Chapter 230 Transfer Student

Chapter 230 – Transfer Student

The girl smiled with her hands behind her back and tiptoed as she indicated towards Ye Zichen with her lips.

She wore short blue shorts, and a white T-shirt, while her hair was a flaming red, like fire.

“Tall guy, you reincarnated! I nearly didn’t recognize you. You’re shorter and whiter than before! But I like this look better!”

The girl wasn’t extremely tall, she was about 1.65 meters, so her calling Ye Zichen “tall guy” wasn’t too surprising. But what the hell was the thing she said afterwards…


Ye Zichen was very confused!

“Oh? Your memories haven’t awakened yet. Such a pity, I already came,” the girl indicated towards him. “Never mind, we’ll meet again. Bye bye.”

With that, she skipped away.

Ye Zichen scratched his head with a confused expression on his face.

What the hell!?

When Ye Zichen reached the classroom, it was the first time in two years that he had seen so many students in his faculty’s lesson.

The classroom of two hundred people was full, and even the corridor outside the classroom was full of people. Ye Zichen looked closely, and saw that it was all…


“Is there really a need for this?”

“Ye-zi, hurry over here, we saved a spot for you,” Zhang Rui and his dorm mates waved towards him.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen walked over and raised his eyebrows, “The competition is huge!”

“Tsk, just them…” Zhang Rui’s expression as full of disdain. He looked at the people in the classroom, where everyone’s eyes seemed to radiate a green light. “are nothing. But, I’m really curious about what that girl looks like…”

Ta ta ta.

Clear sounds of high heels sounded out from outside the classroom. The rowdy classroom instantly because so quiet that even a needle dropping could be heard…

The first to enter the classroom was the Kind Killer, Mu Jinglei. When she saw the people in the classroom…

A mocking smile surfaced on her pretty face, “Is our faculty that popular now?”

Everyone in the classroom laughed dryly, while Mu Jinglei also said towards the entrance, “Come in and feel the fire-like passion of the male students of our Polytechnic University.”

Everyone’s gazes shifted towards the classroom door. Not long later, a red-haired girl wearing short blue shorts and a white T-shirt walked in.

“Hi everyone!”


Ye Zichen, who sat in the middle of the room, nearly spat out.

Why is the transfer student this girl?

“Ye-zi, you already have School Beauty Su, so don’t get so excited, alright?” Zhang Rui rolled his eyes. “However, this girl is so cute, I like her!”

“Bro, how about we compete fairly?” Bai Yu added.



Ye Zichen looked at them speechlessly. Just when they were about to start competing fairly...

“Introduce yourself to everyone, the male students of our Polytechnic University are truly very passionate,” Mu Jinglei giggled.

Meanwhile, the girl also smiled, while her eyes turned into the shape of crescent moons, “Hello, everyone. My name is Lu Lu. The surname is the Lu of elks (麋鹿), my name is the Lu with a “wang” character (王) on the left hand side. I’m twenty years old, a Pisces, and single.”

“Girl, what kind of guy do you like?”

Someone shouted out in the classroom.

“Me? I like the type I like, this question isn’t cute at all.”


“Wow, she’s got character!’

“So moe!”

“This girl is so cute!”

An intense discussion started in the classroom, while the eyes of Ye Zichen’s roommates became filled with hearts.”

“Lu Lu, so cute!”

“Enough, enough, quiet down!” Seeing that the classroom had turned into a mess, Mu Jinglei said with a frown. Then, the entire classroom instantly turned beyond quiet.

There was no helping it, the title of the Kind Killer was not just for show.

Mu Jinglei nodded in satisfaction when she saw the silenced classroom, then smiled towards Lu Lu, “Lu Lu, you can… Gentlemen, who is willing to give your seat to her?”




“No need, I found a spot that I like.”

Ignoring the calls of the male students in the classroom, Lu Lu walked towards Ye Zichen on her tip toes.


Ye Zichen’s roommates all revealed an excited expression and hoped that this girl would sit next to them.

Only Ye Zichen felt like the girl had come for him.

“This classmate…”


When he heard a cute voice beside his ear, Zhang Rui’s entire was filled with unspeakable joy as if he hit jackpot.

“Yeah, can you give your seat to me?”

“No problem,” Zhang Rui stood up happily. Lu Lu nodded towards him with a smile, then sat down beside Ye Zichen.

“Hey, Tall Guy, we meet again.”

Zing zing zing!

Several tens of hostile gazes glared at Ye ZIchen. The most hostile was clearly Zhang Rui’s.


The School Beauty Harvester did it again.

Zhang Rui had thought that he could gain a bit of favor with the girl by giving her his seat. F*ck, I only helped someone else out!

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s other roommates also looked at Ye Zichen as if they were going to eat him alive…

“Haha… Hello!” Ye Zichen nodded towards her with a dry smile.


“I told you that we’ll meet again, right?” Lu Lu’s eyes were like crescent mood as she said with a giggle. “Do you have a girlfriend right now? If you don’t, then what do you think about me? Can I be your girlfriend?”

When waves of dog food got mercilessly stuffed in the mouths of everyone in the classroom, a saying came true…

Wherever there is oppression, there is resistance!

“I can’t stand it anymore!”

Since the Kind Killer just left, someone out shouted in the classroom. Then, a hulk in a black vest walked over.

“Lu Lu, don’t be tricked by this guy.”

“How did he trick me?” Lu Lu tiled her head and muttered in confusion. “He didn’t say anything!”

“This brat… It’s this brat! He’s called Ye Zichen, he’s the famous School Beauty Harvester in Polytechnic University. All four school beauties are very close with him, and the top two even have an ambiguous relationship with him.”

“Grandson, did you come here to cause trouble?” At this moment, Kang Peng stood up.

Although they were angry with Ye Zichen, they did not find it right for someone not from their dorm to come over to point fingers.

“What, am I wrong?” The hulk glared with his eyes wide open.

At this moment, Lu Lu pouted and said with a nod, “So it’s like that…”

“Yeah, Lu Lu, don’t fall into his demonic hands. The four school beauties are the examples!” The hulk continuously nodded, then showed off his biceps. “Lu Lu, if you feel like he tricked you, then I’ll help you teach him a lesson!”


“Tall Guy, you’re living a pretty nice life!” Lu Lu smiled, while her eyes revealed no signs of unhappiness at all.

“Four school beauties, it seems like there was a thread when I came to this school that said that I’m the fifth school beauty? From the looks of it, I have to learn from my seniors. You don’t mind me joining, right?”

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