Chapter 212 The Yellow Emperor’s Best Friend

Chapter 212 – The Yellow Emperor’s Best Friend

“The target has already gone up to the bungee jumping platform,” at the side of the artificial lake underneath the bungee jumping platform, a young man with binoculars reported the situation he is seeing into his Bluetooth earpiece.

“Leader, the target went on to the bungee jumping platform,” A man held a phone within a room of a clubhouse, then walked in front of a man sitting on the sofa after hearing the report.

“So what if he has already gone up? What’s the point of reporting that to me? Did we change the people up there with our people yet?”


“Then just wait for the chance, the moment he jumps… Do you understand?”


Ye Zichen looked down.

Ye Zichen stood on the bungee jumping platform as he peeked down.

The place underneath should be an artificial lake. The surface of the lake was calm, but Ye Zichen’s heart was filled with an array of emotions.

I’m about to jump?

“Go Zichen-gege go!”

Xia Keke cheered him on with her cute face, while Su Yan and Sun Yige held each other’s hand tightly.

Cheer my ass!”

“Sir, the safety check has been completed.”

The staff member took out a contract with a smile. It merely stated the potential risks and also the fact that they won’t take any responsibility unless it is their equipment was at fault.

“If you’re ready to jump, then please sign here.”

Ye Zichen looked over at where the girls were at. When Xia Keke felt his gaze, she quickly made a gesture indicating that she was cheering for him.

Ye Zichen sighed and glanced downwards.

It’s purely my feelings.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth, then received the staff’s file, then signed his name quickly.

“Are you sure it is safe?”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask right before he jumped.

“Of course there wouldn’t be any issues!” The staff answered with certainty.

“Then I’ll jump.”

With that, Ye Zichen closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, then stepped forward.


“Wow, Zichen-gege, you’re so cool!” Xia Keke cheered excitedly. Su Yan and Sun Yige also watched as Ye Zichen jump down.

At that very moment…


A soft sound sounded out, while the rope suddenly snapped.

“Mission accomplished!”

The scout near the artificial lake passed the information into his Bluetooth earpiece.

When the messenger in the clubhouse passed the news along, the man on the sofa laughed softly, then picked up the wine glass on the table and looked forward.

“Tell them to leave!”


The messenger relayed the orders into his phone, while the man on the sofa also pursed his lips with a smile, “Young Master Huo, it seems like it is so much simpler than we imagined.”

“In the end, you guys are much more efficient. Heh, the bodyguard I spent so much in hiring last time couldn’t even protect my safety,” Huo Da snorted coldly with a darkened expression.

The man on the sofa shrugged, “He’s just a useless person!”

“Yes, he’s useless,” Huo Da’s expression was like frost. At the same time, he said to the butler behind him, “Tell the hospital to stop all treatment for that woman. Also, tell Yu that he’s fired!”

Back at the bungee jumping platform.

“Ye Zichen!”

The moment the rope snapped, Su Yan and co. became extremely worried.

Many tourists within the park watched this happen, took out their phones to film, or just screamed.

At the moment that the rope snapped, Xia Keke’s hair and eyes gradually turned gold.


A dragon roar sounded out from all around, while a mirage of a golden dragon also raced towards Ye Zichen, who was falling.


Ye Zichen fell into the water.

Even though Xia Keke had reacted at the very beginning, she was still just slightly slower…

“Dragon! Dragon!”

The tourists by the lake shouted out!


Xia Keke, who was on the platform, clenched her fist, while she continuously surveyed the surroundings with her eyes flashing with a gold light…

However, she found that the staff there had already disappeared!


She punched the metal plate on the side. When she took her hand off it, a huge dent had appeared on the metal plate.

Su Yan and Sun Yige, who were on the side, were already stunned into silence. They looked at Xia Keke blankly and did not say anything.



Xia Keke collapsed onto the floor and started to sob.

If it wasn’t for her…

“History is always surprisingly familiar!”

A playful laugh suddenly rang out from midair. Not long later, the space seemed to have been forcefully ripped open, as a white-clothed man holding a feather fan walked out from within.

At that moment!

The world stopped!

Everyone stopped and maintained their previous posture as if time had stopped. Only Xia Keke watched as the man walked over.

The man seemed to walk very calmly, but his speed was very quick.

He arrived at Xia Keke’s side after the flashes of a few afterimages.

Then, he lifted Xia Keke’s chin with his woman-like right hand as he shook his head with a smile, “Xia Liuli, did you do it on purpose?”

As he looked at Xia Keke’s empty eyes, the man smiled and took a step back into midair, then looked down upon her, “Xia Liuli, this sovereign is asking you a question!”

“You… are someone from the Three Realms!” Xia Keke’s eyes flashed with golden light. As she looked at everyone around her who had ceased to move, she suddenly stood up. “Why did someone from the Three Realms come here!”

In the Immortal Region of the Three Realms.

Suiren, who sat on a straw cushion, suddenly opened his eyes wide. He moved his fingers a few times, then revealed an expression of shock.


With an afterimage, Suiren appeared in Fuxi’s room.

“The Yellow Emperor…”

“I already know,” Fuxi continued to sat in front of a stone table as he massaged his eyes.

“What are you doing? Yellow Emperor’s first tribulation has already come!”

“I know!” Fuxi continued to ignore what Suiren was saying and do his eye massage. Only when he fully massaged his eyes did he stand up from the stone table and stretched lazily. Then he picked up the watering pot on the table and muttered. “I nearly forgot to water the Flame Emperor’s flower[1.The Flame Emperor (炎帝) is the leader of the tribe that allied with the Yellow Emperor’s tribe in order to defeat Chiyou’s army. He is also called the Divine Farmer (神农氏). Chinese people often refer to themselves as 炎黄子孙, which means “descendants of the Flame Emperor and the Yellow Emperor”.] If he found out, then I wouldn’t be able to avoid his blabbering.”

Suiren was enraged by Fuxi’s lack of caring!

He immediately snatched the watering pot over and threw it angrily onto the ground.

“What exactly are you doing!?”

“…” Fuxi’s expression darkened as he stared speechlessly at Suiren and raised his eyebrows. “Why are you always so fired up? Did you not notice who’s missing here?”

Only then did Suiren notice…

The Divine Farmer, Flame Emperor, was missing!

“Everything’s over by the time you react, Brother Flame Emperor had already left an hour ago.”

“Flame Emperor can help Yellow Emperor…”

“Father, you should think about how to explain to Brother Flame Emperor about this watering pot. This is his most beloved treasure!” Fuxi glanced at the broken white jade watering pot on the floor. “As for your worry, don’t forget, they were best friends back then!”

“Xia Liuli, you asked me why I came?” the water clothed man pursed his lips and smiled. “This is the ninth life. If I didn’t come, was I supposed to just stand idle and let Brother Yellow Emperor’s dream end up in nothingness?”

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