Chapter 243 Entering the Underworld’s Staff Chat

Chapter 243 – Entering the Underworld’s Staff Chat

I have already put off entering the Underworld’s WeChat group for far too long. Although that geezer, Taibai Jinxing, hasn’t been hurrying me, it still isn’t a reason for me to not get myself in.

Xie Lei was surprised by Ye Zichen’s message.

The Underworld does have an internal staff chat, but the only people that can get into the group have an official rank above a Level 3 Ghost Servant. Ye Zichen is just a mortal…

“Big Brother Ye, our Underworld’s chat can only be entered by Level 3 Ghost Servants and above.”

Level 3 Ghost Servant?

Ye Zichen quickly took a glance at his Yinyang Box.

Level 4 Ghost Servant!

“Invite me in, my rank is high enough.”

Xie Lei was stunned for nearly a minute after seeing Ye Zichen’s message. Even ghosts that had stayed in the Underworld for one hundred years might not be able to get a rank of a Level 3 Ghost Servant…

While thinking that it might just be Ye Zichen saying things to make him to believe it…

You invited Only Idealism to the group chat.

I really got in.

Ye Zichen looked at the message of entering the group in shock, while his face was filled with excitement…

I finally made it into the Underworld’s group chat. I don’t need to be afraid the next time Taibai Jinxing talks to me anymore.

Ox-Head: New ghost, report your three sizes.

Horse-Face: Caught a moe new guy. He seems to have been brought in by Marshal Xie’s third grandson.

Judge Cui[1]: New person, what is your official rank? I’m going to make a record of it.

Ox-Head: @Horse-Face, are you seeking death? You dare to say that Young Master Xie Lei is the third grandson?

Hua Tuo[2]: Oh wow, another new person entered the group.

Ye Zichen looked at the messages in the Underworld group blankly. It’s more or less the same, all of this bullshit is pretty familiar…

But who the hell is this Hua Tuo? Could he really be the Hua Tuo in history?

Ox-Head: Why haven’t the new ghost spoken up yet?

Ox-Head brought up the case in the group once again, causing Ye Zichen to quickly send Xie Lei a private message.

“@ Me in the group and tell them I’m your subordinate.”

“Is that really good?” Xie Lei asked in hesitation. “I never treated you as a subordinate, I’m the little bro.”

Why is this brat so stubborn?

Wouldn’t I get ripped apart if you told the group that you’re my lackey?

“Strategy, this is a sort of strategy! It’ll be fine if you just say that.”

“Then alright.”

Not long later, Ye Zichen saw that Xie Lei mentioned him in the Underworld group chat.

Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei: @Only Idealism. This is my subordinate, I hope you guys will take care of him.

Ox-Head: We’ll definitely take good care of Young Master Xie’s subordinate.

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Judge Cui: Since it’s like that, then I won’t record down the official rank.

Ye Zichen finally decided to stop lurking in the group when he saw that most of the people had seen the messages.

Ye Zichen: Hello, everyone.

Ox-Head: Hihi, we’re a family now, we should get more intimate.

Ye Zichen: Sure.

The ones in the chat talked a bit more about Ye Zichen, the new ghost in the group, before returning to their usual chit-chat.

Ye Zichen lurked in the group for a while…

So stingy.

They don’t hand out red packets.

Could handing out red packets not be a trend in the Underworld’s chat?

Ye Zichen, who refused to believe it, lurked in the group for another half an hour. Most of the time, the group chatted about interesting things they saw or heard while they went out to capture ghosts…

But there have been no red packets.

Ye Zichen decided to give up when he saw that there still weren’t any red packets sent.

At that very moment…


A red packet suddenly appeared on the screen.

Ye Zichen had lurked so long for that very moment.


You received Level 3 Ghost Messenger Xie Qiang’s red packet.

Azure Underworld Fruit x1.

Azure Underworld Fruit: Fruit from the Azure Underworld Vine in the coldest parts of the Underworld.

Effect: A huge increase to the cultivation of ghost servant leveled experts.


The system has detected Azure Underworld Fruit, an item needed to level up Immortal Heart of Pure Yang.

