Chapter 228 Sweetie Darling, I’m Coming to Find You

Chapter 228 – Sweetie Darling, I’m Coming to Find You

“You are?” Displeasure flashed across Director Wang’s eyes, but he retained his kind smile and asked politely.

“I am a capable young man with a dream. Since a young age, I had hoped to become a character on the television screen. Director Wang, do you think I have the potential to become an A-List star?” Ye Zichen’s eyes were filled with anticipation, while his acting was almost on an award-deserving level.

Director Wang felt very annoyed. I wanted to shake hands with Sun Yige, what the hell is with this guy?

“You’re an acting faculty student?”


“Since you’re not, then it’ll be a bit harder. When our crew hires, even the extras with a bit of lines have to have some acting background.”

“Oh!” Only then did Ye Zichen reveal an understanding smile, then he smiled with his eyes filled with mockery. “But, Sun Yige is my classmate, she doesn’t have any acting background either. Could Director Wang’s words be bullshit?”

Ye Zichen gradually used more and more strength in his hand, but his face retained the warm smile.

Director Wang wanted to reply, but the pain from his hand caused him to frown.

He wanted to forcefully pull his hand away, but Ye Zichen’s hand had locked down his hand tightly.

“Let go of my hand!”

“Didn’t Director Wang want to shake hands just now, why let go? What? You don’t want to shake hands anymore?” Ye Zichen continued to smile. When Director Wang’s face gradually turned the color of pig liver, he forcefully flung Director Wang’s hand. “I really don’t know what’s good about a shitty director. I’m warning you, don’t try anything with Sun Yige, otherwise, I’ll make it so that you can’t stay in Bingcheng anymore.”

With that, he picked up the bag that Sun Yige was more interested in initially, then handed to the clerk, who didn’t quite understand what was going on.

“Help me wrap this up please.”

At the same time, Ye Zichen pulled Sun Yige’s arm with a smile, “Let’s go.”

“Yige,” At this moment, Li Ya bit her lips as struggle arose in her eyes.

Ye Zichen turned his head with a smile and shook his head, “Since you chose this path, then don’t bother Sun Yige in the future anymore if you truly treat her as a friend.”

Sun Yige remained in low spirits ever since the two of them left the flagship store.

“You’re still thinking about your classmate just now?”

“Zichen, she… Lil’ Ya…”

“There’s no need for you to not dare to say it. She got taken by the director. Perhaps you might see her acting on television after a while. Of course, it is possible that you won’t be able to,” Ye Zichen replied mercilessly.

“Actually Ll’ Ya isn’t someone like that!” It was as if Sun Yige wanted to help her classmate explain.

Ye Zichen merely nodded, “This doesn’t have anything to do with me, I’m not going to marry her in the future, so what does it matter to me just how many people she slept with!”

“Perhaps she has her own difficulties!”

“Class Rep, should I say that you’re pretending to be naïve or should I say that you’re truly kind? Difficulties?” Ye Zichen’s eyes were filled with disdain. “I won’t deny that there are some unspoken rules to enter the entertainment industry. However, there are still a lot of famous ones that rose with their own abilities. In the face of fate, she did not choose to work hard, and instead chose to take the easy way out. You’re still saying that she has her difficulties?”

“It’s better if you contact her less. Some people doesn’t care what means they use in order to reach their goal. I don’t know much about your friend, but I hold my suspicions of her.”

“Alright,” Sun Yige actually thought along the same lines at Ye Zichen, but the other person was a good friend of hers, so she kept on wanting to find an excuse for her.

However, Sun Yige knew very clearly about whether her friend was taken or not.

“Uhm… I’ll earn enough money to return the money for the bag to you,” Sun Yige bit her lips, and said, since she no long wanted to talk about the previous topic.

“There’s no need, this is my compensation.”

“My bag wasn’t this expensive, I’ll give you back the money.”

Seeing Sun Yige’s forceful look, Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly, “Alright, then I’ll wait for Class Rep to earn a lot in order to return the money to me.”


After Ye Zichen sent Sun Yige back home, Liu Qing cracked her knuckles and muttered, “Harem +1.”

“Is there a need of always paying attention to this area of my life?” Ye Zichen revealed a speechless expression.

Liu Qing snorted as she pouted, “I like to, I just want to know, just how many girls are you, the scum, going to bring disaster to.”

What they didn’t know was that while Ye Zichen and Liu Qing argued.

A plane slowly landed at Bingcheng International Airport.

A tall red-haired girl, who was wearing a pair of aviator’s sunglasses, stood in the arrival hall with her luggage.

She smiled as she looked at the surrounding people, “This is the Modern Realm? Sweetie Baby, I came to look for you.”

Ye Zichen’s dormitory was filled with cheers when the enemy Nexus exploded.

“Our win rate is truly spectacular with Ye-zi here.”

“Hahaha, Diamond!”

Ye Zichen’s roommates were all very happy, especially Zhang Rui who was able to get promoted to a Diamond gatekeeper. From the looks of it, he was going to hook up with girls using this account.

“Gatekeeper, what’s there to be happy about?” Zhu Yunbai said sourly. He was only in Plat III, the lowest out of everyone in the room.

“So what if I’m a gatekeeper? Isn’t a gatekeeper still better than you?” Zhang Rui acted like a successful petty person.

Zhu Yunbai rolled his eyes, then walked next to Ye Zichen, “Fifth Bro, duo queue and carry me when you have time…”

“Ol’ Five is really busy, how could he have the time for you,” Zhang Rui snickered.

Zhu Yunbai waved his fist towards Zhang Rui, then looked towards Ye Zichen in anticipation.

“We’ll see, if we have the chance.”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Rui laughed after hearing that. “I told you Ol’ Five has no time, see?”

“Tsk, Fifth Bro said there will be a chance!” Zhu Yunbai answered without backing down.

Seeing that the two of them were about to get into a fight, the boss of the dorm, Kang Peng, stood up from his chair and stretched, “Stop blabbering, we’ve played for the entire day, so let’s go and eat. Ye-zi, let’s go together?”

At this moment, Liu Qing, who was lying on Ye Zichen’s bed and playing with his phone, suddenly flew to Ye Zichen’s side. He looked at the girl…

“I’m not going, you guys go.”

After he sent away his roommates, Ye Zichen pursed his lips and shrugged, “My dear mistress, what orders do you have now?”

“Someone’s finding you on your phone,” Liu Qing replied in annoyance. She had just gotten to the climax of the doujinshi…

“Those deities sought me out again? Ignore them!”

Most of the deities that sought him out recently were either ones that congratulated him and Chang’e, or ones that wanted to know the details.

He didn’t want to cause trouble for himself, so just ignored everyone’s message.

“Are you certain that you’re not going to look?” Liu Qing pouted, then smiled as she blinked. “it seems like the one finding you is Xie Lei, you know?”


“Xie Lei!”


Ye Zichen took off his shoes and jumped onto the bed. Right when I wanted to look for the brat.

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