Chapter 225 Yu’s Request

Chapter 225 – Yu’s Request

Cough cough.

Ye Zichen coughed dryly. This brother is seriously…

He actually still dared to say that despite getting controlled by my people.

“Just what should I say to you?” Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly, then advised earnestly. “Didn’t I already tell you very clearly last time that you just can’t kill me? Why are you so hell bent on attempting it!? I didn’t give you the healing pill for you to recover and cause trouble for me. You have to learn to thank people, bro!”

“Young Master Hou told me to kill you!” Yu’s eyes were sinister and cold like that of a poisonous snake’s.

“But the problem is that you can’t kill me,” Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then signaled Fourth Hou to release Yu. “Be honest with yourself. Can you kill me?”

“No!” Yu replied without any sort of hesitation.

“Bro, then why do this!?” Ye Zichen showed a troubled expression. Why did this guy have to be so stubborn?

Just as both sides came to a stalemate, Yu suddenly put his hand into a pocket at his waist. Third Hou instantly stood in front of Ye Zichen to protect him, while Fourth Hou dashed forward…


Yu took Fourth Hou’s punch, and slammed into the wall of the room. However, he still carefully protected the thing in his hand.

That thing…


Seeing that Fourth Hou was going to attack again, Ye Zichen quickly stopped him.

“Isn’t this the pill I gave you? You didn’t eat it!”

“I want to know where you got this,” Yu disregarded the injuries on his body and walked over with the pill. However, Fourth Hou stopped him at a three meter distance.

“Your recovery ability is pretty good. You actually managed to more or less recover without taking the pill,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled.

However, Yu continued to look at him seriously, “I want to know where this pill came from.”

“Speaking with you is so tiring,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Why do you care so much? If you feel like it's poison, then just give it back to me, it’s rather expensive!”

Ye Zichen was speechless. I gave him the pill, yet he still has so many issues, seriously…

“This is very important to me,” Yu, who was bad with words, suddenly shouted, instantly shocking Fourth Hou who was beside him.

Fourth Hou kicked Yu and cursed, “Are you trying to scare our Boss Ye? What are you shouting for? Are you just trying to show that you’re loud!?”

“Fourth Hou!” Ye Zichen called out, causing Fourth Hou to release Yu’s collar. “This pill is mine, I’m the producer.”

“Are you sure?” Yu asked in confusion.

Ye Zichen merely nodded, “Why should I lie to you for no reason?”

The moment Ye Zichen finished, Yu looked at him blankly, then kneeled onto the floor, “Please help me!”

This kneel completely shocked Ye Zichen. This bro was arguing with me just moments earlier, why did he kneel now?

Ye Zichen hurried over to help him up, but it was as if Yu’s leg were covered in superglue and he just wouldn’t get up.

“I’m not getting up until you agree! Please help me!” Yu’s expression was filled with anticipation.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and squatted beside Yu, “Then do say how I’m supposed to help you. How am I supposed to help you if you don’t actually tell me what it is?”

“I want to ask you to help me take a look at a patient!”


Such a puny matter actually caused so much trouble.

Ye Zichen truly did not understand Yu’s thoughts. Couldn’t he just directly ask me to go and save someone?

It was fortunate that it was in the room, if it was outside, and was seen by some bystanders who didn’t know what was going on, I might end up in the headlines tomorrow.

“Sure, I’ll help, now you can get up, right?”

“Thank you, if you can save her, then my life is yours!”

He’s still kneeling!

I’ve already promised you and yet you’re still kneeling!?

“I told you to get the f*ck up! If you still want me to help you, then stand up!”


It was very hard to imagine that a Spiritual Body leveled expert like Yu actually lived underneath a bridge.

Ye Zichen stood in front of the arc of the bridge and smoked. Yu said that his friend was still in the hospital, he had asked Ye Zichen to wait here for a moment, while he went to get her.

Ta, ta.

A series of quick footsteps sounded out. Not long later, Yu hurried over with a pale-faced girl, whose eyes were tight shut.

The girl was in her teenage years. Her breathing was faint, but strong.

It was clear that this woman had a very strong will to live, but she was sick…

“The friend you were talking about is her?”

No matter how I look at it, Yu seems to be of her father’s generation. Could he be an old cow that eats young grass?


Yu nodded silently, then placed the girl softly on a piece of torn cloth underneath a bridge. At the same time Ye Zichen reached his finger out to feel the girl’s pulse.

He frowned.

He looked up at the girl’s pale face and the painful expression.

What’s going on? She’s not sick at all.

Not only was the girl not sick, her body was even a lot healthier than normal people.

Ye Zichen removed his hand from her wrist with a frown.

Yu immediately went up to him with a nervous expression, “How is she?”

Ye Zichen signaled him to be quiet, then his eyes flashed with a ray of gold light.

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

He scanned the girl’s body, then Ye Zichen’s frowned eyebrows deepened.

“What did the girl go through before?” Ye Zichen looked to the side with a frown.

However, Yu lowered his head and did not say anything.

“It’s fine if you don’t say it, I’ll just tell you directly, this girl isn’t sick at all. Not only is she not sick, she’s a lot healthier than normal people!”

“That’s impossible, why is she not waking up if she isn’t sick?”

“She’s lacking a spiritual soul!” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. “Out of the three spiritual souls and six physical souls, she’s lacking a spiritual soul.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be a bit scared after saying that.

Back then, he didn’t know anything. That grandson, Xie Lei, had asked him for a spiritual and a physical soul. He nearly gave it to the brat.

It was fortunate that he didn’t…

“So it’s like this,” Yu did not show any surprise, and instead sat on the ground with a look as if he knew it, while his eyes were filled with trouble.

“You guessed it already?”

From the looks of it, he clearly knew that it would be the result.

“Mhmm,” Yu nodded, while emotions arose in his eyes. “I guessed the possibility, but I didn’t think that it would actually be the case.”

“You believe my words?”

“Naturally, the fact that you can take out that sort of pill means that you have no need of lying to a useless person like me,” Yu squinted his eyes, then signs of a struggle rose up from his lifeless face. “Ling’er, don’t blame uncle, I can’t save you, so I can only let you leave more comfortably!”

With that, Yu suddenly smacked towards the girl with his right hand.


At the moment that his hand was about to land on the girl’s head, Ye Zichen suddenly caught his arm.

“What are you doing?” Yu’s eyes were filled with a savage light.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and answered speechlessly, “I do want to ask just what are you doing. Doesn’t she just lack a spiritual soul? Isn’t it fine if we just find it!?”

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