Items for Immortal Heart of Pure Yang to level up to Level 4 activated.

Azure Underworld Fruit x1.

Hell’s Lotus x1.

The series of system notifications was not the main point, the main important was…

Level 3 Ghost Messenger Xie Qiang: I had heard that my disappointing third younger brother invited his subordinate into the group. It seemed like he doesn’t have anything to nice to send red packets with, so I, the elder brother, will send it for him.

Ox-Head: Young Master Xie is generous.

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Hua Tuo: These brotherly feelings truly makes people envious. However, this old one did not manage to snatch any, these youngsters are way too quick.

Level 3 Ghost Messenger Xie Qiang: @ Hua Tuo, I’ll send a private packet for Elder Hua later.

Hua Tuo: How could I accept…

Ye Zichen the professional lurker glanced at the scrolling messages. This person who sent red packets should be Xie Bian’s grandson, and from the way these people addressed him, he seemed to be the eldest one.

Level 3 Ghost Messenger Xie Qiang: @Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei, little brother, are you not going to come out and thank me? You couldn’t have forgotten the Xie family’s courtesy, right?

Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei: Thank you big brother for sending red packets in my place, but little brother merely forgot to send it.


With that, another red packet appeared on the screen.


Wind and Thunder Fruit x1

Wind and Thunder Fruit: A fruit bore by the Wind and Thunder Tree on the walls of the Wailing Canyons on the thirteenth layer of Hell.

Effect: It can help temper the purity of one’s celestial spiritual energy.

Ox-Head: Third Young Master Xie is generous.

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Hua Tuo: I didn’t grab it again. <insert a row of regretful emojis>

Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei: If Elder Hua needs it, I’ll send a private packet to you later!

Level 3 Ghost Messenger Xie Qiang: Third little brother, why force yourself so!

Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei: It is none of big brother’s business.

With that, neither Xie Lei nor Xie Qiang spoke up again in the group. All of a sudden, the group’s aura became a bit awkward. Even Ox-Head nor Horse-Face, who were both rather active, dared to speak.

It seems like the relationship between these brothers is truly very tense!

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and left the group. When he looked up, he saw Lu Lu glancing at him with a smile.

“Oh my f*cking god!”

Ye ZIchen nearly fell down from his chair when he saw that someone had suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lu Lu blinked her cute eyes, and pouted her tender lips slightly, “Why are you so scared!?”

“Why did you come so secretively?” Ye Zichen coughed dryly.

Lu Lu outed, “I came so long ago, and only didn’t disturb you since I saw you messing with your phone.”

“Then you saw everything?”

“I saw a little, just stuff like Ox-Head and Horse-Face. Are you chatting with people from the Underworld?” Lu Lu blinked her larger watery eyes, which were filled with curiosity. “Also, why is there a ghost girl by your side? What does she do?”

“You have so many questions,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Lu Lu. Then he signaled Liu Qing to return back to the Dragon Eye first before lighting a cigarette for himself with a frown. “What did you come find me for?”

“To protect you!” Lu Lu smiled. “I just felt two people stare at you suspiciously, so I helped you deal with them on my way inside. Don’t thank me too much!”


Ye Zichen shot up from the chair, and saw the two Hou brothers lying at the entrance of the supermarket with swollen faces, while they had been tied up…

“They’re from my side!”


Ox-Head: Phew, another busy day at work today.

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Anon Ghost Servant A: I know right? All these wars are really causing a lot of trouble for us, there are so many new ghosts everyday that it's hard to keep track of them all.

Anon Ghost Servant B: I know what you mean. Sigh...

Ox-Head: Anyways, any new gossip? Anything interesting will do right now!

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei has invited Only Idealism into the group.

Ox-Head: Hey new guy, what's your three sizes? This is just standard procedure.

Judge Cui: New ghost, name and rank?

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

  1. Judge Cui (崔判官) / Cui Jue (崔珏) is one of the judges of the Underworld, and is often perceived to be the leader of the rest of the judges.
  2. Hua Tuo (华佗) – One of the most famous, if not the most famous, doctor in Chinese History. He is often known as 神医, literally translated as God Doctor.

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