Chapter 236 Zhang Junbao and Guo Xiang

Chapter 236 – Zhang Junbao and Guo Xiang[1]

The Ten Yama Kings of the Underworld sat in a circle, while their expressions all looked solemn.

“King Chujiang, are you sure about that master collecting all fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan, and that Soul Pearl Yiyuan has remained in his hands?” The big brother of the Ten Yama Kings, King Qinguang, asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” King Chujiang nodded with certainty.

“About this… Ksitigarbha had said before that Soul Pearl Yiyuan is already a spiritual item, and no one other than the Yellow Emperor can gather all of the fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan. Wouldn’t that mean that the person that had been dealing with us is the Yellow Emperor!?”

“I called everyone over because I had thought of that possibility,” King Chujiang’s expression was solemn. “Big Bro, what should we do!?”

“I went to find Ksitigarbha, as for the identity of that master, don’t mention it to others. The Rogue Immortals have no huge grudge with us, the Underworld. If that master is truly the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, then if we can get on good terms with him beforehand, and possibly get the Rogue Immortals to come to our side!”


The medical company that Xiao Yumei established finally got all the papers through using Su Yiyun’s influence, thus officially establishing the company.

The day that the company was offically established, they did not go around to invite people from all sorts of industries, since this medical company was using a marketing plan that wasn’t going to see the light of day.

“Since I need some extra time in advance to exchange the pills, so I can only exchange for two hundred right now. Is that enough to start with?” Ye Zichen had used two hundred pills to cover the entire desk.

Xiao Yumei smiled, “It’s definitely enough. Don’t underestimate these two hundred pills.”

Xiao Yumei picked up a jade bottle and cradled it in her hands, “Do you know how much medicine we sell to the outside that can be diluted from a single pill?”

“How much?”

“A thousand,” Xiao Yumei lifted a finger with a smile. “And this is the level of dilution with a speedy recovery. Otherwise, it’s possible to actually dilute it to ten thousand pills…”

“…” Ye Zichen was stunned, he didn’t have any idea about that at all, but from how Xiao Yumei talked, it seemed rather amazing.

Ye Zichen sat down on the office sofa and raised his eyebrows, “That Huo Da hasn’t come to harass you recently, right?”

“Huo Da?’ Xiao Yumei blanked out for a moment, then shook her head. “Ever since that one time, I haven’t seen him again.”

“That’s good…” Ye Zichen smiled.

What they didn’t know was that…

Within a smoky and messy living room, which had an unexplainable feeling of oppression, that had its blinds shut so tightly that not even a sliver of light passed through…


An expensive phone was thrown onto the floor and was smashed into smithereens. At the same time, the door of the room was pushed open, letting a hint of light in.

“Young Master, you can’t be like this!”

An old man in a butler uniform walked in front the outside while holding a walking stick. The eyes of Huo Da, who sat on the sofa, were bright red. He forcefully put out a cigarette in the ashtray and frowned, “How was it?”

“I just came to tell you that the medical company belonging to the third young mistress of the Xiao family has been established. The drug administration was not able to stop it!”

“The heck is Fu doing? He can’t even do something so simple!” Huo Da howled like a wild beast.

The old butler frowned slightly, then continued to answer calmly, “Someone from Bingcheng’s Su family spoke up…”


Huo Da smacked the sofa with his fist, then stood up with his clenched teeth.

“The Su family! That woman, Xiao Yumei, even after she left the Xiao family, she still would get so many helpers!”

“Young Master, one more thing…”

“I understand,” Huo Da used his finger to swipe his dark purple lips. “Ignore Xiao Yumei’s medical company for now, let’s go back to the capital first!”

“Okay, then I’ll go and prepare the return tickets.”

Not long after the old butler left the room, he heard another period of things being smashed.

He slowly lifted the corner of his lips, while a hint of disdain surfaced on his smiling face, “Retard!”

Dong dong dong.

The sound of knocking sounded out outside the office.

Xiao Yumei, who was getting intimate with Ye Zichen, quickly separated from him and coughed, “Come in!”

Li Shuang walked in from the outside. When she saw Ye Zichen, whose clothes were unorganized, and Xiao Yumei, whose face was slightly flushed…

“Mei… jie…”

When Xiao Yumei noticed the awkwardness on Li Shuang’s face, she glared at Ye Zichen fiercely, then replied, “What is it?”

“It’s like this. There’s a girl calling herself Director Ye’s classmate outside. She said she’s called Lu Lu.”

Ye Zichen was instantly stunned.

Why did she come here?

“Hurry up and see. Lu Lu, that seems like a new name!” Xiao Yumei looked at him meaningfully.

Ye Zichen laughed dryly, then stood up from the sofa, “I’m going to go and take a look.”

Just as Li Shuang, who was standing at the room entrance, was about to take him over, Xiao Yumei, who was in the office, twitched her mouth and smiled, “Shuang’er, don’t go over, isn’t that going to stop our Director Ye from doing proper business?”

Xiao Yumei placed a lot of emphasis on “proper business”, causing Ye Zichen, who was walking outside, to instantly run towards the entrance of the medical company’s office.

In the lobby of the medical company, Lu Lu wore a rather vintage baby blue dress, with a ribbon tied at her waist, causing her body to seem extremely beautiful. What’s more, her eye-catching red hair, had also turned into a normal black.

“Hey, Tall Guy,” Lu Lu smiled.

Ye Zichen, who had wanted to ask her why she came to this place with a look of speechlessness, froze on the spot.

This scene is strangely familiar.

“Guo Xiang, wait for me,” a young man wearing a blue shirt and holding a blue-covered book ran out of the Shaolin Temple.

“What?” The girl frowned while she held the reins to a white horse.

“Look!” The young man opened the secret scripture in his hands, while the words “In-Room Techniques” [2] were extremely eye-catching. “I stole this from Eldest Senior Brother, do you want to practice it with me?”


The girl flushed, then hit the young man on the head with her fist.

“Zhang Junbao, you’re shameless!”

“Why did you hit me? If you don’t want to, then just don’t!” The young man twitched his mouth as he caressed his pained head. Then he stuffed the booklet into his clothes.

Not long later, a happy expression surfaced on the young man’s face again, and walked next to the girl, “Xiang’er, I really like you.”


The girl’s fist clenched even tighter.

“Go die!”


The girl punched the guy, causing him to gain a panda eye, while she leaped on the white horse.

“Zhang Junbao, if you have that kind of time, learn things from the abbot properly. Right now, the world is rather chaotic, you can only go through it if you have some actual ability. For someone like you… Heh, I don’t care about you!”

With that, the girl slowly rode the white horse away. The young man stood blankly on stop for a long time, then displayed a joyous expression on his face.

“Guo Xiang, I just asked my shifu. He said that I’m a disciple of the mundane world, so I can marry. After I get famous, how about you marry me to be my wife?”

“We’ll talk about it when you get famous!”


Ye Zichen looked at Lu Lu, who was standing in front of him, blankly, while a smile appeared in his eyes like one that the young man in his memory has.

“Guo Xiang!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. Zhang Junbao (张君宝) also known as Zhang Sanfeng (张三丰) is a character in Jin Yong’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龙记). He is a side character that is a master of martial arts as well as the person who established the Wudang Sect (武当派). It is also hinted that he was in love with (or at least had an unforgettable crush on) Guo Xiang (郭襄), who went on to establish the Emei Sect (峨眉派). The latter also had a crush on the main character of The Giant Eagle and Its Companion (神雕侠女) when she was younger.
  2. If you don’t get it, think lewdly.

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