Chapter 231 Previous Life

Chapter 231 – Previous Life

The entire classroom was shocked.

No one expected that this new school beauty, who had just transferred to Polytechnic University, would be taken by the School Beauty Harvester so randomly.

Even Ye Zichen looked at the girl in confusion.

“Ye Zichen, I’m never going to be done with you!”

Someone shouted in the classroom, causing everyone else to shout the same. Not long later, only ten-odd students remained in the classroom that was once full.


Ye Zichen’s roommates also smiled wryly.

Kang Peng even sighed, then patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder, “Bless you.”

With that, Ye Zichen’s roommates left the classroom in depression. A hint of a smile surfaced on Lu Lu’s face in secret, but she still tilted her head, “Why did they all leave?”

“… Girl, you truly kill without being detected!” Ye Zichen let out a long sigh towards Lu Lu, then stood up from his seat and left.

“Hey, Tall Guy, don’t leave!”

Not long later, the rest of the students in the classroom also left in pairs and threes. When Mu Jinglei returned and saw the empty classroom…

“Where did they all go!?”

On the sports field of Polytechnic University.

Ye Zichen sat on the grass, while an undeniable helpless expression was on his face.

“Girl, just what’s with you?”

While they sat on the grass, male students would look over at Ye Zichen with a hostile look once in awhile.

Lu Lu, who sat beside him used her hand to block the sun, tilted her head and asked with a cute expression, “What’s with me, what do you mean?”

“You tell me what’s with you!” Ye Zichen turned and looked straight at her. “Why did you have to say that in class just now? Also, can you stop following me!?”

“Because that’s what I feel in my heart. I just want to follow you, is that not okay?”

“Seriously…” Ye Zichen stood up in annoyance. Since I can’t deal with her, I’ll just avoid her!

However, before he could even take a few steps, Lu Lu followed him once again like a shadow.

“What exactly do you want!?”

“Why are you being so mean!” Lu Lu frowned, while her bright eyes began to water. “You weren’t anything like this in your past life!”


“You loved to follow me in your past life! Even if I chased you away, you would still follow me. This time, I’m following you, but you’re actually so mean to me! If I knew this beforehand, then I wouldn’t have come to find you!” Lu Lu wrinkled her face as if she would cry at any moment.

Ye Zichen’s expression stiffened as he looked meaningfully at Lu Lu.


“You what?” Lu Lu frowned.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt like his brain was no longer enough.

Past life.

Do people really have a past life?

Ye Zichen looked at Lu Lu in confusion, then sat down on the grass and asked curiously, “Did I really have a past life?”

“Of course,” Lu Lu sat down right beside him. “I found you according to the smell of your past life, but you aren’t cute at all in this life.”


“You don’t remember anything at all?” Lu Lu raised her eyebrows. When she saw Ye Zichen’s confused look, she pouted. “I told you before that you can become a deity if you ate that inner core, but you just refused!”


Every single one of Lu Lu’s sentences completely challenged Ye Zichen’s understanding of the world.

Even though his heart kept on telling him not to continue asking since that might cause him unnecessary trouble.

He still couldn’t help but to want to know everything.

“What kind of person was I in my previous life?”

“You?” Lu Lu smiled, then said with a faint blush. “You were very cute in your previous life, very smart, and very responsible. You were also very heroic.”

“Is that so?” Ye Zichen was momentarily stunned. From the sound of it, my previous life was pretty amazing.

But why do I feel like I’ve lost to my previous life?

“But you had a lot of girl friends around you at the time. After you died, some of them did seem to have reincarnated with you, but I can’t compare up to them in regards to that. However, actually, I wanted to reincarnate with you… But…” Lu Lu bit her lips and wanted to speak, but then stopped herself. After a long time, she suddenly stood up and stuck her nose next to Ye Zichen’s and looked him straight in the eye. “You have to believe me, there is a reason why I didn’t reincarnate with you.”


Ye Zichen furiously gulped…

She was too close. He could even feel her breath and smell the faint fragrance of her body.

Ye Zichen’s heart started to race. At that very moment…

“Ye Zichen!” A beyond furious roar sounded out.

Ye Zichen’s body shuddered when he heard that.

Lu Lu also looked behind her, “Oh…?”

“Oh what?”

Xia Keke put her hands on her waist, while Su Yan, who was squinting as she hugged her shoulders, stood behind her.

“Don’t you know that Ye Zichen is Su Yan’s and my boyfriend? You aren’t learning the right stuff at such a young age and actually learnt to seduce someone else’s boyfriend!”

“You don’t recognize me anymore?” Lu Lu tiled her head and pointed at herself.

Hearing that, Xia Keke rolled her eyes, “Who wants to recognize you!”

With that, she grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm, “I look away for just a moment, and you’re flirting with others already. Hurry up and leave, have no more contact with this girl in the future.”

As Lu Lu saw that Ye Zichen and co. wanted to leave, Lu Lu frowned, then wanted to follow.

“Don’t follow us, don’t think that we can be pushed around. If you piss me off, I know how to fight too!” Xia Keke glared at Lu Lu fiercely.

Only then did Lu Lu stop, twitch her mouth and muttered, “Why are you so mean? You fought over him with me in your previous life, but I didn’t act like this either!”

A hint of sadness suddenly surfaced on her face, while an unforgettable scene appeared in her mind.

“Su Yan, Xia Liuli, stop!”

A woman that wore expensive clothing ran forward as she lifted her skirt with her right hand. Two women stood in front of her, both of them were so dazzling that she was unable to compare up to them.

“Lu Lu? What did you come here for? Didn’t you decide not to be with him anymore?” Xia Liuli frowned, meanwhile, a black door stood behind her and Su Yan.

“I… Are you two really going to reincarnate with him?”

“What?” Su Yan answered with a slightly cold tone, while she looked at Lu Lu with cat-like eyes and an unexplainable smile. “Can’t we?”

“No, why must you reincarnate over and over again with a mortal? What do you two get out of it? He won’t have his memories of his previous life after reincarnation. Didn’t you two tell me yourselves that staying by him, who doesn’t remember you, is extremely painful?” Lu Lu shouted with a frown.

Su Yan and Xia Liuli both smiled.

“However, if we don’t follow him, we’ll be in even more pain! Indeed, he didn’t recognize us these few lives, but there will be a day that he remembers us… How special is he… You, who was lucky in this life, should understand this more clearly than us. The future you will truly regret it!”

Su Yan and Xia Liuli looked at each other with a smile, then stepped into that black gate together.

“I really should have chosen to reincarnate. I clearly had the upper hand during his previous life, but during this life, the two of you got to his side first! To be honest, I am regretting it!”

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