Chapter 220 Huge Gossip

Chapter 220 – Huge Gossip


Yue Lao instantly jumped up from his chair when he saw Ye Zichen’s reply.

“What? You don’t want to play anymore because you won?” Old Lord Taishang’s face was covered in anger.

“I lost, alright!?” Yue Lao rolled his eyes and ignored Old Lord Taishang, while his eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Is it the Fairy Chang’e in the Moon Palace of the Heavenly Court?”


“Alright, I understand. I will try my best to help Sky Sovereign.”

Ye Zichen only let out a long sigh when he got Yue Lao’s answer. However, since he was worried about the effects, he couldn’t help but remind Yue Lao.

“Do not bring it up with other people!”

“Naturally,” Yue Lao promised. “I keep my mouth shut.”

However, at the very moment that he replied, Yue Lao put his phone down onto the table and smiled mysteriously, “Old Lord, True Lord Erlang, I’ll tell you guys a gossip, so can you guys return what you won from me to me?”

“.. Don’t even think about it,” Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows. Recently, he lost quite a lot when he played Landlord with Erlang Shen, the God of Fortune, the Canopy Marshal and co.

He wasn’t going to give up something that he finally won from Yue Lao so easily.

As for Erlang Shen, since he managed to do very well just playing Landlord, he didn’t need Yue Lao’s bits, so he asked with interest, “I wonder what gossip Yue Lao wants to share?”

“Huge gossip, it’s definitely a huge gossip. It’s a gossip about the number one beauty in our Heavenly Court and the number one mysterious person.”

The moment Yue Lao said that, even Old Lord Taishang was slightly moved.

“I don’t need the cultivation experience and money I lost, just returning the Reputation to me is enough.”

“That’s okay,” Old Lord Taishang nodded. Ten-odd Reputation wasn’t really of any use. Erlang Shen also nodded on the side as well. In his eyes, only cultivation experience and money were of any use.

“I’m telling you guys, Chang’e and Sky Sovereign Nameless got linked with a Marriage String!”

“Whut?” Erlang Shen nearly jumped up upon hearing that. He furiously gulped and licked his lips. “You said my bro and Chang’e…”

“Of course, the two are only linked by a False Marriage String. However, according to Sky Sovereign, there is already an affability level on it. Don’t you think that’s a huge gossip? I’m telling you, within the last ten thousand years in the Heavenly Court, this is definitely the number one gossip,” Yue Lao caressed his beard with a smile. Then, before leaving, he did not forget what Ye Zichen said. “Oh yeah, don’t spread this.”

“No problem, we’ll both keep our mouths shut!” The moment Old Lord Taishang and Erlang Shen finished, they picked up their phones to seek out their friends.

“You there? Let me tell you a huge gossip!”

At that moment, the litigant, Ye Zichen, did not yet know that the secret he just told Yue Lao about had already been spread in the Heavenly Court.

He was sitting in Lin Ru’s car and going towards the Lin household.

“I didn’t get the chance to thank you when you saved my grandpa, let me take the chance to say it now. Thank you so much,” Lin Ru said sincerely.

Ye Zichen, who sat in the front seat, raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Didn’t you already thank me?”

“… Don’t think too much into it, although I feel like you're pretty funny, I don’t like you,” Lin Ru quickly explained since thought that her actions back then had caused Ye Zichen’s misunderstanding. “What’s more, you already have Susu and that girl by your side, be happy about it.”

“Don’t think too much into it!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly. This girl truly felt great about herself. “I’m good brothers with Haoyu, I’m not enough of a scum to steal my brother’s woman…”

“Hehe…” Lin Ru suddenly laughed coldly. “You actually know that you’re scum? Hmph, you actually get involved with other girls even though you have a girl as good as Susu already. I really don’t know why Susu would like someone like you.”

“It’s my charm, you won’t get it.”

Hearing that, Lin Ru twitched her mouth. In her heart, she still felt unfair for Su Yan.

With Su Yan’s conditions, what kind of men would she be unable to find? Yet, she just had to get a playboy.

The two of them finally reached the Lin household as they bickered. The moment they entered the door, Ye Zichen saw Lin Hanben and Lin Lin standing at the mansion gate waiting for them.

“Mr. Ye…” Lin Hanben quickly walked up, while Lin Lin also lowered his head as he felt unsure of what to say.

Ye Zichen ignored that proud brat and raised his eyebrows at Lin Hanben with a smile, “You didn’t donate very little, ten million, not bad.”

“It’s something I should do,” Lin Hanben smiled, while he felt shocked in his heart.

He did not donate publicly, nor did he tell Ye Zichen. However, the other person actually knows how much he donated. From the looks of it, this savior is not only capable in medical skills, he had standing and contacts in other areas as well.

Ye Zichen nodded, then shrugged, “Don’t just stand here. Didn’t you guys call me over for Old Man Lin’s follow-up treatment? Let’s go!”

Inside Old Man Lin’s room.

Since Ye Zichen’s treatment method was rather special, only he and Elder Lin remained in the room.

After pulling the final silver needle out, Ye Zichen smiled towards Elder Lin, “It’s done.”

“Little friend, I’ve troubled you.”

Elder Lin’s face was covered with a kind smile.

Ye Zichen raised his hand to wipe away the sweat from his forehead, then sat down on a chair in the room to rest for a while.

“Old Man Lin, this kid wants to ask you a question.”

A light flashed across Elder Lin’s eyes, then he immediately chuckled, “Ask, you are this old man’s savior, so I’ll definitely answer any questions!’

Ye Zichen hesitated for a moment, then licked his lips, “There are many families in that place, but why did you mention the Gu family then? Do you think I’m similar to the Gu family in any ways? Also, according to my checkup, the situation of your meridians were not caused by any disease…”

“The questions little friend asked is very tricky,” Elder Lin smiled.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen answered, “If Elder Lin feels like it's inconvenient, just pretend that I never asked them.”

“No worry!” Elder Lin raised his hand and shook his head, while a look of reminiscence surfaced in his eyes. “Then I’ll answer your second question first. My eldest son has asked me this question before as well, but I did not answer it back then since I was afraid of bringing trouble to him. However, I don’t have that kind of worry with little friend. Actually, my injuries were caused by people from that place.”

“Elder Lin is in contact with people from that place? But why did the other person have to be so deadly!?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Old Man Lin smiled, “It is natural that when your position reaches a certain level, you will get into contact with areas that you’ve never been in contact with people. As for why they did it, are you scared of trouble?”

Seeing that Elder Lin hit the ball back to his court, Ye Zichen licked his lips, then replied after thinking about it for a moment, “Never mind, I’m afraid of trouble.”

“Then I won’t tell you. When you’re not afraid of trouble, or you feel like you have so much trouble around you that one extra is no difference, then come ask me again, I will definitely tell you,” With that, Old Man Lin looked up at Ye Zichen. “Now, I’ll answer your first question. Before that, I want to ask you a question first! Have you never been suspicious of your background?”

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