Chapter 242 Xie Lei’s Display of Humility

Chapter 242 – Xie Lei’s Display of Humility

“If there’s stuff to talk about, then let’s talk about it. If you want to try and take my lollipop… No way!”

Gou Yuzhan guarded the lollipop in his hand fiercely, while he did not give up on the one in his mouth either.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile helplessly, “Did you forget who gave you that lollipop?”

Hearing that, Gou Yuzhan blinked, then pushed his glasses up…

“If you don’t want the lollipops, then anything can be negotiated.”

“I just want to ask you a few questions, if you answer properly, then not only would I not take your lollipop, I would…”


Ye Zichen picked up the entire box of lollipops from the cashier counter.


“Too dazzling!” Gou Yuzhan continuously licked his lips. He wanted to move his gaze away, but his head just refused to budge. “Ask away!”

“You can see the ghost girl beside me? Also, where did you get your cross from?”

“I can’t see her, but I can feel her,” Gou Yuzhan licked his lollipop and answered blurrily. “As for the cross, my family has rules that I can’t tell others…”

Ye Zichen immediately held out the box of lollipops in front of him…

“Too dazzling!” Gou Yuzhan gulped fiercely as he clenched his fist tightly and revealed a struggling expression on his face.

In the end, he still lost to the dazzle of lollipops!

“That cross is a magical item that I refined.”


Ye Zichen chucked a lollipop over. Gou Yuzhan accurately caught it.

“You really are giving it to me!” Gou Yuzhan was stunned. Then, he instantly discarded all of his morals and rules that he was supposed to follow. “Shopkeeper, do you need a magical item? I can sell it to you, it’ll only cost one lollipop!”

“I don’t need any magical items. You mentioned your family just now… What does your family do? Are they from the capital?”

“No, my family’s from Bingcheng, my dad opened a Daoist Temple…”

Ye Zichen chucked another lollipop over.

Thus, Ye Zichen asked and he answered. When Ye Zichen pretty much finished with his questions, all of the lollipops were more or less given away.

Meanwhile, Gou Yuzhan had a huge smile on his face.

“Sir, do you have any more questions?”

A lollipop for the answer to a question, this wasn’t a fortunate thing that one could find every day.

“Nope, you can leave now!”

“Sir, you truly are a great person!”

With that, Gou Yuzhan left the supermarket in satisfaction as he took a pile of lollipops with him.

“Liu Qing, how are you?” Ye Zichen asked towards the dragon eye after sending Gou Yuzhan off.

The dragon eye simmered, and Liu Qing flew out from within. From the looks of her, she seems to have completely recovered.

“I’m fine, the silver cross just now was so weird…”

“That is a magic item that is specifically used to fight ghosts. That brat is actually a young daoist,” Ye Zichen smiled. However, at the same time, he was speechless…

His family can open up a daoist temple, but why did he feel so poor?

“That little daoist isn’t simple.”

Ye Zichen decided and made up his mind that he must have a good chat with Gou Yuzhan the next time they meet. As for whether the latter will tell him the truth? Ye Zichen wasn’t worried at all.

He already knew Gou Yuzhan’s weakness. No matter what, he was someone that understood weaknesses are meant to be used.


Ye Zichen’s phone on the table rang. He took a look at the messages.

Xie Lei: You there?

This brat has recently come to find me very frequently!

“What is it now? Don’t tell me you broke the Transformer again. This time, I don’t have anything I want to exchange for.”

“No!” Xie Lei scratched his head, and revealed a troubled expression. “It’s my grandpa’s birthday in a few days, I want to give him a birthday present.”

“It’s Xie Bian’s birthday?”

“You actually dare to use my grandpa’s full name?”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but roll his eyes in disdain when he saw Xie Lei’s message.

I know my identity now. I’m the Yellow Emperor of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the ancients times and one of the big shots of the Rogue Immortals. So what if I called Xie Bian directly by his name?

It’s just that I’m rather weak now, otherwise…

“Full name or what? What are you coming to me about Xie Bian’s birthday for? That is an issue for you descendants.”

Is this person an idiot!?

Xie Lei, who sat on a stone chair in his back garden frowned. Bu Er sat on his side as he tried to put a puzzle together on the table…

“Bu Er, say, do you think this person is playing dumb with me?”

“Bu Er doesn’t know,” Bu Er tiled his head in a moe manner. “Bu Er has never been human before, so doesn’t know their thoughts.”

“Never mind, just keep playing with the puzzle!”

“Oh!” Bu Er started to concentrate on the puzzle once again.

XIe Lei licked his lips and looked at the news on the screen.

“Big Bro, just stop messing with little brother. Little brother wants to get some treasures from the mortal realm.”

Ye Zichen, who was smoking within the supermarket, was stunned by Xie Lei’s message.

Big Bro!

This brat could actually lower himself down so much?

At that moment, Xie Lei sent another message over.

“Truth be told, although little brother is the Ghost Marshal’s descendent, there is a huge competition within the family. I’m one of those who are not very welcome. That is something you can tell from my residence. The others in the family all usually live in the Ghost Capital, but I am living in the rural areas of the Ghost Region that overlaps with the Mortal Realm.”


There is competition within the family when people are alive, but it was no different when dead.

Ye Zichen sighed when he said the pitiful message.

“How about I send you two rows of cigarettes?”

“Cigarettes? My grandpa doesn’t seem to like that sort of thing.”

“Doesn’t like them?”

Cigarettes are things that sold very well in the male deity community. Even King Qinguang of the Underworld awarded White Impermanence with a lot of treasures because she gave him a row of cigarettes.

Xie Bian actually didn’t like this sort of thing!

“My grandpa likes tea from the Mortal Realm!”

This Ghost Marshal understands the need to keep himself in good health!

Ye Zichen walked around the supermarket, and remembered that he seemed to have ordered some jasmine tea that sold for two yuan per packet a while ago.

After a while, Ye ZIchen managed to find the crushed jasmine tea with the help of the Fiery Eyes of Truth.




Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei received your red packet.


Xie Lei looked at the packet of tea in his hands with his eyes wide open.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also replied.

“I don’t have great tea leaves here, so I’ll give this to you first. I’ll send you better ones if I find some.”


Your intimacy level with Level 1 Ghost Messenger Xie Lei increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 200.


Intimacy level leveled up. Current intimacy level: 200.

“Big Bro, thank you so much.”

In recent years, Xie Lei had always been shunned by the younger generation in the family, while Xie Bian had been busy at work, so he didn’t have time to worry about the competition between the youngsters.

The only day that Xie Lei could shine was on Xie Bian’s birthday feast.

With this packet of tea, he had a chance.

When that happens…

“Bro, if you need little brother to do anything, then little brother will definitely help you do it if little brother is capable of that.”

The moment Ye Zichen saw this message, he squinted his eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!

“Then how about adding me to the Underworld’s group chat?”

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

In the mind of a certain young man who loves lollipops:

Huh? No way, this guy can't be thinking of taking my lollipops, right?

Hmmph, there's no way I'm going to hand my lollipops over to this evil shop keeper.

Wait, hmm? What did he just say? He said that he doesn't want my lollipop? In that case, we can have a chat.


Oh my! Not only does he not want my lollipops, he's actually offering me so much more! All I need to do in exchange is answer some questions for him...

Hmmm, lollipops vs. secrets. Hmmm....

No... I must not give in, I must... So dazzling! Such a blinding sight! All hail lollipops!


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