Chapter 239 Chang’e, Who Got Pimples From Eating Spicy Gluten

Chapter 239 – Chang’e, Who Got Pimples From Eating Spicy Gluten

Yellow Emperor!

He seems to have said that I am the Yellow Emperor.

Ye Zichen frowned at the masked man, then licked his lips.

“You just said that I’m the Yellow Emperor!

“Mhmm!” The masked man nodded in confirmation. Then he held his hand out towards the tea table and used a vacuum force to pull the packet of cigarettes on it over, while he took his mask off.

It’s an unexpectedly normal square face.

He lit a cigarette for himself and sucked, then breathed out a mouthful of smoke proficiently, “I really haven’t tasted tobacco for so long.”

The square-faced man smoke a bit more greedily before walking to the sofa and sitting down, “It seems like you really understand yourself. Back then, before you reincarnated, you told me that if there comes a day that you can’t take it all anymore, then I was to tell everything to you. It seems like now is the time…”

“What are you saying? You sound so weird,” Ye Zichen sat down opposite and glared at him fiercely. “I said that I don’t want to play anymore…”

“I also told you that you can’t not continue!” Great Emperor Qingming finished the cigarette in his hand, then squelched the embers in the ashtray. “This is the path you chose for yourself back then.”


“Back then, you chose to go through the cycle of reincarnation in order to help the Immortal Region gain an Immortal King. Originally, I wanted to let nature follow its course, but since I’ve already said all this, then I’ll tell you. You were the Yellow Emperor in your first life!”

What the hell!?

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Someone just told me that I’m the reincarnation of Zhang Sanfeng, how am I the Yellow Emperor now? Just how many characters have I acted? Just how much money am I getting in return?”

Ye Zichen had made a huge decision when he accepted himself as Zhang Sanfeng’s reincarnation, and now the fact that he was the Yellow Emperor popped out of nowhere…

Just how long ago was the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors…

“Zhang Sanfeng was your eighth life…”

“And since my first life is the Yellow Emperor, doesn’t that mean that I still have a seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth, third, and second life?” Ye Zichen smiled wryly. “Bro, you came to crack jokes, right? Me, a single person, has lived nine lives!”

“I know that you find it very hard to understand right now. But you should have unsealed some memories recently, right?” A light flashed across Great Emperor Qingming’s eyes. “These memories are all memories from your previous lives. You’ll know more in the future, that’s when you’ll come to understand everything.”

“I don’t want to understand. How about you just kill me! If you don’t kill me, then I’ll commit suicide later! I’ve had enough!”

“Ye Zichen!” Great Emperor Qingming leaped up from the sofa and spoke as if he was hating iron for not becoming steel. “Just what do you want? You’ve already been through eight lives, success is in sight. Are you going to make everything that was done before had been in vain?”

Great Emperor Qingming did not notice the corner of Ye Zichen’s mouth raise in his rage.

When he finished, Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, “It seems like I’m very important to you, right!”

“Of course, the presence of an Immortal King has an indescribable importance for the Immortal Region,” Great Emperor Qingming nodded seriously.

“You guys are very scared of me dying, right?”


“Then let’s talk about conditions!”

Only then did Ye Zichen reveal a fox-like smile, as if his ploy had succeeded.

An hour had passed.

“You already know what you want to know, and I’ve said what I should say…”

“Understood, go back to your Three Realms and leave here to me. I’ll stay alive properly,” Ye Zichen looked over with a satisfied gaze.

However, Great Emperor Qingming stopped and frowned, “I actually shouldn’t have said all this. What I said to you might actually affect you in this life. Your tribulations near, please be extra careful.”

Hearing Great Emperor Qingming’s blabber, Ye Zichen revealed an annoyed look, “Just hurry back, I won’t treat my life as a joke.”

“Then… See you in the Three Realms!”

With that, the space in the room distorted once again. A black door appeared on the ceiling of the room, and Great Emperor Qingming also disappeared at the same time.


Ye Zichen, who had maintained a strong and proud look, collapsed on the sofa the moment Great Emperor Qingming left.


The still space started moving once again. Third Fatty Jin habitually kowtowed once again before he got up quickly and smiled wryly, “Boss Ye!”

“Alright, you don’t need to say it to me. I don’t want to know anymore. I’m a bit tired, so I’m going back to my room to rest.”

With that, Ye Zichen dragged his tired body back to his bedroom.


Ye Zichen laid down on the bed and blanked out as he looked at the ceiling.

F*cking hell!

I’m actually the Yellow Emperor. This is so damn awesome!

Ye Zichen, who had looked tired just moments earlier, jumped up from the bed while his face carried even more excitement than when he found out that he was Zhang Sanfeng.

Ye Zichen had always had a slightly self-comforting mindset, as opposed to complaining and getting troubled over things, it was better to slowly accept it…

“Too strong, I’ve known I wasn’t a normal person since I was young…”

Ye Zichen muttered to himself and laughed. At the same time, Liu Qing came out of the dragon eye.

When she saw his idiotic smile, she immediately asked, “What made you so happy?”

“Lil’ Liu Qing, do you know who this lord is?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows cockily.

Liu Qing looked at him as if he was an idiot and twitched his mouth, “You’re sick in the head!”

“I’m the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation!’

“Then I’m the reincarnation of Nüwa[1]! You’re insane!”

“Don’t not believe it!” Ye Zichen licked his lips and smiled.

Liu Qing rolled her eyes at him, then reached into his pocket to take out his phone before flowing to the side to read doujinshis.

Since nobody was able to share his joy, Ye Zichen began to feel slightly unhappy.

At that moment…

“Nameless, are you there?”

A voice suddenly rang out in Ye Zichen’s mind. Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment, then immediately realized that it was a voice transmission from Chang’e.

“Yeah, Fairy, what is it!”


Chang’e’s voice hesitated, then stopped.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “You finished the spicy gluten?”

“No…” Chang’e instantly replied.

Within the Moon Palace.

Chang’e covered her face with a white veil. However, her worries could be seen through the view.

She bit her lips. As she held a bronze mirror and looked at herself, she sighed for some reason.

“Then what happened?”

When Ye Zichen’s query sounded out in Chang’e’s mind, she frowned even more.

After a long while, she took out her phone as if she made a hard decision, took out her phone to take a selfie, which she sent to Ye Zichen on WeChat.


“Why is someone always finding you on this shitty phone?”

Liu Qing, who was reading a doujinshi chucked the phone over angrily. Ye Zichen caught the phone, then saw that Chang’e had sent him a photo on WeChat.

She definitely wasn’t called the number one beauty in the Heavenly Court for nothing. She had a face that mesmerized people without any make-up and features were clearly natural. This should be Chang’e.

However, Ye Zichen saw that…

Two pimples grew near Chang’e’s upper lip.

F*ck, what’s going on? Did she get pimples from eating spicy gluten?

  1. Nüwa (女媧) is the goddess who created humans in Chinese legends. She’s also the sister and sometimes wife of Fuxi in some myths.

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