Chapter 235 Three-Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill GET!

Chapter 235 – Three-Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill GET!


The God of Fortune showed a bit of hesitation when he saw the message. He did have some impression of the Huo family.

It was a rather large family-run financial group. It was one that did worship him. If he were to intentionally destroy this Huo family’s fortune, then it really would disappoint his worshippers.

“Why is Sky Sovereign making me make a move on the Huo family?”

“The Huo family has a grudge with me, is that enough explanation?” Ye Zichen sent the message over, then followed it up with another. “You might not know, just because the Huo family has a bit of money, they have been committing all sorts of evil, and even hired an assassin to kill me…”

“This actually happened!?”

The God of Fortune was stunned. The people form this Huo family were truly daring, they actually dared to make a move on the Sky Sovereign.

“Sky Sovereign, don’t worry about what you asked. I definitely will make the Huo family pay the corresponding price.”

Actually, the God of Fortune merely said it to give himself a psychological hint and to give himself an excuse.

Between his worshippers and two hundred thousand cultivation experience, he chose two hundred thousand cultivation experience.

“Then I’ll be counting on you.”

The moment Ye Zichen sent the message out, he saw the God of Fortune speak up in the group.

God of Fortune: @Old Lord Taishang @Erlang Shen @Canopy Marshal @Yue Lao, fight me if you dare!

Erlang Shen: Oh wow, you still dare to play? @Only Idealism, bro, you lent him money?

Canopy Marshal: This marshal is ready any time.

Old Lord Taishang: If Yue Lao is joining, then this old man will play with you youngsters.

Ye Zichen: @Old Lord Taishang, play after you send the red packet. Didn’t you see that the God of Fortune has already sent one? Why didn’t I see yours?”

Old Lord Taishang: Why should I send it just because you told me to? The heck are you!?

This stubborn old man was clearly still salty about Ye Zichen kicking him out of the group. What’s more, he had entered the group to make new friends to play cards with, and he didn’t know who the owner of the group was.

“Hehe, why? Who am I? I’m the admin! You tell me why! You tell me who I am!”

This stubborn geezer, he’s got a temper.

When Old Lord Taishang saw the message within the group, he put away his phone and raised his eyebrows at Yue Lao, who was sitting rather close to him.

“Why didn’t you tell me that this is that brat, Nameless’s, group? Didn’t you say that it was a card game group?

“That is what it is, I didn’t lie to you,” Yue Lao stroked his beard. “Don’t all of the people in the group play Landlord? However, this group was indeed created by Sky Sovereign Nameless.”

“Then let’s make a new group, I don’t want to be in the same group as him.”

“That’s going to be hard,” Yue Lao shook his head. “Both Canopy Marshal and Erlang Sheng, who are in the group, are on good terms with Sky Sovereign Nameless. The God of Fortune also just borrowed some cultivation experience from Sky Sovereign, while I’m Sky Sovereign’s spokesperson. Do you think…”


Old Lord Taishang’s expression stiffened, but it was obvious from his appearance that…

He was in a terrible mood.

Yue Lao sighed, then reached out to pat his old friend, “You’re just too stubborn. I also found out why Sky Sovereign kicked you out then. Sky Sovereign said that you took advantage of his situation and raised the price when he bought a pill from you?”

“… Ah! I did!” Old Lord Taishang nodded. “But it wasn’t that much, I only asked him for a thousand cultivation experience for my celestial graded pill!”

“Don’t you know what Sky Sovereign is like? How could he not get angry when you took advantage of his situation? I think that if there really is no other way, just submit once. We’re all comrades in the Heavenly Court, why do we need to make our relationship so tense?”


Your intimacy level with Old Lord Taishang increased by 100. Current intimacy level: Friendly.


Old Lord Taishang has sent you a friend request.

Friend request message: Give each other a way out and treat it as nothing happened.

Ye Zichen was stunned when he saw that.

This was definitely a great thing for him. He was just struggling to find a way to get back on good terms with Old Lord Taishang when this geezer actually took the initiative to make peace.


Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign, I just had a chat with Old Lord Taishang, I think that you guys can bury the hatchet.

So Yue Lao was the one behind it.

Not bad, it was a good move!

“Since Yue Lao said that, then I’ll give you face.”

