Chapter 227 Do you think I have a chance at being an A-list star?

Chapter 227 – Do you think I have a chance at being an A-list star?

The Battle of the Bag was extremely intense.

Sun Yige crossed her arms and bit her lips as she frowned while looking at the heated fight, “Don’t-Don’t go, it looks so dangerous.”

To be honest, Ye Zichen felt his heart jump to his throat when he saw how fiercely they fought.

Even if the male:female ratio is unbalanced, and that Sun Yige was also a girl whose looks are among the best of girls, there still isn’t a need to act like this, right?

Even if one of them gets it, was it supposed to get Sun Yige to treat them to a meal?

He knew Sun Yige’s personality very well. Don’t talk about treating them to a meal, it was unbelievable for her to even allow them to send her home.

“Don’t worry, just wait here for a moment.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then gradually moved towards the fight. If he really wanted to attack, then these people definitely won’t be able to beat him…

At that moment, several unidentified objects flew out from the riled up crowd. Ye Zichen picked them up from the ground…

Makeup case.


As well as the backpack strap of the bag.

“It seems like I won’t be able to get it back.”

Ye Zichen picked up the three items.

Sun Yige looked at the three items, then received them with a smile, “This is enough.”

The smile was very warm. It was as if her mood did not turn sour due to the case with the bag.

“Wow, you guys! If you have guts, then just wait here for me. Big bro, call some people over for me.”

“Call your big bro? Heh! Captain, there is a gang fight here, I request for backup.”

“You two, stop pretending to be grandsons, nobody can leave today!

Several loud angry roars sounded out at the fight. Ye Zichen glanced over, then raised his eyebrows at Sun Yige, “Let’s leave first.”

The two of them walked side-by-side on the business street. Fortunately, the day wasn’t very hot, and as the breeze blew past, it provided people with an indescribable comfort.

When one looked near the business street, they would be able to see girls carrying shopping bags everywhere, while their faces were full of happy smiles.

They were indeed very happy, but their wallets were sobbing.

Walking with Sun Yige was definitely an honor, and something of equal importance was that she was exceptionally quiet…

She was so quiet to the point that if you don’t try to find a topic to talk about, she wouldn’t speak!

In order to make the atmosphere between the two of them less awkward, Ye Zichen pursed his lips, “Ha… Oh yeah, Class Rep, where did you go just now? How did you get your bag snatched away?”

“Me!?” Ye Zichen could tell from Sun Yige’s expression that she was very nervous. She bit her lips a few times, then finally replied. “I have a friend that wants to be an actress, so I went with her.”

“Actress? Even an amateur can be one?”

“It’s just extras,” Sun Yige smiled kindly. “Starting from extras, then getting into the crew…”

“…” Ye Zichen didn’t know how he should reply.

Sun Yige turned to look at him, then bit her lips, “Uhm… Thank you for just now.”

Her voice was extremely soft. If it wasn’t for Ye Zichen’s hearing being rather good, he might not have been able to hear it clearly.

“No need for thanks, just don’t hate me,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly. “I got the bag back just now, but then I gave it to them. If I didn’t give it to them, then your bag might not have been broken either.”

“No worries, it isn’t a name brand bag.” Sun Yige took it rather easily. Her face was forever accompanied by a warm smile, giving people an unusual feeling of intimacy. However, it was clearly that her holding the makeup case and card holder was very inconvenient.

“Class Rep Sun, follow me.”

In front of a flagship store of some luxurious brands.

“What did you bring me here for?” Sun Yige stood at the entrance yet did not enter. This sort of place was not somewhere that her family would be able to afford.

“Of course it's to buy a bag for you. I am partially responsible for your broken bag…”

“No need for the trouble, I’ll just buy another one the next time I go to the night market,” Sun Yige shook her head like a rattle drum. Although she had never been to such a place, she could guess that the prices of the bags inside were definitely very expensive.

“We already came, so go in and have a look!” With that, Ye Zichen grabbed Sun Yige by her wrist and walked into the store.

“Sir, Madam, welcome!” The clerk went up to them passionately.

Ye Zichen nodded towards her, “We want to have a look at some bags.”

“Please follow me.”

Not long later, the clerk brought them to the area just for bags and begun to introduce all sorts of bags to them.

“Have a look and see which one you like?” Ye Zichen tilted his head and saw that Sun Yige’s entire face was as red as an apple. She breathed quickly and her pulse raced.

“Can-Can you let go of me!” A hint of a tremble was mixed in Sun Yige’s voice.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen let go of his hand with a smile, and said apologetically, “Sorry, have a look, which one do you like?”

Sun Yige looked at the bags on the counter. All women like these, and Sun Yige was no exception.

When she saw these pretty bags, her eyes gradually lit up, but when she saw the price…

“So expensive.”

“Beauty, all bags in our shop are real from high-class brands, so the price is naturally slightly more expensive. However, since your boyfriend doesn’t care, then don’t try to help him save money!”


Sun Yige’s face, that had just turned slightly calmer instantly turned bright red once again.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Sun Yige answered quietly with a blush.

That clerk was stunned for a moment before she smiled softly, “If he isn’t your boyfriend, then he’s your pursuer, you’re so fortunate…”

“He…” It seemed like Sun Yige still wanted to explain, but at that moment, a middle-aged man in casual clothes hugging a girl around twenty years old, who was wearing beautiful clothes, walked over.

“Help me wrap that bag up.”

“Thank you, Director Wang,” the girl answered coquettishly.

Hearing the voice, Sun Yige turned her head, “Lil’ Ya!”

When she noticed the man beside the girl, Sun Yige’s expression changed drastically, “Li Ya, why…”

“Yige!” The face of the girl acting coquettishly stiffened up when she saw Sun Yige.

On the other hand, a hint of greed flashed across the middle-aged man’s eyes before he raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Isn’t this Miss Sun?”

“Director Wang,” Sun Yige nodded politely, but her gaze remained on Li Ya.

Director Wang noticed the gaze, so he put down his hand from Li Ya’s waist with a smile, “I met Lil’ Li on the road. On yeah, why didn’t you go in for the interview just now…”

“I never thought about being an actress, I just went with Lil’ Ya.”

“That’s a shame, with your potential as long as you slightly understand, you can definitely become popular,” As he spoke, Director Wang reached his hand towards Sun Yige in an attempt to hold her hand.

“How about it? Join my crew, I’ll help you become an A-List star.”


As Director Wang reached his hand out, Ye Zichen reached out his hand to hold Director Wang’s hand with a smile.

“Director Wang, do you think I have the potential to become an A-List star?”

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