Chapter 237 Didn’t Only Reincarnate Once

Chapter 237 – Didn’t Only Reincarnate Once

“Oh? Tall Guy, you remembered some stuff!” Lu Lu’s face was full of joy as she grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm with both hands and exclaimed. “Then do you remember after that…”

I daydreamed again.

Ye Zichen rubbed his hand, and subconsciously looked down at his arm…

F*ck this!

What the hell!

What the hell is this sika deer beside me?

Ye Zichen quickly took his hand away and took a few steps back.

“What-What sort of monster are you! I’m telling you, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven is my bro, he’s a master at monster-slaying.

While he spoke, the sika deer continued to walk towards him.

“Stand there and don’t move, if you take another step forward, then I’m calling my bro. Have you heard about the story of hitting the white bone demon thrice? My bro won’t let you off.”

“Ye Zichen, what are you saying? I’m Lu Lu[1].”

“I know you’re a deer, you don’t need to emphasize it…”

Ai, what, she said she’s Lu Lu?

Ye Zichen blinked. No matter how I look at it, it’s a sika deer, isn’t Lu Lu supposed to be human?

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked around the lobby…

Underwear of all colors were shown.

F*ck, the Fiery Eyes of Truth has been activated.

Ye Zichen quickly deactivated the Fiery Eyes of Truth, then looked towards the sika deer. It really is Lu Lu.

“You just called me a monster, I’m so sad!” Lu Lu frowned.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and slowly moved towards her and asked with a testing tone just at the same time, “You’re a Yaoguai?”

“Why do you ask?” Lu Lu tiled her head curiously.

After quite a while, Ye Zichen replied, “I just saw you as a sika deer.”

“Ah! You can see my true form!” Lu Lu’s exclamation was rather loud, causing many employees of the company to subconsciously look over.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen hurriedly ran over, covered her mouth and dragged her out of the building.

“Ummmmm…” Lu Lu, who’s mouth was covered, yelped.

In order to prevent the surrounding bystanders from thinking that he was a criminal, Ye Zichen let go of his hand, then lifted his finger to his mouth. “Be quieter, those who live here are all mortal. Stuff like true form…”

“I understand,” Lu Lu giggled, then hugged Ye Zichen’s arm curiously. “Why can you see my true form? Isn’t your reincarnation in this life supposed to be a normal person?”

“I might have been a normal person a bit more than a month ago, and now, I don’t even know if I am human…” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance, then glanced at Lu Lu. “What did you come here for? Don’t tell me that you came to find me. Even Su Yan and them doesn’t know about this place.”

Lu Lu revealed a hint of pride when she heard that, and pointed at her own nose, “I came according to your smell.”

“… Are you a dog? Your nose is actually so sensitive!” Ye Zichen revealed a look of speechlessness. Found me according to my smell? Even my family’s Lil’ White can’t find me according to my scent!

“Don’t care about it so much. Just know that I can find you,” Lu Lu smiled while her eyes turned the shape of a crescent moon. “Oh yeah, did you remember something just now?”

“Think of what? I was just daydreaming. Now that I think about it, it’s rather weird, I’ve been having these weird dreams lately, “Ye Zichen smiled in self-mockery. “When I have time, I should go and have myself looked at in the hospital.”

Recently, Ye Zichen felt like these weird dreams got more and more frequent. Previously, he would only have them when he slept at night, then he gradually started to have those dreams during daytime, and now, he pretty much gets those dreams every single day…

The dreams were always weird. He had seemingly been all sorts of characters in his dreams, like King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty[2].

Lu Lu smiled, while her eyes revealed a meaningful look, “You weren’t dreaming. All of these were things you have experienced personally.”


Ye Zichen furiously raised his eyebrows and looked at the smiling Lu Lu in shock.

“Actually, you can pretty much guess it yourself, it’s just that you can’t explain it, nor can you say it to others, so you can only tell yourself that those are just dreams, right?” Lu Lu’s words resonated with Ye Zichen’s heart.

It wasn’t anything if random scenes appeared in his mind once or twice, but quite a few times was a bit different.

However, since Ye Zichen was unable to explain it, he could only keep telling himself that those were just daydreams or delusions.

“Just why did all this happen?” Ye Zichen let out a long sigh.

Lu Lu pursed her lips and smiled, “Didn’t I tell you just now? You experienced all of this in person,” With that, she looked up at Ye Zichen’s stiffening face with a smile. “You asked me yesterday if people really have a previous life, right? Of course they do!”

“Then why have I never had those dreams before?” Worry and panic filled Ye Zichen’s eyes due to his lack of understanding.

However, Lu Lu answered irresponsibly towards this question, “How would I know? Normally speaking, a person would not gain their memories of their previous life, however, it’s not that they won’t remember anything. For example, important people from their previous life or important scenes might trigger some of their memories of their previous life. For example, you called me Guo Xiang earlier, so it seems like your memories are slowly awakening!”


Ye Zichen was stunned.

This is too strange.

If the scene in my mind was something that I personally experienced, then that mean that I was Zhang Junbao in my previous life!?

Just who was Zhang Junbao? He is Zhang Sanfeng, Great Immortal Zhang, who established the Wudang Sect!


Ye Zichen, who had a stunned look, suddenly laughed, then looked towards Lu Lu, “I’m Zhang Sanfeng’s reincarnation? F*ck, that’s too awesome!”


Lu Lu couldn’t help but facepalm when she saw Ye Zichen’s idiotic look. They truly are the same person, he’s exactly the same as he was in my previous life.

“Wait, that’s not right!” Ye Zichen, who was emerged in him being Zhang Sanfeng’s reincarnation, suddenly reacted. “Guo Xiang is human, right? You… don’t seem to be human.”

“None of your business,” Lu Lu rolled her eyes at Ye Zichen, then shouted. “Daddy Zhi Xin, this guy keeps on asking me some questions that can’t be answered!”

Zhi Xin: Ye Zichen, you ask too many questions, it seems like you don’t want your lunch box anymore.

Ye Zichen: Daddy, I know my wrongs. I’ll act properly.

Zhi Xin: Okay. Gaffer, get ready for the next shot.

“I could never have imagined that I’m actually Zhang Sanfeng’s reincarnation,” A flower bloomed on Ye Zichen’s face. Although he was still unable to accept it all, it was better to be optimistic.

He wasn’t someone that liked to split hairs, going by the flow was the best.

“Actually, I know another secret about you,” Lu Lu suddenly spoke up mysteriously.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “What secret?”

He gave in. I’ll just find out today everything I should know.

So I don’t need to be stunned in the future.

“Actually, you didn’t only reincarnate once!”

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  1. The surname of Lu Lu (鹿璐) - 鹿, means deer
  2. King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty (商纣王), also called Zhou Yin (紂辛) was the final emperor of the Shang Dynasty. He was famous for his decadence, often represented by the Wine Pool and Meat Forest, as well as doing all sorts of things to please Daji (妲己), who is often portrayed as fox spirit/kitsune in myths and legends. The things he did to please Daji includes the invention of one particular punishment where the prisoner would have to hug a heated bronze cannon to their deaths.] or Xiang Yu[3. Xiang Yu (项羽) is a famous warlord in Chinese history. He was the “Overlord of West Chu” and a powerful warrior. He also has a concubine by the name of Yu Miaoyi (虞妙弋) or Lady Yu (虞姬), who committed suicide with Xiang Yu’s sword in order to prevent her existence from affecting Xiang Yu’s upcoming battles when the Han army had pushed them into a corner.

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