Chapter 211 Going Bungee Jumping

Inside the black Bentley.

Zhuge Kongming continuously stomped his feet in dissatisfaction, but the woman beside him acted as if she didn’t hear anything, as she rested her eyes.

After a long time, Zhuge Kongming finally spoke up when he noticed that the woman had completely ignored him.

“Why are you bringing me back? I’m having a pretty good life here.”

“Good?” the woman’s eyes remained closed, and she did not open her mouth. “The Gu family’s kid had already came over and challenged you. I heard you didn’t even beat him, you truly lost face for us, the Zhuge family.”

“I… That’s because he had helpers! If it had been one on one, then I…”

“You what?” The woman opened her eyes meaningfully.

Zhuge Kongming instantly paused. If it was one on one, he still might not be able to beat Gu Le either.

“Heh, you truly lose face for us, the Zhuge family!” The woman snorted and revealed a solemnness in her eyes. “We, the Zhuge clan are the number one clan in the Modern Realm, you actually got bullied by a child of the failing Gu family. Go into closed cultivation for three months when we get back, then mom will take you to go challenge the Gu family!”

“That’s not so good, right?” Zhuge Kongming chuckled. “I don’t like violence. Also, can you not shut me into closed cultivation? Oh yeah! The girl that I had an infant engagement is here, I can’t leave, I have to chat her up!”

“Give up!” A light flashed across the woman’s eyes. “The Yellow Emperor has already appeared!”

Ye Zichen sat at the cashier counter as he looked at the jade ornament in his hand as well as the empty supermarket!

The little fellow left just like that.

Back then, I’d always wanted him to leave, but now that he has really left, I do miss him.

The saddest one was definitely Blackie, since no one was able to nurture his soul after Zhuge Kongming had left.

“Zhuge Kongming’s mom is truly young, but she looks pretty amazing. Is their clan a matriarchal one!?”

After a long time, Ye Zichen shook his head and lit a cigarette for himself, then picked up the jade ornament.

The jade ornament felt ice-cold in his hand, while several lines seemed to spiral within.

The woman has said that this thing could protect his life!

Although I don’t know how strong that woman is, she definitely did not look weak.

“I gotta put it away, this is another life!”

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Under the Kind Killer’s teachings, Ye Zichen acted like an obedient kid for two days, and never once missed a lesson.

When another lesson ended, Ye Zichen stretched lazily and stood up from his seat.

“Ye Zichen,” Xia Keke hugged Su Yan’s arm outside the classroom and waved towards him.

The news of Ye Zichen’s affable relationship with the two school beauties was already widely known in Polytechnic University. Thus, Ye Zichen forced himself to walk over under everyone’s gazes of disdain.

“The two of you are deliberately making people hate me, right?” Ye Zichen rubbed Xia Keke’s head. When he saw her, he couldn’t help but think of the time when the two of them stayed in a hotel together.

Why did I choose to be worse than an animal that time… [1. This is a reference to a widely known joke in China. Basically, the joke goes like this:

A man and a woman slept on a bed together. The woman drew a line in the middle of the bed and said to the man, “If you dare to cross this line tonight, then you’re an animal.”

The next morning, when the woman woke up, she noticed that the man didn’t cross the line, so she said to the man, “You’re worse than an animal.”]

“Hehe, this is your fortune alright? Other people want to have a girl in each arm, but don’t have the chance!” Xia Keke raised her delicate chin and replied blatantly.

Hearing that, Su Yan blushed and knocked Xia Keke’s head.

Although she had already accepted both of them liking Ye Zichen at the same time, she still felt shy when it was spoken about so openly like that.

“You got hit now, right?” Ye Zichen snickered. At that moment, a hint of gold flashed across Xia Keke’s eyes.

Due to the Fiery Eyes of Truth, Ye Zichen could see a mirage of a gold dragon behind her, which was gazing at him.


Ye Zichen gulped.

I nearly forgot that this girl is a dragon.

“Heh!” Xia Keke frowned a little when she saw Ye Zichen’s look, then raised her head. “Oh yeah, Zhuge Kongming was taken away by his mom, right?”

“You know this as well?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and replied meaningfully. “You daughter-in-law that haven’t been married off yet, you truly care about the news of your in-laws!”


“Enough, enough!” Su Yan couldn’t help but giggle when she saw the two argue.

At this moment, Sun Yige walked over from behind them shyly.

“Susu, Keke…”

“Class rep!”

Ye Zichen moved to the side a bit when he heard her. Sun Yige nodded towards him.

Xia Keke smiled, “We’re all here, let’s go.”

“Where to?” Ye Zichen looked at the girls in shock. He thought that these two girls came for him, but now it didn’t seem like the case.

“It isn’t good for Yige to always be like this. Susu and I are going to take her bungee jumping!” Xia Keke smiled, while Ye Zichen’s heart raced when he heard it.

Bungee jumping!

Are they just looking for excitement!?

Ye Zichen glanced at Sun Yige, he could tel that she was also very nervous, but she did not retort.

“Then you guys sought me out for?” Ye Zichen asked carefully. “I still have other things to do later…”

“Is that so!” Xia Keke smiled in suspicion. “It can’t be that Zichen-gege is scared, right? I thought Zichen-gege wasn’t scared of anything.”

“Stop trying to urge me on!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “I really have stuff to do!”


“Fine, fine, fine, isn’t it just bungee jumping? I’ll go with you!”

Xia Keke drove an A4, which could seat 4 people. Ye Zichen sat in the front seat as his heart raced.

He has only heard about bungee jumping from other people. If he was really made to jump down from such a high place…

Don’t the people that do it get scared?

Xia Keke, who was driving, kept on peeking at Ye Zichen’s face, which gradually turned nervous not long later, she couldn’t help but giggle.

“What are you laughing at, I was just thinking about other stuff!”

“Yes, yes, yes, my Zichen-gege can’t possibly be scared of bungee jumping! We might have to go parachuting later, Zichen-gege will come with us!”

“F*ck this… Stop the car, I'm not doing this anymore!”

Bingcheng Northern Extreme Park.

All the facilities here were rather exciting ones. Ye Zichen stood at the entrance and refused to walk in.

“Zichen, if you’re truly scared, then just wait for us down here,” Su Yan finally spoke up since she felt a bit reluctant to force him.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen stuck his chest out… “I’m scared? I just wanted to rest a bit, now that I am rested, let’s go!”

Then, he walked forward confidently. Su Yan and co. couldn’t help but shake their heads and giggle when they saw him act like that, then followed him.

As Ye Zichen listened to the screams, Ye Zichen breathed slowly and urged himself on silently in his heart.


At that moment, a young man crashed into him.

Ye Zichen raised his head and glanced at the person with a frown. The young man quickly ran off after apologizing with a coy smile.

“What happened?” Su Yan and co. caught up to him. Ye Zichen shook his head, then resumed his ‘empty mode’ as the screams sounded out around him.

However, just as he, Xia Keke, Su Yan and Sun Yige walked towards the bungee jumping place, the young man who bumped into him suddenly stopped, listed his hand to cover his ear.

“Target confirmed!”

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