Chapter 219 Chang’e’s Affability Level

Chapter 219 – Chang’e’s Affability Level


Ye Zichen kicked Lil’ White to the side. Why did this little guy have to say such unlucky things to him as well?

“Boss, you hit me again,” Lil’ White looked at Ye Zichen with pitiful puppy eyes.

“Don’t you know why I hit you?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “I’m standing here alive and well, and you told me that I died! Then are you talking to a ghost?”

“I didn’t lie to you!” Lil’ White wagged its tail in front of Ye Zichen. “The aura of death is very dense around you. That’s a situation that would only happen if you died before. I also used my scanning eyes, and saw that you did die several hours earlier.”

“You still dare to continue…” Ye Zichen acted like he was going to hit Lil’ White again, causing the latter to immediately run away.

Late at night.

When the bell for midnight sounded out, Ye Zichen laid on the bed, while gazing at the ceiling, without any reaction.

Did I really die before?

Lil’ White had said it in such confidence, and that crazy fan of Jing Wan also said that he saw me die.

What’s more, what I thought were just a delusion…

I died in it too.

Ye Zichen raised his hand in confusion.

My hand is still warm, and I still cast a shadow when the sunlight shines on me. How did I die before?

“What are you doing? You seem to be in a weird mood,” Liu Qing floated out of the Dragon Eye.

Ye Zichen turned his head with a smile and looked at her in the eyes, “Some strange things happened today…”

Thus, Ye Zichen told Liu Qing all about what Lil’ White and the glasses-wearing young man as well as his daydream.

Liu Qing blinked after hearing that, then after thinking about it for a moment, she replied, “Then you’re alive right now, right?”

“Of course…” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Hearing that, Liu Qing shrugged, “Then that’s good, since you’re alive, why think about it so much? If you can’t think it through, then don’t think about it at all, it’s just adding to your frustration.”

They say that no one is wise in their own affairs.

Liu Qing’s words immediately cleared Ye Zichen’s mind.

That’s true, why think about so much? No matter what, I’m alive right now.

“It seems like this lady was very successful in enlightening you. Then let me borrow your phone.”

“…” Ye Zichen’s face darkened.

Seeing that, Liu Qing pouted, “Hurry up, I have to read the latest chapter.”

“You are truly traversing far on the path of a fujoshi.”

“I’m fine with it!”

“Ye-zi, you’ve come regularly to school, it isn’t like you!” Zhang Rui hook his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder as they walked towards their dormitory.

“How could I not? The Kind Killer gave me the ultimatum, you should know the results awaiting me if I don’t go to class…”

Zhang Rui couldn’t help but shrink his neck when the Kind Killer was mentioned, “RIP!”

Zhang Rui didn’t have anything much to say about it. The Kind Killer’s prowess was something that the entire faculty and even the entirety of Polytechnic University had witnessed.

Back at the dorm, their three other roommates were already ready.

“Ye-zi, Lil’ Rui, hurry up and login. The experienced guy is about to start.”

Kang Peng waved towards the two who had just walked in. Ye Zichen nodded, then turned on his computer. At that moment, the phone on the computer table rang.



Ye Zichen picked up the phone, then saw that Chang’e had sent a message to him.

“Start first, I’ll come later!”

With that, Ye Zichen ran over to his bed while his roommates complained.

Chang’e’s pink chat seemed clearly different to everyone else’s. Ye Zichen took a look at the message…

Chang’e: Sky Sovereign, are you here?

Chang’e: We finished all the spicy gluten that you sent last time.

Ye Zichen was shocked.

That was several hundred yuan worth of spicy gluten! Just how long has it been? She finished it all already?

“Fairy, you ate the spicy glutens a tad bit too quickly, right?”

Even though the other person was Chang’e, Ye Zichen truly couldn’t help but retort.

Within the Moon Palace, Chang’e, who was holding the phone, blushed when she saw the message Ye Zichen sent her.

What can I do? I just like to eat it!.

“Actually, there’s still a bit more, I…”

Chang’e replied hesitantly.

Ye Zichen sighed helplessly.

“Alright, this sovereign will send some to you later.”

“Thank you, Sky Sovereign.”


Your intimacy level with Chang’e increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 300.


Your affability level with Chang’e increased by 15. Current affability level: 15.


Affability level appeared!

Logically speaking, affability level…

This Chang’e can’t have gotten a crush on me, right?

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide, while his heart beat loudly. He thought about it, then quickly sought Yue Lao out.

“Yue Lao!”

Yue Lao, who was in the midst of playing Landlord in the Heavenly Court, picked up his phone, then replied after seeing the message.

“Sky Sovereign!”

“Do you have time? I want to ask you something.”


Yue Lao glanced at Old Lord Taishang and Erlang Shen.

“Yue Lao, it’s your turn. Hurry up, do you want to run now that you won?” Old Lord Taishang glared at him in anger. This Old Lord really didn’t get it.

He had played Landlord so many times, but he has barely won any of the rounds.

“Sky Sovereign, it’s inconvenient for me.”

Then, Yue Lao patted the cards on his table…

“I see, you don’t want to stock up anymore, right!?”

Did he really think that I was asking him just now?

The moment the products were mentioned, Yue Lao instantly gave up. He slightly comforted Old Lord Taishang, then replied.

“Sky Sovereign, please ask.”

“I want to know how a False Marriage String appears, I’ve recently been connected to one.”

“False Marriage String,” Yue Lao touched his beard. “This False Marriage String is actually similar to the Marriage String, both of them are links of a couple in love. However, a False Marriage String is different from a Marriage String in that the relationship is not firm.”

“Normally speaking, a False Marriage String appears when one side has something that the other side likes, causing the other side to be moved. However, since there is no actual love, a False Marriage String would be produced.”

Ye Zichen nodded after seeing Yue Lao’s explanation, then asked.

“Then what’s with the affability level on a False Marriage String!?”

“When the affability level on a False Marriage String rises to a certain level, it will turn into a real Marriage String.”

This is serious.

Ye Zichen looked at the news blankly.

It will turn into a real Marriage String once it reaches a certain level.

Doesn’t that mean that Chang’e will truly fall in love with me in the future? Then wouldn’t that cause me to be screwed by the deities that have a hidden crush on Chang’e?

I’m just a mere mortal, I can’t beat deities.

Ye Zichen asked once more for his own safety.

“Then can you make the False Marriage String’s affability level to not be able increase anymore…?”

“I don’t think so. Affability level is very mystical, it can’t be controlled.”

Yue Lao raised his eyebrows, after connecting red strings of fate for so many years, this was the first time he met someone that wanted to decrease affability level, and it was a man.

However, when Yue Lao thought about the importance of this Sky Sovereign for him, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Sky Sovereign, how about you tell me the name of the person with the False Marriage String? Perhaps I can help you try to decrease the affability level or directly cut the string for you.”

“Are you for real?”

“I can try!”

“Then…” Ye Zichen licked his lips. “She is Chang’e!”

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