Chapter 232 Spiritual Soul Found

Chapter 232 – Spiritual Soul Found

“Ye Zichen, you truly are amazing! A new transfer student that didn’t even recognize all the classmates in her class has been already done in by you,” Xia Keke frowned, while her face revealed her displeasure.

Ye Zichen scratched his head, “How did you two know about this?”

Everything had happened in less than half an hour, even the school’s gossip writers didn’t manage to draft anything up yet. The two of them weren’t even students in my faculty, so how did they find out?

Also, Polytechnic University is huge, how did they find me?

“Hmph, Susu and I have more fans in Polytechnic than you can imagine. We know about every single one of your actions. I’ll tell you the truth, a sports student wearing a black vest told us.”

A figure instantly surfaced in Ye Zichen’s mind.

“This grandson knows how to plot quite well!”

“What? You are pissed that you got reported?” Xia Keke pouted and said to Su Yan. “Susu, how do you think we should deal with him?”

“Him?” An emotionless look arose in Su Yan’s eyes. “Let him fend for himself!”

With that, the two of them ignored Ye Zichen and left.

“As a man, you should chase after them in this sort of situation. What if they get angry?” Liu Qing pouted as she looked at the two fleeting images.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, “It seems like you don’t know them well enough. They’re going shopping…”



Ye Zichen’s phone in his pocket rang. He took the phone out…

Xie Lei: The one you wanted me to find is Zhang Lingling, right?

Xie Lei: I found that spiritual soul.

Ye Zichen was stunned when he saw the news.

Knowing people in power is truly great. He found her so easily?

“You sure you found the right one and aren’t tricking me, right!?”

“Why would I trick you!?”

Xie Lei sat beside a stone table in the garden, while a weird girl, who always carried a smile on her face, stood beside him.

The girl would pat and hit Xie Lei at times, but no one in the garden would dare to stop her…

“Hurry up and bring the Transformer and puzzle over, then bring this girl away. I’m about to be tortured to death.”


What’s going on?

Zhang Lingling’s spiritual soul could actually torture Xie Lei. Isn’t that brat the most suitable for dealing with ghosts?

“You can’t be tricking me, right?”

“Big Bro, I’m not lying. I’m begging you, hurry over to bring this female ghost away. I’m truly scared.”

“Alright, then I’ll go and buy the stuff for the exchange. How do I get over to your place?”

“Just tell me after you finish buying it, I’ll open the door for you!”


When Ye Zichen returned his phone to his pocket, Liu Qing asked curiously, “Xie Bian’s grandson actually got dealt with by a ghost?”

“Who knows…” Ye Zichen shrugged. “That brat might me tricking me. How about not following me there?”

“I refuse!” Liu Qing replied forcefully.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he saw her pouting. He rubbed her head, “Fine, then follow me, but remember to hide in the Dragon Eye if there is danger.”

At the same time, at Xie Lei’s manor.

“Hey, Lil’ Lei-zi, you want to send me away again so much!?” The girl instantly glared at Xie Lei when she saw the news, and placed her hands on her waist.

“Mistress, I’m begging you, can you calm down? Someone will be picking you up later. It’s better if we never meet again!” Xie Lei’s face frowned like an old eggplant!

It truly is weird!

I, Xie Lei, is Xie Bian’s grandson. No other person of my generation had a higher official position than me.

Level 1 Ghost Messenger. That was a status that many ghosts will never be able to reach in their entire life.

However, after he invited this mistress back, he noticed that…

This mistress had a higher official position than him. Not only could he not control her, he had to be bullied by her.

“Lil’ Lei-zi, doing that is wrong. Are you not happy when you play with me?” The girl pouted unhappily.

Xie Lei smiled coyly and did not reply.

Not long later, the girl twitched her mouth, then floated beside Bu Er…


Bu Er shrunk his neck and instantly hid behind Xie Lei, while his lifeless eyes were filled with fear and respect towards the girl…

“You guys aren’t fun at all!” The little ghost girl pouted. “Why did you guys bring me over if you aren’t going to play with me? I was rather happy at the Ten Yama King’s place.”

“Do you think I would have brought you over if I knew this would happen?” XIe Lei muttered quietly.

Zhang Lingling raised her eyebrows, “Lil’ Lei-zi, what did you say?”

“Nothing… I didn’t say anything,” Xie Lei quickly shook his hands.

However, a devilish smile surfaced on Zhang Lingling’s face. “No, I clearly heard you say bad things about me just now. I’m going to punish you!”

Not long later, pitiful and terrible screams rang out in the back garden…

“What’s going on with Xie Lei? Why has he still not replied?”

Ye Zichen stood at the entrance to a mall, and frowned as he looked at his chat with Xie Lei that had no reply.

Was this grandson messing with me?

Thinking that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but send ten-odd messages more.

“I opened the gate for you. Come in!”

A reply suddenly popped up on Ye Zichen’s screen. He turned around, and saw a huge black gate standing behind him.

He looked at the reaction of the bystanders. It seems like they can’t see this gate.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then walked towards it.


The moment he entered the gate, Ye Zichen heard Xie Lei’s endless screams. Meanwhile, a ghost girl chased after Xie Lei to hit him, while giggling like a silver bell.

What’s going on?

Ye Zichen swept his gaze over the guards in the garden. They acted like they didn’t see anything, and didn’t make any moves to stop the ghost girl.

Suddenly, a chilling wind blew by Ye Zichen. He looked to the side, and saw Bu Er reach out his hand and tilt his head, “Puzzle!”

“What’s going on? Xie Lei’s getting beaten up, shouldn’t you guys go and help?” Ye Zichen did not immediately hand it to him, and instead indicated towards Xie Lei and the ghost girl, who were running around the garden, with his mouth.

“She, strong. Can’t hit!”

“Oh?” At that moment, the ghost girl, who had been chasing after Xie Lei stopped, tilted her head, then neared Ye Zichen.

Bu Er, who stood beside him, quickly ran away. Ye Zichen also gulped, and waved his hand with a dry smile.

Just how strong is this girl? She could actually beat up Xie Lei to the point that he was unable to fight back.

Then, Ye Zichen thought about how he was actually a mortal, and that he had a proper reason to come looking for the ghost girl…

“Girl, you’re Zhang Lingling, right?”

The ghost girl didn’t reply, and instead walked around him in circles with her head tilted. Meanwhile, she also kept on sniffing the smell on his body.

Ye Zichen was beyond awkward. Getting smelled by a ghost…

Was truly a new experience.

Just as he was about to bring up Yu, the ghost girl leaped onto him with a joyous expression.

“It really is you! Did you come to get me?”

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