Chapter 216 Possession by the God of Food

Chapter 216 – Possession by the God of Food

“You and him?” Flame Emperor turned around and glanced at Xia Keke with a smile. “The future you will know everything. It is too early now! Oh yeah, in the coming times, there might be some people that comes to look for Brother Yellow Emperor, I’ll leave everything to you.”

Then, he waved towards the three people in the courtyard, then leaped up and disappeared.

“What was that? Tsk…” Xia Keke stuck out her tongue in displeasure, then set her gaze upon Wei Chen. “Hey, Scar-face!”

“…” Wei Chen’s expression darkened, but still lowered his head and walked to her side.

“I’m telling you, don’t just think that you can follow me just because that guy said so. I remember everything about what you did against Zichen-gege!”

“If I knew that Ye Zichen was the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, I wouldn’t have dared to do anything, no matter what. What’s more, I didn’t even succeed!” Wei Chen said with a troubled expression.

Xia Keke’s eyes radiated with a gold light, then she proceeded to scan this Wei Chen, “Hmph, I don’t want to speak so much to you. Protect Zichen-gege properly from now on!”

“Understood, understood!”

When Wei Chen, who was bullied, returned to his base, the subordinate in the room quickly walked up to him with a happy expression.

“Boss, where did you run off to just now? An informant told us just now that the target appeared, should we make a move?”


Wei Chen slapped the subordinate on the back of his head and cursed, “Make a move your ass. From today onwards, no one is allowed to threaten Ye Zichen in any way. We will continue to follow him in the dark, but… What we have to do is protect him, do you understand?”


“What, what, what!? Shouldn’t you be f*cking off now!?” Wei Chen kicked his subordinate on the butt, shooed everyone out of the room, then leaned limply on the sofa. “F*ck what the hell!”

“You said you always get weird dreams lately?”

Huang Shengmei sat on the sofa with a cup of water, while Ye Zichen sat opposite her and nodded like an enquiring patient, “Yeah, the recent dreams can even link up. What’s more, sometimes, I would randomly have those kinds of dreams even in the day.”

Huang Shengmei put the cup onto the table, then used her hand to touch Ye Zichen’s forehead. “You’re probably under too much pressure recently, that’s why you have these thoughts. They say that what one thinks about during the day is what one dreams about during the night. You think about all sorts of stuff in the morning, so it is natural for you to dream of it during the night.”

“Are you sure?” Ye Zichen revealed a look of doubt. “The dream I have at night is very special…”

“How about this? Come with me to the hospital later, and let’s help you do a twenty-four hours EEG?”

“The sort of thing where you head and entire body is stuck with wires?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Mhmm,” Huang Shengmei nodded. “You told all that to me, and I’m not a therapist, so it's hard for me to actually figure out what’s wrong.”


Ye Zichen shook his head speechlessly, “Then never mind, I’m scared of getting electrocuted.”

Ye Zichen ate a few grapes, then put his hands behind his head, “What did you come to find me for?”

“I pretty much would have forgotten if it wasn’t for you reminding me. I got promoted!” Huang Shengmei revealed a joyous look, then smiled. “I became an attending physician this morning…”

“Oh? Then congratulations,” Ye Zichen also raised his eyebrows. From the looks of it, Gramps Deng Cheng truly remembered what he said the other night and promoted Huang Shengmei.

However, he understood clearly that Huang Shengmei’s own ability was also part of the reason of her being promoted. All he did was merely get her an opportunity.

If she didn’t have the actual ability, it would be hard for Gramps Deng Cheng to promote her with his personality.

“Elder Deng also told me that quite a bit of it was due to you, so I have to thank you.”

“Just who are we? Why are you being so courteous!”

Hearing Ye Zichen’s reply, Huang Shengmei blushed…


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 10. Current affability level: 590.

Ye Zichen didn’t really care about how frequent Huang Shengmei’s affability level rose anymore.

At this moment, Huang Shengmei stood up from the sofa with a smile, “Sit here for a bit, or go and chat a bit with Lil’ Yi in his bedroom. I’ll go cook something nice for the two of you.”

“Never mind, it would be weird if that brat actually replies to me with his concentration when gaming. I’ll stay with you and be your aid or something.”

“You can cook?” Huang Shengmei revealed a suspicious look.

Ye Zichen merely smiled in reply.

When he was cooking before, he was pretty much just burning the house, but now…

Ye Zichen clicked on the Treasure Chest in his WeChat.

Withdraw the God of Food’s Culinary Experience.


Ye Zichen instantly felt like information was poured into him as a bunch of cooking knowledge suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Let me tell you just who is the God of the Kitchen!’

Ye Zichen walked confidently into the kitchen after absorbing the God of Food’s Culinary Experience.

Huang Shengmei followed with a look of suspicion, but the moment she entered the kitchen, she saw Ye Zichen already starting to work.

Huang Shengmei didn’t believe it at the start, but she was completely shocked later on.

Ignoring everything else, just Ye Zichen’s chopping accuracy was at the level of a top class chef.

Originally, Huang Shengmei had wanted to take charge, but when she saw Ye Zichen, she decided to just silently stand at the entrance to the kitchen and watch his handsome appearance.

Men that are good at cooking were all handsome.


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 10. Current affability level 600.

Ye Zichen’s hand shuddered a little when he received the notification…


A terrible scream sounded out in the kitchen.

At the dinner table later that day, Ye Zichen had a Band-Aid on his left index finger. Huang Shengmei’s affability level increase came so suddenly that, it shocked him a little, resulting in him cutting his finger.

Despite that, he still made a perfect meal with four dishes and a soup, while also carving out a flower for the final dish.

“Sis, you made all this?”

Huang Yi, who just finished a game, walked out of the bedroom, then looked at Huang Shengmei in suspicion after he blanked out looking at the artistic dishes on the table.

“Why are you looking at me like that, was what I made before not good?” Huang Shengmei rolled her eyes. Then, when she saw Huang Yi smile coyly, she look at Ye Zichen with a bit of pity. “Your Zichen-ge made it. Your Zichen-ge even hurt his hand to make this meal.”

When he felt the loving gaze, Ye Zichen could only smile, “Stop blanking out and eat. Try your Zichen-ge’s ability.”

This meal made by Ye Zichen, who now had the God of Food’s level of cooking, was even more delicious than something made by a Michelin-star chef. Even Huang Shengmei ate so much that she burped without a care for her image.

Ye Zichen looked at the siblings that endlessly praised his food, then took out the fruit plate, which he had prepared beforehand.

“No more, I really can’t eat anymore.”

Huang Yi sat on the sofa with his hands on his stomach. Even though he wanted to eat a bit when he saw that delicate fruit plate, there was a limit to the storage of his stomach, which was not out of RAM…

Huang Yi burped again, then leaned back on the sofa with his eyebrows raised.

“Zichen-ge, is that team still hiring?”

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