Chapter 222 The First Voice Message

Chapter 222 – The First Voice Message

What happened with everyone in the Heavenly Court? A bunch of friend requests with curses, while a bunch of people left messages to congratulate me…

“Brother Lü, this sovereign truly doesn’t understand what you guys are talking about. Just what happened?”

“Hey, Brother Nameless, you’re in the wrong here,” Lü Dongbin replied with a smile. “Although we have never met before, we’re already family just by you helping our Old Han. You actually didn’t tell us such a huge thing first!”

Just what is it!?

“Never mind, I’ll stop teasing Brother Nameless. Your thing with Fairy Chang’e is known in throughout the Heavenly Court now. Brother Nameless, you are amazing for actually gaining the number one beauty in the Heavenly Court!”

After the message, there was a row of thumbs up emojis.

Ye Zichen’s hand shuddered.

My thing with Fairy Chang’e is exposed.

Although he managed to guess approximately what happened, based on his trust for Yue Lao, he still had a hint of hope…

“I wonder what business between Fairy Chang’e and I is Brother Lü talking about?”

“There is no need to hide it now, is there? Of course it is your relationship with Fairy Chang’e. I wonder when Brother Nameless is holding the feast, we, the Eight Immortals, will definitely be there!”

F*ck you!

Ye Zichen nearly chucked his phone out of the car when he read the news.

His face instantly turned as black as Lord Bao’s. [1. Lord Bao (包公) is a famous government official during the Song Dynasty. He was mainly famous for 2 things.

1)His uprightness

2)His dark skin]

Yue Lao, f*ck you!

They say that people without facial hair can’t be replied on. [2]

Yue Lao already has a huge beard, and had promised with certainty that he wouldn’t tell others. In less than a day, everyone in the Heavenly Court already knew.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth…


Yue Lao’s profile picture suddenly jumped to the top of Ye Zichen’s chat, while the red “1” nearly caused Ye Zichen to clench his teeth until they shattered.

He still dares to come and find me.

“Sky Sovereign, I came to admit my wrongs and ask for punishment.”

Yue Lao held a cigarette in his right hand, while smoke swirled around the entire celestial manor. His expression was also full of worry.

Sky Sovereign Nameless and Fairy Chang’e’s news was in heated discussion in the Heavenly Court. It was a lie if he said that he didn’t know about it.

Although he felt annoyed at Old Lord Taishang and True Lord Erlang, but what can he do about it? He shouldn’t have wanted to gain that little bit of benefit!

There was no helping it, he could only apologize first in order to beg for a lighter punishment.

Ye Zichen, who sat in the car, laughed. It was a laugh of anger caused by the geezer.

“Sky Sovereign, I only accidentally mentioned it to Old Lord Taishang and True Lord Erlang while we were playing cards. After that, I did tell them not to spread it around, but who would have thought… This is all on me!”

Yue Lao placed himself in a really low position.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and snorted with a laugh.

“It is your fault.”

“I ask Sky Sovereign to be the bigger person. I will try my best to help you out and prevent the effects of the discussion in the Heavenly Court.”

“You focused on the wrong thing,” Ye Zichen let out a sigh. “Although I’m one of the victims, no matter what, I’m still a guy. You should think about Fairy Chang’e. Now that the news has been spread, what is she going to do in the Heavenly Court?”

“Sky Sovereign is right!”

“Stop kissing ass here. If you have the time to do that, you should think about a strategy to deal with this instead. As for how I’ll deal with you in the future, that would depend on how you handle this.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

A ray of hope rose in Yue Lao’s heart after he saw the message. At least there’s still chance for salvation.

Yue Lao put his phone back in his pocket, then called over the two celestial children standing guard outside the door.

“Esteemed Master!” Both celestial children bowed.

Yue Lao put out the cigarette in his hand, then squinted his eyes, “Go and hire the fifty cents army for me. Spread the news that the red string between Sky Sovereign Nameless and Fairy Chang’e Is a rumor and not to be believed!”

