Chapter 215 Flame Emperor’s Arrangement

Chapter 215 – Flame Emperor’s Arrangement

Within a normal civilian home, which had plenty of vegetables glowing in the courtyard, three people sat by the eight-seated table underneath the pavilion covered in vines.

“Who are you guys? I’ll sue you guys for kidnapping!” Wei Chen sat stably on the chair, however, his ferocious expression seemed to say that he wanted to move, but couldn’t.

“Of course it's to have a chat with you, but not now. Wait a moment, not everyone’s here yet!”

Flame Emperor smiled. At that moment, the old man in casual clothes walked over with a pot of tea and placed it onto the table.

“My lord, this is the Longjing from the Modern Realm, have a try…”

“Everyone in the Three Realms said that the Modern Realm was an abandoned place. Nobody expected that not only has the Modern Realm not become an abandoned land, and instead it has developed to this degree,” Flame Emperor pursed his lips and smiled, then raised his tea cup.

After taking a sip, he raised his eyebrows, “Not bad, it feels savory, while being a bit bitter. What is this?”

The elder showed an extremely happy expression when he heard the Flame Emperor’s praise, “The Modern Realm calls it tea!”

“Not bad, not bad!” Flame Emperor smiled, then took another sip, before closing his eyes and revealing an expression of enjoyment.

“If Flame Emperor likes it, then bring a little back?

Before the elder finished, Flame Emperor looked up with wry smile, “Did you forget about the rules? We cannot bring things from the Modern Realm to the Three Realms.”


Hearing that, the elder quickly lowered his head.

Taking things from the Modern Realm was definitely something forbidden. The elder was too intent on kissing ass, so he actually forgot about it.

“I’ll just use my chance here to drink a bit more,” Flame Emperor smiled, then picked the tea cup to take another sip.

At this moment, Wei Chen moved his nose and shouted, “Hurry up and dispel the Body-Freezing Technique on me. I’m thirsty too, so give me a cup as well.”

“Just how are you speaking to Flame Emperor!” the elder glared, causing a heart-shaking aura to radiate from his body.

The pupils of Wei Chen, who sat opposite him, contracted. He stared at that old man…

“You’re not someone from the Modern Realm, just who are you guys!”

“This is Flame Emperor from the Immortal Region of the Three Realms!”

“Flame… Emperor!”

Wei Chen glared at the Flame Emperor, who was enjoying the tea at his own pace, then his forehead and back became instantly covered in cold sweat!

“Lord Flame Emperor, this insignificant one…”

“Don’t worry,” Flame Emperor chuckled, then placed the tea cup onto the table. “I can tell that you’re not someone from the other two realms, you’re a Rogue Immortal as well, right?”


Wei Chen nodded quickly. At that moment…


The wooden door was pushed open with a loud creak, then Xia Keke walked in with a frown.

“You came!” Flame Emperor smiled slightly. A hint of confusion flashed across the eyes of the old man beside him as he looked at Xia Keke, who slowly walked towards them.

“Didn’t you tell me to come?” Xia Keke walked over with a pout. When she saw Wei Chen…

“Who is he!”

“Don’t be reckless when I say it,” Flame Emperor chuckled. “He is the person that set up the trap, which caused Brother Yellow Emperor to get into danger…”


Xia Keke released a suppressing aura, while the stone underneath her feet also started to crack…

“You!” Xia Keke grabbed Wei Chen by his collar, raised her fist and was about to punch..

“Xia Liuli!” Flame Emperor frowned.

Xia Keke released Wei Chen’s collar in anger, “What exactly did you call me over for? Also, don’t call me Xia Liuli, I’m called Xia Keke!”

“Several cycles of reincarnation has still been unable to turn your personality more mellow,” Flame Emperor shook his head with a soft laugh. “Of course there’s a reason I called you over!”

“The moment Brother Yellow Emperor’s tribulation starts, then even more tribulations will await him in the future. Also, I can’t be here to protect him, so I can only present him with a bit of good fortune!” He smiled softly, then lifted his hand to release the restraint on Wei Chen. “How about making him your lackey?”

Wei Chen’s expression instantly turned beyond weird. No matter what, he was a somewhat reputed person in the circles, and now Flame Emperor just told him to be a subordinate with just a few words.

And it was for this little girl!

Then again, this girl is truly mean. Although she doesn’t seem particularly strong, she definitely has the aura.

“Him? Xia Keke squinted his eyes with a snort. “He already did all that to Zichen-gege, and you think I’m going to accept him as a subordinate?”

“He didn’t do it on purpose, but his actions actually did help Brother Yellow Emperor.”

“?” Xia Keke revealed an expression of confusion.

Flame Emperor smiled, “Brother Yellow Emperor has been through the circle of reincarnation nine times. In every single life, the memories of his previous lives will be sealed. However, these memories are always unlocked when tribulations starts to occur. In other words, Brother Yellow Emperor has begun to gradually awaken.”

“Erm… Can I say something?” Wei Chen was shocked by what he heard. “The Yellow Emperor you guys are talking about, is it… Ye Zichen!?”

“It is him!”

Xia Keke glared at him fiercely.

Hearing that, Wei Chen’s face instantly turned stark white!

Yellow Emperor!

I actually just planned to kill the Yellow Emperor!

Flame Emperor merely smiled, then turned towards Xia Keke, “Because you are Xia Liuli’s reincarnation, and also because you have a rather high level of acceptance, I want to get you to become a protective charm for Brother Yellow Emperor. What do you think?”

“Of course I’m fine with it!’ Xia Keke raised her chin.

Flame Emperor nodded with a smile, then looked towards Wei Chen, “What do you think!”

“I’ll do it…” Wei Chen nodded.

The fact that he was able to be a subordinate for one of the Yellow Emperor’s women was something that he would be able to brag about for a long time.

“As for you…” Flame Emperor looked towards the elder beside him once again. “You saw Brother Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, you have to help him out often. At the same time, you can’t let the people from the Underworld or Heavenly Court know, understood?”

“Understood!” The elder quickly nodded.

“Then that’s that. I can only do so much. I’ll have to leave the rest to you all!” Flame Emperor stood up from the chair and bowed towards the three in front of him. The other two people aside from Xia Keke also quickly returned the bow. “It’s getting late, I’m going back to the Three Realms!”

“Lord Flame Emperor isn’t going to stay for a bit longer?” The elder asked. It wasn’t easy for someone of his level to meet someone like the Flame Emperor.

“No!” Flame Emperor nodded, then looked at the tea pot on the table with a slightly reluctant gaze. “Although the two big shots of the Heavenly Court and the Underworld don’t pay much attention to the Modern Realm, they do pay attention to my position. It would be disadvantageous for Brother Yellow Emperor if they find out.”

With that, Flame Emperor looked towards Xia Keke’s position, “Oh yeah, what is the relationship of Brother Yellow Emperor with the girl beside Su Yan?”

“Are you talking about Yige?” Xia Keke blinked. “She is Zichen-gege’s classmate and our roommate.”

“Then their relationship is not of man and woman, right?”

“I don’t know about that,” Xia Keke twitched her mouth. “With that playboy, who knows if there’s anything going on between them. What is it? Why did you specifically ask about her?”

“It was just a random question,” Flame Emperor smiled, then held his hands up towards the three people in the courtyard. “See you if fate allows it!”

“Wait!” At this moment, Xia Keke suddenly spoke up and shouted towards the Flame Emperor. “Can you tell me just what happened between Zichen-gege and me before?”

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