The moment he sent the reply to Yue Lao, Ye Zichen instantly agreed to Old Lord Taishang’s friend request.


The moment he accepted the friends request, Old Lord Taishang sent him a red packet.

Old Lord Taishang: This old man has not yet congratulated Sky Sovereign for Sky Sovereign’s good news with Chang’e. Please accept this simple gift.

He even sent a red packet!

Ye Zichen quickly clicked on the red packet.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Three-striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill x1.

Ye Zichen’s hand shuddered.

He nearly chucked out the phone in his hands.


Isn’t this the last pill requested to revive Liu Qing!?

Three-striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill: The product of Old Lord Taishang’s hard work. It is produced by taking the essences of the world, then refined by a cauldron that Old Lord Taishang controlled for forty nine days.

Effect: A necessary item to form a celestial spirit’s body.

“Thank you, Old Lord Taishang!”

At that moment, Ye Zichen didn’t know what words he should use to describe his thanks either. He didn’t expect Old Lord Taishang to actually send the pill to him. My luck is too great!

“Sky Sovereign is too courteous. A few days ago, True Lord Erlang suddenly told me that he wanted to win this pill from me. I thought about it, and thought that only Sky Sovereign needs the pill.”

People were truly smarter the older they got. He actually guessed it just like that!

But, why did he suck so much at Landlord!

“Old Lord, thank you so much!”

“Haha, Sky Sovereign is too courteous. Not going to reply anymore, the God of Fortune told me to go and play Landlord again, let’s chat again when we have time.


Ye Zichen left the chat, then hurriedly ran to his bedroom.

Back then, King Chujiang said that reviving Ling Qing requires a thousand-years dragon eye, a Three-Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill, Nine Heart lotus roots, as well as rootless water that Soul Pearl Yiyuan had soaked in for forty nine days.

Not that everything is assembled, the only thing left was the rootless water, which Soul Pearl Yiyuan did not soak in for long enough.

“King Chujiang!”


The phone of King Chujiang, who was sitting within a hall of the underworld as he looked over the new files that were given to him, vibrated. He placed the writing brush to the side and picked up the phone…

Why did the person I didn’t want to see the most seek me out?

It could be said that Ye Zichen was the person the Ten Yama Kings didn’t want to see the most after the monkey.

“Master, I’m here!”

“Let me ask you, for the method of revival, if Soul Pearl Yiyuan did not soak in the rootless water long enough, would it affect the success rate of revival?”

“Of course it would,” King CHujiang answered patiently. “None of those treasures can be lacking, nor can the time be any less, otherwise…”


What did that master say just now…?

King Chujiang quickly scrolled up the chat history to read the information.

At the same time, Ye Zichen was getting troubled as he looked at King Chujiang’s message. It seems like Soul Pearl Yiyuan has to soak in rootless water for two more days in order to revive Liu Qing.

At that very moment, King Chujiang sent another message over.

“Master, you-you collected all the fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan?”

“No shit, what would I seek you out for if I hadn’t!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “Alright, when it’s soaked in rootless water for long enough, then I’ll contact you.”


King Chujiang felt a chill down his back!

Impossible, a normal person cannot possibly collect all the fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan. Back then, Ksitigarbha has already said it…


When King Chujiang thought of the possibility, he started to tremble as if he had malaria.

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

In the God of Fortune's perspective...

What should I do? Sky Sovereign had just offered to give me all those cultivation experience! Like not loan, GIVE!

But... He wants me to screw over my worshipers. How could I do something like that? I mean, I am a proper god of the Heavenly Court, I am just and benevolent and... in need of cultivation experience.

With just a little bit more cultivation experience, I can definitely win back everything I lose to all those bastards!

Now, wait, I'm just being forced into doing this. The situation forced my hand. Yes, it is on Sky Sovereign, and Erlang Shen, Yue Lao, Canopy Marshal and Old Lord Taishang. Yes, that's it. What's more, how dare they offend Sky Sovereign! Sky Sovereign is a great deity that is on the same level as Taibai Jinxing, he can vanquish my worshipers with just a mere thought!

Yes, I'm just doing this to save them. Yes, it's definitely not for the cultivation experience what-so-ever!


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