Chapter 213 Return

Chapter 213 – Return

“Yellow Emperor!” Xia Keke glared at the frozen ripples on the lake’s surface…

“You said Zichen-gege is Yellow Emperor?”

“What? Did your memories not awaken yet?” The white clothed man squinted his eyes. “I called you Xia Liuli without any hesitation since I saw you showed the dragon mirage. I thought you remembered it all?”

“My clan told me about Xia Liuli, they said that Xia Liuli is…”

“The Sacred Dragon Bloodline is truly capable, it seems like I have to find a chance to visit the Four Sacred Beasts,” the white clothed man smiled warmly.

At the same time, Xia Keke’s hair and eyes also gradually turned darker.

She did not fully accept the dragon soul within her body yet, so her dragon mirage had a time limit.

“You still didn’t say who you are!” Xia Keke stood up from the floor.

The white clothed man raised his eyebrows and chuckled softly, “I… I am Flame Emperor! The Divine Farmer, Flame Emperor!”

Xia Keke was shocked!

Xia Keke never would have dreamed that she would actually see the Flame Emperor, and more importantly, that Ye Zichen was actually the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor.

The Flame Emperor smiled when he saw Xia Keke’s reaction, then gazed at the surface of the lake…

“Old friend, this life of yours is truly full of disasters!”

At that moment, three voices sounded out in the sky.

Three elders, each appearing over fifty years old, appeared on the surface of the lake right in front of the bungee jumping platform.

“Time pause! There’s an expert!” One of the elders wearing a long black robe and a hat like Black Impermanence frowned.

“Could it be the dragon roar just now?” Another elder, who seemed to have an air of an immortal around him, raised his white eyebrows. At the same time, he held his hands together in front of him and shouted out into the air. “I wonder which master has descended, can you please appear?”

“Can you not see this monarch?” the Flame Emperor, who was on the bungee jumping platform chuckled. Only at that moment did the three elders look over.

Instantly, the only one of the elders who wore casual clothing and appeared like a civilian geezer suddenly trembled.

“Lord-Lord Flame Emperor!”

“Hmm? Someone from the Immortal Region?” The Flame Emperor squinted his eyes and smiled, then signaled towards the three elders, causing them to flew over tremblingly.

“Greetings to Lord Flame Emperor,” the three elders bowed together.

Flame Emperor nodded calmly, “Surveillance Committee?”

“Yes!” The old man in casual clothes quickly bowed.

“I wonder what business does Lord Flame Emperor has in the Modern Realm!?” The one who spoke up was the geezer with an immortal air about him.

“You belong to the Heavenly Court?” Flame Emperor squinted his eyes, then smiled. “Even if your Three Pure Ones are here, they wouldn’t dare to speak to me like that. Were… you just interrogating me?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” The elder quickly lowered his head, while the black-faced elder also quickly did the same.

The Three Realms was not peaceful, and the three of them belong to the three factions in the Three Realms.

It was due to their distrust for one another that each faction sent one person. At the same time, they also acted as scouts to gather information for their own side.

The Flame Emperor’s visit was definitely an important manner, but from his tone..

If the very important person in front of them wanted to silence them for good…

“You guys have seen too much of something that you shouldn’t have seen!” Flame Emperor suddenly spoke up.


The elder from the Heavenly Court and the one from the Underworld quickly kneeled, “Flame Emperor, please be merciful and not kill us. We won’t speak carelessly!”

“Hehe, I can’t trust you guys,” With that, the Flame Emperor opened his feathered fan and waved it towards the two elders. “Go!”

With that, he instantly wiped their memories, and caused the two elders to disappear from above the lake.

Only the elder from the Immortal Region remained. The elder felt a bit proud in his heart.

Those two geezers would always pick on him verbally when there’s nothing to do. Hehe, now they got taught a lesson by Lord Flame Emperor.

“Lord Flame Emperor, you have come here, could it be that a certain important person of our Immortal Region has reincarnated…”

At that very moment, the still lake surface started to move.

“Brother Yellow Emperor, you are always so capable of causing trouble,” Flame Emperor sighed.

The elder, who now stood on the bungee jumping platform, suddenly raised his eyebrows.

That is the Yellow Emperor!


The sound of glass breaking suddenly sounded out, and a water pillar more than a meter wide suddenly appeared on the surface of the lake.

Ye Zichen laid on top of it with a pale expression, while his eyes were closed. Meanwhile, the azure Soul Pearl Yiyuan circled around him.

More importantly…

The still space broke.

Time started to run normally once again. The bystanders surrounding the lake had not yet recovered from the image of the dragon earlier, but then they saw another image.

“Soul Pearl Yiyuan, I didn’t think that Brother Yellow Emperor would find it in this life,” Flame Emperor shook his head with a soft smile.

“Zichen, what happened!” Su Yan and Sun Yige looked in front of them in shock when time started to run again. Not long later, the two of them saw Flame Emperor and the elder…

These two people weren’t there before.

“Su Yan!” Flame Emperor called out as he squinted his eyes.

Su Yan raised her eyebrows and looked at the man, who had appeared out of nowhere, “How do you know me?”

“Not awakened yet either,” Flame Emperor shook his head with a smile, then turned towards Xia Keke. “Xia Liuli, do you want to keep this memory? I owe you a favor from back then. I’ll give you a choice this time, and treat it as returning the favor!”

“I do!” Xia Keke immediately nodded.

“Alright, but remember, you can’t tell anyone about anything regarding Brother Yellow Emperor, including everyone belonging to the Sacred Beasts bloodlines!”

“Sure, I promise!”

“I’ll believe you!’ With that, Flame Emperor reached towards the sky with his right hand. “Return…”


Time stopped once again.

The surrounding images continuously backtracked as if it was being played backwards, until time returned to the moment when Ye Zichen stood on the bungee jumping platform!

“Xia Liuli, I hope we can meet again soon!” Flame Emperor smiled towards Xia Keke, then looked at Su Yan once again. However, at the split second when he looked towards Sun Yige, he immediately frowned.


Soft sounds of glass breaking sounded out again. Flame Emperor glanced at Sun Yige a few times before grabbing the elder beside him and leaving.


Time resumed.

“The target has already gone up to the bungee jumping platform,” At the side of the artificial lake underneath the bungee jumping platform, a young man with binoculars reported the situation he is seeing into his Bluetooth earpiece.

At the same time, Ye Zichen had already put on the safety devices for bungee jumping, but many images suddenly appeared in his mind…

It seems like I jumped earlier.

What happened? A delusion?

I’m thinking too much. I’m about to jump…

“Sir, the safety check has been completed.”

Everything happened like the scene in his head…

“Zichen-gege!” Xia Keke, who was standing beside him suddenly spoke up.

Ye Zichen instantly ignored the images in his mind and answered speechlessly, “Stop hurrying me, isn’t it just bungee jumping? Watch, I’ll set an example for you guys.”

Ye Zichen reached over to receive the pen the staff handed over. However, Xia Keke suddenly ran over and slapped the contract the staff was holding out of his hand.

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