Back at Ye Zichen’s home, Third Fatty Jin sat on the sofa like a master, while Di Tian wore an apron and did housework like a housewife.

“Boss Ye,” Third Fatty Jin quickly jumped down from the sofa when he saw Ye Zichen etner.

“Don’t annoy me, I’m in a bad mood.”

Ye Zichen pushed Third Fatty Jin to the side, then returned to his bedroom. Di Tian, who was doing housework, took a peek…

“What are you looking at? Do your job properly!”

Di Tian instantly frowned when he heard that.

Third Fatty Jin raised his eyebrows, “What, you can’t accept it? Boss Hou!”


The Hou brothers suddenly appeared in the room.

Third Fatty Jin quickly acted like he was enraged and cursed, “Boss Hou, this grandson glared at our Boss Ye!”

Ding dang dong…

Ye Zichen, who was in the bedroom, ignored the situation outside. At that moment, he was was troubled over Fairy Chang’e’s situation.

“Hehe, you finally came back,” Liu Qing came out of the Dragon Eye by the bedside table, then floated to Ye Zichen’s side with a happy look and reached out her hand. “Phone!”

“I can’t let you use it now,” Ye Zichen frowned, then let out a sigh.


The Monkey King mentioned you in the group.

Seeing this message, Ye Zichen felt like his head was going to explode. What is this Monkey Bro doing? It was whatever that he didn’t help, but why did he do the exact opposite!

Ye Zichen opened the chat group…

God of Thunder: I heard news just now that said Sky Sovereign Nameless and Fairy Chang’e’s news is fake.

Mother of Lightning: I heard that too.

Monkey King: Hey, what are you just guessing for? Isn’t it fine if we just call the two of them out! @Only Idealism @Chang’e.

Immortality Peach Fairy: The Great Sage is brave.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Watching the show.

Third Prince Nezha: Watching the show.

Canopy Marshal: Why did Old Li come as well? @Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, you like this sort of gossip too?

Third Prince Nezha: hehe, I just used my dad’s phone to transfer pocket money to me in secret, I used the wrong phone.

Wu Gang: I need an explanation!

From the looks of it, Yue Lao had already started the salvation procedures. However, what troubled Ye Zichen was that the monkey really knew how to cause trouble.

“Hey, the Sky Sovereign Nameless they’re talking about is you, right? What happened with you and Chang’e?” Liu Qing floated on the side with a look of curiosity.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and smiled wryly, “The Heavenly Court is talking about a red string linking Chang’e and I…”


“It can’t be, you aren’t even letting deities off now?” Liu Qing revealed a look of shock with an opened mouth. Then, she quickly shrugged. “Yeah, that’s more like it. As long as the woman’s pretty, you won’t let them go!”

Ye Zichen did not have any spare effort to care about Liu Qing’s retort. He merely looked at the messages that kept on moving up in the chat. At this moment, Chang’e appeared.

Chang’e: What did Great Sage @ me for?

It’s over!

Ye Zichen’s heart chilled. From the looks of it, Chang’e did not know the situation before hand, but this mention…

In order to prevent Chang’e from seeing the news the damn deities in the group will say, Ye Zichen immediately spoke up.

Only Idealism: @Chang’e, PM!


Both of them appeared, and it was one after another.

The group instantly exploded once again.

All sorts of questions filled the screen, but both litigants, Chang’e and Ye Zichen, had already went to private chat.

“Sky Sovereign, what’s going on the group? They seem to be talking about us…”

She still saw it in the end.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then replied apologetically.

“Sorry, Fairy. I caused you to get disturbed like this.”

The face of Chang’e, who was within the Moon Palace, was bright red. She had skimmed over the chat history when she opened the group chat, then knew that her thing with Sky Sovereign Nameless went public in the Heavenly Court.

She did feel a hint of a crush on Sky Sovereign Nameless, but she had never made it clear.

Especially in this sort of situation, the one that could feel it was only Sky Sovereign Nameless…


Just as Ye Zichen pondered about how to explain…

Chang’e sent another message.

A voice message.

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. This proverb means that young people (i.e. those without facial hair) are unreliable.

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