Chapter 224 The Dog That’s Never Full

Chapter 224 – The Dog That’s Never Full

Ever since Ye Zichen had asked about the Gu family, Ye Rong begun to instantly avoid him.

This abnormality made the thoughts in Ye Zichen’s mind even more concrete.

But more of it was irritation.

Gu family!

If I’m really related to the Gu family, then wouldn’t that Gu Tian, who has a low EQ, be my cousin?

Ye Zichen got angry whenever he thought about that brat’s idiotic look.


The phone on the tea table rang.

Ye Zichen picked up the phone and put it by his ear, “Yumei.”

Within a separate room of a certain business clubhouse, the Hou Brothers stood behind Ye Zichen like two guardians of the door, while he sat on the sofa and raised his eyebrows at Xiao Yumei, “What did you call me over so urgently for?”

“What? Is it not alright for me to find you?” A wave of feelings rose in Xiao Yumei’s alluring eyes, before she proceeded to roll her eyes at him.

“I didn’t say that,” Ye Zichen hurriedly explain. “It’s just that weren’t you busying yourself with the medical company? That’s why you didn’t have any time to contact me.”

“You’re picking on my flaws, are you?” Xiao Yumei put her hands on her waist, then frowned a little. “You are truly happy being an uncaring owner. I nearly busied myself to death, yet you aren’t caring about me.”

“Fine, it’s my mistake. My Yumei has worked hard.”

“Heh!” Xiao Yumei raised the corner of her lips. “The reason I called you out this time is for you to back me up…”

“What happened?”

“Our medical company has been organized pretty well, and all sorts of papers came pretty quickly, but there still hasn’t any news from the papers of the Drug Administration.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then looked at her meaningfully, “They want a share of the cake?”

“I’m not too sure,” Xiao Yumei asked with confusion in her eyes. “I have met with the Commissioner of Drug Administration and tried to give him cheques, but he returned them all, regardless of the amount.”

“Heh, it seems like he’s a glutton.”

As he finished, the door to the room was pushed open. A middle-aged man with balding hair and a pair of gold-framed glasses walked in as he held his beer belly.

“Commissioner Fu,” Xiao Yumei immediately went up to greet him after seeing the man.

Ye Zichen also stood up with his eyebrows raised.

Deputy Commissioner? [1]

“Lil’ Xiao!” Commissioner Fu nodded in an old-fashioned manner, then looked at Ye Zichen. “This is…”

“Commissioner Fu, this is the chairman of our medical company, Ye Zichen,” Xiao Yumei introduced.

“You actually managed to establish such a large medical company at such a young age. I’m impress,” Commissioner Fu smiled courteously, while Ye Zichen also greeted him back.

When everyone sat down, Commissioner Fu sat opposite Xiao Yumei and Ye Ziche. He leaned back on the sofa, “Lil’ Xiao, what did you call me out for this time? I have plenty of things to do back at the office.”

“Of course it’s to trouble you,” Xiao Yumei smiled, then took out a cheque of five million and placed it onto the table. “Commissioner Fu is busy with all sorts of official work. We’re clear about that, so this is just a small…”

Commissioner Fu looked towards the table with his green pea-like eyes, and when he saw the number, his folded face revealed a playful smile, “Boss Xiao, I know you urgently need the Drug Administration’s papers, but we have to go by the books, right? Your company invested so much at the start, so it will naturally take longer to check everything.”

Commissioner Fu pushed the cheque back emotionlessly. Both Xiao Yumei and Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gasp when they saw this.

“Such a glutton.”

The papers were definitely in his hands. Everything else was done, and all they needed was the last paper.

It could be said that Xiao Yumei was beyond troubled.

Each day delayed was countless amounts of profits lost. She clenched her teeth, then took out her chequebook from her bag, and prepared to write another number.

“Yumei, no need,” Ye Zichen stopped her with a smile. Since five million wasn’t enough to feed this Commissioner Fu, then just don’t feed him at all.

Ye Zichen picked up the cheque from the table and slowly ripped it to shreds in front of Commissioner Fu.

Commissioner Fu squinted his eyes, causing them to become a mere slit, as he looked at Ye Zichen’s playful gaze. At the same time, Ye Zichen also slammed the table and stood up with a laugh, “Commissioner Fu truly has a huge appetite!”

“Boss Ye wants to break the rules?” Since someone was going to do that, Commissioner Fu also decided to just be blunt. “I’ll tell you the truth, the papers are in my hands now. Since you want to go through the normal procedures, then just wait a year or two, I just don’t know if you guys can afford to wait.”

“Don’t think that I don’t understand anything. According to normal procedures, medical papers should be done in fifteen days at max. Since Commissioner Fu told us to go by the books, then let’s do so,” With that, Ye Zichen wrapped his arm around Xiao Yumei’s waist and laughed. “No wonder he’s so fat. So, it’s because of his huge appetite. Since even five million can’t make you full, you truly are a dog that’s never going to be full!”

“Heh, young man, don’t be so arrogant. It seems like we have nothing to talk about anymore. Good bye, Boss Xiao!” Commissioner Fu left with his briefcase in hand.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and looked at Commissioner Fu’s back, then said to Eldest Hou, “Follow that fat ass and find a chance to beat him up.”



Thus, Eldest Hou disappeared from the room.

Xiao Yumei wrapped her arms around Ye Zichen’s arm and frowned, “Zichen, doing that isn’t good, right?”

“What’s bad about it? He’s just a puny deputy commissioner!”

“What, he’s the proper commissioner, his surname is Fu.”

“This name… Let’s ignore it. That grandson is a bottomless pit, he’s never going to be full,” Ye Zichen snorted coldly. “Don’t worry about the drug administration, did you forget who are our partners?”

“Are you sure you want to trouble Young Master Su?”

“What trouble? He has shares in the company as well. What’s more, it’s time for him, the number one young master in Bingcheng to do something.”

With that, Ye Zichen called Su Yiyun.

After Ye Zichen explained the situation properly, Su Yiyun immediately replied, “Leave it to me, it’ll be done in three days.”

Since Xiao Yumei had other matters in the company to attend to, she left first.

Ye Zichen leaned back on the sofa in the room lazily and smoked. At that moment, the door to the room was pushed open.

“Go in!”

Fourth Hou held Yu’s shoulders with both hands and pushed him down onto the floor.

“Boss Ye, this brat was being suspicious outside. I feel like he came for you!”


Ye Zichen was instantly speechless when he saw Yu.

He casually chucked the cigarette onto the floor, then tilted his head, “Say, bro, why did you come again? You’re too stubborn.”

Ye Zichen was truly speechless. Yu had already been taught a lesson by Soul Pearl Yiyuan and his two monkeys before. Why the heck did he come in after a few days again?

“What is your purpose of coming this time? To kill me again?”


Yu’s answer was still extremely straightforward and lacked an understanding of people.

  1. Commissioner Fu (付局) and Deputy Commissioner (副局) are homophones.

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