Chapter 234 The God of Fortune Borrowing Cultivation Experience.

Chapter 234 – The God of Fortune Borrowing Cultivation Experience.The world instantly turned a lot more peaceful.Ye Zichen stretched lazily and left the bedroom with a satisfied look, when he saw that Yu had already kneeled down in the doorway.“Stand up and speak.”“Thank you so much. I owe you for this favor.”Yu’s gaze was full of sincerity. Ye Zichen side and helped him up from the floor, then exchanged cultivation experience for two Spring-Returning Pills, which he chucked into Yu’s hands.“These are for you. It might help Zhang Lingling when she wakes up.”“These… Are too valuable,” Yu hesitated and did not accept the pills.Ye Zichen acted like he was angry, “Just take it if I tell you to! Why are you so troublesome?!”“Then, I thank you,” Yu nodded thankfully.Towards this, Ye Zichen smiled. Then he crossed his legs and took out a cigarette, which he lit for himself before raising his eyebrows, “How is it? What has Huo Da done recently?”“He…” Yu squinted his eyes. “He doesn’t seem to have done anything recently, but I did hear some news about you outside his door last time.”“About me?” Ye Zichen was stunned, then asked curiously. “What did you hear?”When Ye Zichen returned home from Yu’s place, his face was full of a faint mocking smile.That brat, Huo Da, is truly rather capable. I had thought that it was just the Drug Administration being insatiable, but in the end, he was acting that way because of Huo Da.He wants Xiao Yumei to go and beg him…Haha!He probably never dreamed that the number one young master in Bingcheng invested in Xiao Yumei’s medical company.“Boss Ye,” Third Fatty Jin ran over flatteringly with a plate of fruits. Ye Zichen glanced at him…He seems to have gotten fatter.“Say, Fatty, it’s not good that you stay at my place every day like a lord,” Ye Zichen picked up an apple from the fruit plate and took a bite. “I’m not criticizing you, but look at your fat…”“Boss, what do you think I should do?”“You…”Dingdong.The phone on the tea table vibrated. Third Fatty Jin picked up it to have a look.“Boss, the God of Fortune mentioned you in the group!”God of Fortune?“Give me the phone!”Ye Zichen received the phone Third Fatty Jin handed over and clicked open WeChat…It wasn’t in the Heavenly Court’s group.It was in the Red Packet Server he had created.God of Fortune: @Only Idealism!God of Fortune: @Only Idealism!God of Fortune: @Only Idealism!Canopy Marshal: God of Fortune, even if you ask Sky Sovereign, he wouldn’t lend it to you.Erlang Shen: Yeah, what’s more, you’re a rich person, why do you need to borrow from my bro?God of Fortune: You guys don’t get it. I used all my cultivation experience for directional investment, which is in its key moments now, so I can’t withdraw it. Yue Lao: Come to me. 3% Interest!Ye Zichen was confused as he looked at the messages in the group. Why did the chat sound like the God of Fortune wanted to get a usurious loan?The God of Fortune getting a usurious loan!How’s that possible!No matter the times, there were always plenty of people worshipping the God of Fortune. It could be said that the God of Fortune was an evergreen tree in the Heavenly Court…What’s more, since he was the god in charge of wealth, he did not seem like someone that lacked money!“Cough, cough, God of Fortune came to my group as well. Have a look at the chat name. This is the Red Packet Server, you must give our red packets when you enter!”Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, how is it going with you and Chang’e?Erlang Shen: Chang’e announced the relationship! Bro, amazing!Old Lord Taishang: Hmph!F*ck, when did Old Lord Taishang enter the group?“@Old Lord Taishang, don’t snort here. Send red packets when you enter the group!”Dingdong.At this moment, a large red packet appeared on the screen.Ye Zichen quickly clicked on it.You received the God of Fortune’s Red Packet.You gained the title: Flowing Profits x1.Flowing Profits (Title): Wearer’s fortune of wealth +1.It didn’t say anything useful, but +1 Fortune of Wealth is better than nothing.Withdraw.Do you want to equip the Flowing Profits (Title)?Yes.Dingdong.You have equipped Flowing Profits (Title).The moment the system notified Ye Zichen of the title being equipped, Ye Zichen subconsciously looked above him…It seems like it wasn’t like games where the title was shown above his head.Canopy Marshal: God of Fortune really is failing.Erlang Shen: Three gold ingots, God of Fortune is truly shameful!God of Fortune: @Only Idealism, Sky Sovereign, I have some matters that I would like to discuss with you.Not long later, the God of Fortune’s friend request was shown in Ye Zichen’s contact list. Ye Zichen immediately clicked accept without thinking.“Sky Sovereign.”God of Fortune’s profile pic looked rather similar to the pictures of the God of Fortune that would be stuck on the walls during Chinese New Year. He wore a large red robe, while gold ingots flew around him.Ye Zichen habitually looked at the intimacy level.200.Trusted.This was the first time Ye Zichen had seen a starting intimacy level be so high.“What business does the God of Fortune have with this sovereign?”“Sky Sovereign, I’m going to say it directly, I want to borrow some cultivation experience from you.” God of Fortune borrowing cultivation experience. This would definitely cause a huge shock to the entirety of the Heavenly Court if others found out about it.Even Ye Zichen was stunned for a long time before he finally replied.“You said that you want to borrow cultivation experience from me?”“Yes,” Although it was a bit shameful for the God of Fortune to borrow cultivation experience from others, the God of Fortune continued to reply. “Recently, the Sky Sovereign’s business in our Heavenly Court is great. You definitely have quite a bit of cultivation experience on hand. If you aren’t using the cultivation experience, it is a waste for you to keep it lying around. You might as well entrust it to this little deity, and allow this little deity to help celestial sovereign to do some investments?”“…”Why did he sound like a bank clerk?But when I think about it, the God of Fortune is actually right, the cheapest secret scripture in the Treasure Shop cost a million cultivation experience.Recently, Xiao Yumei’s company had not yet gone on track, and even if she needed pills, several tens of thousands of cultivation experience was enough to support it.Then I’ll still have several hundred thousand cultivation experience on hand!“I can lend two hundred thousand cultivation experience to you, but I want to know what I can get.”Two hundred thousand!The God of Fortune, who gripped his phone frowned. He thought that the Sky Sovereign would start from at least a million.But due to the mindset that even something tiny was still something… “Sky Sovereign, I can help you manage your finances and double your cultivation experience!”He is seriously bank clerk!

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, then smiled.“I don’t need my cultivation experience to be doubled.”“Then you…”“Cultivation experience isn’t that important to this sovereign, so it’s not impossible for me to gift this cultivation experience to you!”“Are you for real!” Then very quickly, the God of Fortune added. “What do I need to give up?”“Smart!”Ye Zichen snapped and smiled.“As the God of Fortune, you should be in charge of the fortune of mortal families, right?”“Naturally!” The God of Fortune nodded in certainty. “The prospering of mortal families all rely on a single one of my thoughts.”“Good!”Ye Zichen licked his lips and smiled.“Then I want you to help me deal with a mortal family. That is the capital’s Huo family, one of their children is Huo Da. I don’t know anything else. I want this family to fall!”

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