Wow, if that really is the case, then I’m the one who should be troubled! I’m just a poor student who can’t compare with those successful people!”

“Hehe, they’re just a bunch of hypocritical dogs,” Xiao Yumei snorted with a smile.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen was stunned as he looked at her, “It can’t be, I really guessed it right?”

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