Chapter 214 Wei Chen

Chapter 214 – Wei Chen

Xia Keke pushed the staff with a lot of force, causing the person to nearly get pushed into the artificial pool.

“Beauty, have you gone crazy…”

“Hmm?” Xia Keke glared at him as a gold light flashed across her eyes.

After the earlier scene, Xia Keke held no good impression towards the staff.

“It is very merciful of me not to push you down just now, or do you want to take a bath down there?”

Xia Keke’s eyes flashed with a bright golden light, causing the staff to fall limp onto the floor, trembling.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also yanked Xia Keke, “Keke, are you alright?”

Why did Keke get angry just like that? Could it be that her period has come?

That truly was fast, she was fine just now.

“I’m fine! Hehe, Zichen-gege, let’s not bungee jump anymore,” Xia Keke glared fiercely at the staff, then turned around to hug Ye Zichen by the shoulder and used the most violent way to quickly take off all the equipment he had put on. “Bungee jumping is too dangerous, let’s go back.”

At the same time…

Near the artificial lake.

“What the hell? Why did I suddenly have a dream?” A young man around 1.7 meters with permed hair and an otaku face, said, while he wore a pair of black-framed glasses. “He clearly bungee jumped, fell into the water, but why the hell did a water pillar suddenly spit him back up? Also, where did the bystanders go?”

The permed hair young man scratched his face, then looked towards the bungee jumping platform, “Why is that person still standing there? Didn’t an accident happen to him..? F*ck this, what the hell! Never mind, coming outside really is unsuitable for me, I’ll just go back to playing games.”

With that, the permed hair young man left as he shook his head.

“We’re not jumping anymore? Ye Zichen felt a huge sense of joy. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t want to jump, he was scared just looking at it. Isn’t there something wrong with me if I jump despite that?

But then he thought about Xia Keke’s personality. She might be using this chance to mock me, “Don’t trick me, isn’t this just bungee jumping? If you said jump, then let’s jump.”

“Not jumping, we’re not jumping anymore, “Xia Keke forcefully yanked Ye Zichen down. Su Yan and Sun Yige looked at this scene in confusion…


“Yige, I feel like this is a personality issue, we have to think about it properly.”


Sun Yige had a rather timid personality and didn’t really know how to refuse.

Back when Xia Keke suggested bungee jumping in the dormitory, she did not refuse. Now that Xia Keke said that they’re not going to bungee jump, she didn’t refuse her again either.

To be honest, she didn’t really dare to jump either, so not jumping was actually better.

Thus, they left all together very quickly as if they were just touring the place.

“Leader, there’s a situation! The target did not choose to bungee jump, they left Extreme Park!”

The young man, who had been watching Ye Zichen’s actions reported. The man in the clubhouse room frowned, while Huo Da, who sat opposite him raised his eyebrows, “Mr. Wei, what happened?”

“Young Master Huo, there’s a situation,” The man with a scar on the corner of his eye raised his eyebrows. “The target left Extreme Park!’

“He…” Huo Da’s expression darkened, then he laughed coldly. “Mr. Wei, I really don’t know how we’re supposed to cooperate in the future. Can people from your place not even deal with a normal person? Yu was whatever, but what did you promise me back then?”

“Is Young Master Huo doubting me?” The scar-faced man’s expression also turned cold. “Although you’re the employer, don’t place yourself too highly. If it wasn’t because your family was rich, do you think you can get into contact with us? You’re just a mere business family!”

“Wei Chen, say it again if you dare…”

“Hmm?” Wei Chen raised his right eyebrow. At that moment, two men appeared behind Huo Da and the old butler and pressed down on their shoulders.

Huo Da’s expression darkened. A light flashed across the eyes of the butler standing behind him, “Mr. Wei, our family’s young master had no intention of doubting you. We understand that there are rules for people from your place to act. However, that brat is truly too cocky, our young master…”

“Heh, how is it any of my business whether you are in a hurry? Since it has failed this time, wait for the next chance. Of course, I am happy to see you guys deal with it yourself. Alright, I’m tired, let’s talk next time,” Wei Chen snorted in disdain, stood up from the sofa and left the room.


Huo Da smashed the glass tea table in front of him into pieces angrily, then looked at the closed door with a dark expression.

“The f*ck is he pretending for…”

“Young Master, we can’t afford to offend people from that place,” the butler walked over with a smile. Then he took out a bandage to wrap Huo Da’s hand up. “however, even if we, the Huo family, doesn’t rely on that place, we can still give that brat a fate worse than death…”

“Take charge of this. I have to give that brat a fate worse than death! Also, is there any news about Xiao Yumei?”

“The Xiao family’s third young mistress seems to be preparing to establish a medical company!”

“Heh, tell the person in charge to delay it, I want to make Xiao Yumei come and beg me!”

“Understood! Then about Mr. Wei…”

“Organize it as well!”

“F*ck, what the hell! Isn’t he just a businessman? He really thinks that he’s something,” Wei Chen’s eyes were full of disdain. He glanced at his subordinate beside him. “Give me a piece of gum...”

At that moment…

Time suddenly came to a halt.

Wei Chen glanced at the subordinate who had stopped still in surprise, then saw a civilian old man appear in front of him as he looked up, alongside a white-robed man, who was holding a feathered fan.

“You guys…”

“Don’t be nervous, we bear no ill intentions. Come, I want to chat with you!” The white-robed man grabbed Wei Chen, then the halted time begun to run once more.

“Boss, your gum… Boss, where’s boss!?”

“Zichen-gege, I’ll just send you off to here,” Xia Keke waved towards Ye Zichen with a giggle, then turned the car around and slowly disappeared from his sites.

Ye Zichen stood underneath his dormitory and scratched his head. What was this? A tour…?

We f*cking came back after going around Extreme Park once.

But what made him more speechless was his brain!

In the last two days, he could always have some weird dreams, which were connected with each other.

He seemed to be a general in the dreams, and appeared very handsome as he dressed himself in armor. There was always a woman standing beside him. It was a woman that was way too beautiful.

That woman never spoke, she merely looked at him, as if he was her everything. However, he was never able to see the woman’s face!

Could I really be having delusions?


Just as Ye Zichen made these silent guesses, the phone in his pocket rang.

Ye Zichen took out the phone, then couldn’t help but smile when he saw the caller ID.

Right when I wanted to find her!

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