Chapter 217 Human? Ghost?

Chapter 217 – Human? Ghost?


Ye Zichen wore a baseball cap and stood outside Jing Wan’s base after intentionally pushing down his the cap.

To be honest.

It was extremely awkward.

The base was right opposite his home. So, in order to prevent Ye Rong noticing him, Ye Zichen ended up acting like a thief.

“Jing Wan-jie, someone’s pressing the doorbell, I’m going to open the gate,” Di Xinpeng took a look at Jing Wan, who was frowning heavily on the sofa.

Jing Wan looked up and glanced outside the mansion gate.

The guy’s wearing a hat.

Thinking back to what happened when she streamed a while earlier, she quickly stopped Di Xinpeng, “Don’t go.”

“What happened?” Di Xinpeng scratched his head.

Jing Wan bit her lips, “Never mind, go and open the gate. I’m going upstairs. If that person is looking for me, then tell him that I’m not here.”

With that, she ran up to the second floor with his slippers. Meanwhile, Di Xinpeng scratched his head in confusion.

What happened?



The more in a hurry Ye Zichen felt, the more it seemed like the gate won’t be opened.

Ye Zichen had pressed the doorbell for a long time, but nobody came out of the mansion.

“Big Brother Ye, is it because no one’s here?” Huang Yi couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows as he stood outside the gate and notice that the base did not react at all.

Since nobody came to open the gate for so long, even Ye Zichen started to suspect that no one was inside.


The door to the mansion opened, then Di Xinpeng wandered out.

“Who is it?”

“Tell me who, hurry up and open the gate,” Ye Zichen took of his hat, then quickly put it on again.

Di Xinpeng’s naïve face was covered with a hint of forcefulness when he saw Ye Zichen.

“Ye Zichen, why did you come?”

“Stop bullshitting, hurry up and open the door,” Ye Zichen continuously urged. Di Xinpeng hesitated for a while, then opened the door outside.

Ye Zichen only took off his hat after entering the mansion, then he sat down on the sofa and kept on fanning himself.

“Where’s Jing Wan?”

“Not here!” Di Xinpeng did not treat him nicely.

This little fellow really held a grudge. Back then, Ye Zichen destroyed him, and stole his goddess…

He got mad just by seeing Ye Zichen!

“I practiced League a lot recently, do you dare to solo again? This time, I definitely won’t lose to you.”

Ye Zichen took a glance at the little fellow’s forceful expression and shrugged without care.

Even if he practiced for his entire life, he wouldn’t be able to beat me.

In order to not hurt this child’s self-esteem, Ye Zichen indicated towards Huang Yi, who was looking around the mansion, “Go and play against him.”

“Him?” Only then did Di Xinpeng put his attention onto Huang Yi. He was too intent on arguing with Ye Zichen that he didn’t notice Huang Yi.

“Is he capable?” Di Xinpeng smiled in disdain. No matter what, I’m a Master on the China Telecom #1 server…

“Don’t be too proud, there are plenty of people better than you,” Ye Zichen stood up from the solo, then patted Huang Yi’s shoulder. “This brats wants to solo you, wreck him.”

“Is that a good decision?”

The people that can be in this mansion should be the team members, I didn’t even join yet, and now I have to solo a teammate.

If I win, then he loses face.

If I lose, then I lose face.

“Don’t think so much, just solo him. Beat him until he submits!”

“No problem!”

Since the Big Brother Ye he trusted most said so, then he decided to just go with it!

At this moment, Di Xinpeng also hooked his fingers at Huang Yi before the two went off to solo.

When Jing Wan, who was on the second floor, heard the noise downstairs, she noticed that it didn’t seem to be the person she was worried about it being.

When she took a peek down from the stairs, her eyes lit up when she saw that it was Ye Zichen, causing her to quickly run down.

“Ye Zichen!”

“Hmm? Didn’t that brat, Di Xinpeng, say that you aren’t here?” Since Ye Zichen had gotten ready to leave, he couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw Jing Wan come over. “This shitty brat, he actually dared to lie to me…”

“No, I told him to say that,” Jing Wan smiled wryly.

When she saw Ye Zichen’s appearance at the gate, she thought that it was the fanatic from when she streamed.

Not long later, Di Xinpeng’s angry roar was heard. Only then, did Jing Wan look back and notice Huang Yi.

“This is?”

“Him? He’s the top laner I got for you,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled. “Didn’t I take Xia Keke away? I was worried that you are lacking people here, so I got one for you. I’m telling you, he is so much better than Xia Keke.”

“About this…” Jing Wan instantly revealed a joyous expression, then looked down and bit her lips. “I really don’t know how I should thank you.”

She had been very worried after the misunderstanding about Di Xinpeng.

She never expected Ye Zichen to send a top laner over to her so quickly after last time.

“What’s there to thank me for? I also hope that you can establish a super strong team and bring the world championship trophy back to our country.”

“If that’s really the case, then I feel like you can’t be missing from the team,” Jing Wan’s beautiful eyes sparkled as she smiled. “If you were here, then I have completely confidence to bring the trophy back.”

“Can you stop getting ideas about me?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled wryly.

This girl was truly determined.

“Who told you to be so amazing!” Jing Wan smiled. At this moment, a suspicious-looking man suddenly appeared at the gate to the base.

Jing Wan’s expression immediately changed when she saw the man.

Ye Zichen looked over according to her gaze…

The man dressed up in a similar manner to him earlier… like a thief!

What’s more, that sneaky look also caused people to become suspicious of him, so Ye Zichen looked at him a few more times.


The doorbell rang.

Jing Wan’s face turned grey like a frightened doe, as she fidgeted with the corner of her clothes and bit her lips, “Came, he really came…”

“What came? The hell are you talking about? Someone’s pressing the doorbell, are you not going to open the door?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then rolled his eyes at Jing Wan, who stood dumbly, frozen in place.

She truly lacks hospitality, and now I, the guest, have to go and open the door.

Ye Zichen twisted his neck, then walked towards the mansion door. At this moment, Jing Wan also came back to her senses. When she wanted to stop Ye Zichen, it was already too late.

“What are you doing?”

Ye Zichen stood at the mansion gate, and looked at the young man standing outside the metal gate, who wore black-framed glasses and was about Ye Zichen’s height.

The guy had a pure otaku face, and when Ye Zichen thought back to what Jing Wan muttered just mere moments ago…

It can’t be a crazed fan of hers, right?

The glasses young man outside the gate was also shocked when he saw Ye Zichen.

He raised his hand to push up his glasses, then gulped.

“Did… you go bungee jumping at Extreme Park a few hours ago?”

It was Ye Zichen’s turn to be shocked.

He glanced at the young man and raised his eyebrows, “How’d you know? You can’t be my fan that’s tailing me, right!?

“It really is you…”

The young man outside the gate revealed a shocked expression, then he took a few steps back as if he saw a ghost.

“Didn’t you-you-you-you die? Are you a human or a ghost!?”

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