Chapter 245 Scum

Chapter 245 – Scum

“What are you going over there for? Aren’t we going to get drinks?” Lu Lu followed quickly behind him.

Ye Zichen chuckled, then patted her shoulders, “Let me teach you something else. Although they say ignore it when it doesn’t concern you, there is another saying that says roar when you see unjust acts, and take action when the time is right!”

With that, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and quickly walked towards the escalators.

If he didn’t make a mistake, the woman mentioned Mu Jinglei. If it’s like that, then he must roar!

“Li En, don’t think that I, Bao Xi, is an idiot. I know about your dealings behind my back very clearly!”

The woman on the floor, who called herself Bao Xi, stared at the man in front of her and took out her phone and opened up the gallery…

The photos in the gallery were all ones Li En took with a woman.

“Beauty, can I take a look at those photos?” Ye Zichen smiled warmly.

Bao Xi nodded, handed the phone over and shouted, “Everyone, take a look. Remember the looks of this scum. If anyone knows the girl in the photo, hurry up and tell her to stay away from this scum. Otherwise, the current me is the future her…”

All of the photos in the phone were clearly taken in secret, and most of them were merely their backs. However, one of the photos from the side allowed Ye Zichen to recognize that the girl was truly Mu Jinglei.


Ye Zichen kicked Li En in rage, sending him flying four to five meters away.

Then, Lu Lu also helped Bao Xi up from the floor. At the same time, Ye Zichen cracked his neck and slowly walked towards Li En.

“Security…” Li En called for the shopping mall’s security with fear in his eyes.


Ye Zichen slapped Li En’s face, and grabbed him by the collar…

“Mu Jinglei is your girlfriend?”



Ye Zichen slapped Li En once again, and this time, it caused Li En’s face to swell up.

“Answer my question.”

“You-You are her boyfriend? Impossible, she’s single,” Li En answered frantically.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen smiled, cracked his neck before slapping Li En once again, “It seems like that’s the case. Now, I announce that you two have broken up.”

Thinking that it was about time the security arrived, Ye Zichen threw Li En back onto the ground with force.

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If you don’t break up, then I’ll make it so that you can’t stay in Bingcheng anymore,” Ye Zichen snorted at Li En, then put his hands in his pockets and walked in front of Lu Lu and Bao Xi. “You aren’t unhappy that I hit your ex, right?”

“It’s better if you hit that scum to death,” Bao Xi cursed fiercely. “Do you know Mu Jinglei? If you know her, then hurry up and tell her not to be fooled by this scum’s appearance. Back then, I…”

Bao Xi couldn’t help but start crying when she mentioned her sadness.

“It’ll all be over.”

Not long after Ye Zichen and Li En left the escalator, the security team hurried over with Mu Jinglei.

“Li En,” Mu Jinglei squatted worriedly beside him and caressed Li En’s face with her fingers. “Why did you fight with someone else?”

“It’s nothing. Just now, an employee from my company came over to complain to me since her manager keeps on targeting her. I had wanted to enlighten her, but then she slapped me when she got worked up.”

“You should handle the managers in your company properly. How can it be okay for you to take the blame whenever they do something wrong?” Mu Jinglei’s face was filled with anger and annoyance.

Li En smiled, then reached out to caress her hair, “Since I’m the boss, I have to give up more than others.”

Many people in the crowd were able to guess that the woman in front of them was the other woman in the incident.

Some nice people wanted to go and expose Li En, but they were yanked away by the people around them.

Since they heard that he had already established a company, it clearly meant that he wasn’t someone they could mess with.

Li En stood up from the ground with Mu Jinglei’s support and dusted himself off with his hands.

“Jinglei, we’ve known each other for more than a year. Actually, I have something that I’ve always wanted to say to you!”

“What are you gonna say? Let’s go to the hospital first,” Mu Jinglei held Li En and started to walk out of the mall.

However, Li En shook his head and took out a ring from his pocket, while he kneeled down with one leg, “Marry me.”

This was the pickup strategy that Li En used most. A proposal with a ring combined with his sweet words would make the majority of women climb onto his bed at night.

From his many years of experience of picking girls up, he could tell that Mu Jinglei was a virgin.

Didn’t that man want me to leave Mu Jinglei just now? Sure…

But even if I leave her, she’ll be a second-hand good then!

Mu Jinglei was shocked by this as well. It was impossible for her heart not to be moved. During the year that they have been dating, Li En truly felt like her ideal type…


She just felt like the two are still a distance away from getting married.

Mu Jinglei bit her lips and helped Li En up, “Li En, can you let me consider it?”

“What else is there to consider? Do you still need to test me after so long?” Li En questioned her in a perfect manner.

Mu Jinglei shook her head, “No, but I just feel like we’re a distance away from getting married. Let me consider it, let’s go to the hospital to have a look at your injuries first.”

“Never mind!” Li En, who had maintained a warm smile, suddenly flung Mu Jinglei’s hand away before turning towards the elevator to leave.

Actually, this was one of his many strategies as well – taking a step back to make two steps forward!

If there was no surprise, then Mu Jinglei would call him before sundown, and even if she doesn’t, he still have a plan B.

Li En took out his phone, covered his swollen face and said sullenly to the person on the other side of the line, “Play a few huge ones with him, and this time, make him lose!”

Ye Zichen was able to learn from Bao Xi that Li En was the owner of a company. Of course, the company was rather small, but he was a successful person among his peers.

Ye Zichen didn’t worry that much about it. He had already warned Li En. If Li En still doesn’t stop, then Ye Zichen wasn’t unwilling to use some methods that only dandies would use to deal with him.

The sun set.

Due to Ye Zichen, the School Beauty Harvester, acting once again, his roommates decided to isolate him.

Ye Zichen was lonely as he laid on the dormitory bed and looked at WeChat.

Aside from a few WeChat merchants, Yue Lao was the person that posted new stuff on his Moments the most frequently.

However, the frequency had already dropped either due to complaints from the other deities, or because such frequent advertisement was no longer needed due to his reputation.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang.

It was a familiar sound.

A red packet has arrived.

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