Chapter 223 Announcing the Relationship

Chapter 223 – Announcing the Relationship

This was the first time Ye Zichen saw a deity send a voice message since he had begun to deal with the Heavenly Court and the Underworld.

Ye Zichen clicked on the voice message curiously.

“Did Sky Sovereign spread the news?”

“Yes! I’m so sorry!”

Ye Zichen did not hide it. If they were to talk of the origin of the news, it was from him.


Your affability level with Chang’e increased by 1000. Current affability level: 1015.


Your Red String with Chang’e has changed. Current Red String is identified as a Marriage String.


An affability level increase of 1000!

Ye Zichen stared at the notification in shock, then looked at the Marriage String, that resided in the Treasure Chest.

It seriously changed!

“There is no need for Sky Sovereign to apologize to me. I suppose it’s good that it went public.”

It was a very soft voice that had a bit of faint shyness mixed in with the coldness. More importantly, her reply…

I suppose it’s good that it went public!

Before Ye Zichen could reply, he saw that in the Heavenly Court group…

Chang’e mentioned you in the group chat.

F*ck, it seems like I’m definitely going to end up with a grudge with the male deities in the Heavenly Court!

Chang’e: @Only Idealism.

The reactions of the deities in the group were nearly identical. If it had to be described with one word, it would be…


Immortality Peach Fairy: Watching intently on the front row. It seems like they’re going to announce their relationship.

God of Thunder: It seems like we’re going to be stuffed with dog food. [1]

Mother of Lightning: Are you trying to say that you’re single? [2]

God of Thunder: No, I don’t dare. I’m merely giving a moment of silence for the many old young men in the group.

Heavenly Soldier A: Although I just got married a few days ago, I still feel sad for the goddess just announcing her relationship like this.

Heavenly Soldier B: Brothers, don’t cry, before getting Chang’e’s reply of confirmation, we still have a chance.

Chang’e: Everyone, give me a moment please, I have something to say.

The group instantly turned silent.

Chang’e: @Only Idealism, let’s come straight out with it.

Ye Zichen felt very troubled when he saw the message.

Come straight out!

Wouldn’t I be f*cking beaten to death!?

“Wow, Chang’e seems like she’s going to announce her relationship! Don’t these announcements normally have a photo of the two together, then a sentence with “we”? You guys advanced way too quick!” Liu Qing exclaimed, then said as if the only thing she fear was the lack of chaos in the world. “Hurry up and appear, Chang’e is very lonely!”

Ye Zichen glared at the girl and rolled his eyes, then let out a long sigh…


He didn’t know what he should say, so he could only type a row of “haha” in the group chat.

Seeing that he appeared, Chang’e sent a cute emoji followed by a text message.

“As you guys have thought. Sky Sovereign and I have indeed been linked by a Red String.”


Immortality Peach Fairy: The news is crazy enough!

Wu Gang: Impossible! @Chang’e, I’ve chopped trees in front of your door for so long, do you still not understand my feelings for you?

Chang’e: @Wu Gang, you chopping trees in front of my home everyday is super annoying, I can’t even sleep! Stop chopping from now on!

Chang’e: Also, I chose to link myself to Sky Sovereign Nameless with a red string.

Chang’e: I’m no good at talking with other people. All I want to say is that I hope that you guys can bless us.

Chang’e: @Only Idealism, say a few words.

Ye Zichen: Hahahahah…

Immortality Peach Fairy: Great deity is so happy. That’s natural, able to be with Chang’e is indeed something to be happy about. It’s just a pity that I like Sky Sovereign quite a lot… <insert a row of pitiful emojis>

Third Prince Nezha: I don’t understand the world of adults, but since Chang’e-jiejie asked as to bless them, then I shall.

God of Thunder: Congratulations!

Mother of Lightning: Congratulations!

The chat group was instantly filled with congratulating messages. At this moment…

Wu Gang: Anyone wants to go and have a drink?

Heavenly Soldier C: Big Brother Gang, count me in.

Heavenly Soldier B: As the cold dog good slaps my face, my tears started to flow uncontrollably.

The group was filled with either congratulating messages or complaints. It was only the two extremes.

Ye Zichen did not say anything in the group since the private chat messages came way too quickly.

Monkey King: Bro, I heard Chang’e and you announced your relationship.

Canopy Marshal: I’ll let you have it.

Erlang Shen: I’ll stop my thoughts about Chang’e from now on. Bro, I wish you a long and lasting one.

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign, it seems like… I don’t need to hire the fifty cents army anymore, right?

Ye Zichen truly felt helpless when he saw everyone’s messages.

The speed that it spread was even quicker than the internet.


At this moment, Taibai Jinxing also sent him a message.

Taibai Jinxing: What do you actually want to do?

Taibai Jinxing: Did you forget about your identity? How can you date someone from the Heavenly Court?

Taibai Jinxing: And it had to be Chang’e!

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and smiled wryly.

“Gramps, do you think I wanted to?”

Is dating Chang’e such an easy task? That was something that could cause me to become the topics of everyone. Just a second after Chang’e announced their relationship and said that she was the one who took the initiative…

Deities continuously sent him friend requests on WeChat.

The cursing…

Was no worse than flaming on the internet.

“Never mind, I’m not going to care about you dating Chang’e. How’s the situation with the Underworld?”


Ye Zichen licked his lips and replied with a coy smile.

“I haven’t managed to infiltrate in yet.”

“Hurry up and do so. I’m waiting for your good news.”

What Ye Zichen did not expect was that this geezer actually did not swear at him in anger.

That wasn’t like him.

Ye Zichen replied to Taibai Jinxing simply, then quit the chat, and saw that Chang’e had left him a voice message.

“Sky Sovereign, may I call you Nameless from now on?”

Her soft tone was mixed with a hint of shyness and anticipation, causing Ye Zichen to not know whether to laugh or cry.

I’m dating Chang’e.



Your intimacy level with Chang’e increased by 300. Current intimacy level: 600.


Your intimacy level with Chang’e has leveled up. Current intimacy level: Respect.


Your affability level with Chang’e increased by 1000. Current affability level: 2015.


You have received Heart-to-Heart Voice Transmitting Sigil x1.

Possessors: Only Idealism, Chang’e!


An inquiring voice rang in Ye Zichen’s mind.



“Here!” Ye Zichen replied in his mind.

“Wow, such a nice voice,” Chang’e exclaimed like a little girl, then immediately turned embarrassed. “We already publicly announced our relationship, when can you come back to the Heavenly Court…”

What for!?

For a celebratory feast?

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort, then replied in his mind, “It’s impossible for me to do so recently. I’m on the verge of breakthrough, so I cannot leave the secret location.”

“Then alright,” Chang’e’s tone held a bit of disappointment that was hard to mask.

Since Ye Zichen’s mind was in a mess, he replied, “Fairy, I’m going into closed cultivation.”

“Mm, then go!”

Only when Chang’e’s voice in his mind disappear did Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then lay on the bed

Liu Qing floated above his head and asked with a look of curiosity, “How is it going with you and Chang’e.”

“Nothing special!”

“Just say it, don’t be so petty.”

“Here’s the phone, go and read your doujinshi.”

Then, Ye Zichen chucked the phone over. After Liu Qing received the phone, she immediately ran to the side happily and ignored him.

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. Dog food refers to a display of affection by couples in front of single people. The reason it is referred to as such in slang is because single people are often referred to as “single dogs” (单身狗). Most of the time, single people don’t actually want to see that sort of display of affection, which is why the word “stuffed” (塞) is used.
  2. Mother of Lightning is married to God of Thunder.

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