Chapter 209 Earning Reputation

Chapter 209 – Earning Reputation

“You guys think so as well?”

Ye Zichen ignored the triangular-eyed brat, and looked towards the middle-aged couple behind the young man.


“Hehe, I truly feel depressed for the person inside the operation room.”

With that, Ye Zichen smiled apologetically towards Huang Ming and Deng Chen, then took out his chequebook to write a series of numbers on it before tearing the cheque out to throw into the family’s hands.

“This is your compensation. I’m not going to do this operation!”

A commotion among the people outside the operation room immediately exploded out wwhen the cheque was thrown into the middle-aged woman’s hands.

The triangular-eyed young man tried his best to fight for it, and during so, he even pushed the middle-aged lady to the ground.

“Little friend Zichen,” Deng Cheng couldn’t help but speak up since he did not expect Ye Zichen to actually make such a choice.

“Just treat this as a medical accident. Liu Qianqian failed the operation and compensated the patient’s relatives. I’m out.”

With that, he pulled on Liu Qianqian’s hand and walked towards the exit.

“Zichen-ge,” Huang Ming suddenly stopped Ye Zichen with a pleading look in his eyes. “I sought you out to ask you to help!”

“What’s there to help for such a family?” Ye Zichen’s eyes revealed a chilling gaze. Seeing that, Huang Ming clenched his teeth and kicked the young man, who was still fighting for the cheuqe, onto the floor.

“Is there only money in your eyes!?” Huang Ming roared angrily. The young man, who was kicked, immediately stood up and threw a punch at Huang Ming.

“Hey… I’m not going to allow you to hit my little brother!” Ye Zichen grabbed the man’s fist. At that moment, the middle-aged man, who had been silent until now, walked over with the wrinkled cheque.

“Please save my daughter, we don’t want this money, I want my daughter to live.”

“F*ck you,” The triangular-eyed young man immediately cursed when he heard that, and shouted as he pointed at the middle-aged man. “Old guy, you better hand the money over to me now, otherwise I’m going to take your life!”

The middle-aged man was clearly very afraid of his son, because he trembled when he heard the young man’s reply.

Yet, he still replied as his murky eyes contained disappointment and heartache that could not be hidden, “Son, the one lying inside is your little sister!”

“Tsk, she can be exchanged for several million if she dies. It’s worth it. I’m not a person without a conscience, I’ll find a good grave for her when she’s be buried…”

Ye Zichen frowned.

At the start, he thought this entire family was focused on money, but from the looks of it, it was only the young man that was a black sheep!

Ye Zichen raised his hand and grabbed the young man’s arm.


Ye Zichen dislocated the arm. Then he raised his foot to kick the young man’s stomach, causing the young man to be pushed towards the wall.

“Take control of him. Give me the sterile coat, I’m going to save the person.”

“I’ll go with you,” Liu Qianqian bit her lips. She caused the medical accident, so if it was possible to mend the issue, she wanted to help as well.

“Just stay here properly, my cute senior.”

Half an hour later…

The door to the operation room was pushed open as Ye Zichen walked out with a relaxed look from the inside. Then, he took off the sterile coat and chucked it to Deng Cheng.

“Success?” Deng Cheng raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen speechlessly rolled his eyes, “When have you ever seen me fail?”

Then, he spoke up once more, “Gramps, I’ve pretty much become a specialist doctor here, shouldn’t you give me a bit of salary?”

“If you want, then…” Deng Cheng immediately revealed the smile of a sly old fox. Seeing this smile, Ye Zichen’s heart raced…

“Never mind, I’ll just be a volunteer.”

“Zichen-ge, Xuefu…” Huang Ming’s expression was full of worry.

Ye Zichen chuckled softly, then patted his shoulders, “Saved, and I also cured her hidden illness while I was at it. What you wanted to buy that from me was for her, right?”

“Mhmm,” Huang Ming nodded seriously.

“Nice, I can tell that it’s true love, being in love is a good thing, Zichen-ge wishes you the best,” With a chuckle, Ye Zichen started to leave after patting his shoulder.

However, at that moment, the middle-aged woman, who had been pushed onto the floor spoke up, “Doctor, can you help my son attach his arm?”

“This sort of person…” To be honest, Ye Zichen didn’t want to, but he couldn’t help but sigh when he saw that woman’s begging look.

A parent’s heart was truly admirable.

When Ye Zichen walked to the young man’s side, the young man continued to gaze at him fiercely.

“If you glare at me anymore, I’ll break your leg,” Ye Zichen truly looked down on this sort of people, thus he merely scared the grandson a bit, then pushed his arm.


Ye Zichen intentionally used a more painful method to attack the brat’s arm. Then he snorted coldly before returning to Huang Ming’s side and said softly, “This brat isn’t a good person, take the girl’s parents over to your place when you have time!”

“Understood!” Huang Ming nodded. He knew that the brat wasn’t anything good, but he didn’t expect the young man to be so scummy.

Ye Zichen was no longer sleepy after the situation earlier.

He took out his phone and eyed his WeChat as he stood in front of the flowerbed near the entrance of the hospital.

He did not expect there to be two system notifications on his screen.

Helping the injured, saving a life. You have gained 1 Reputation.

Doing good deeds, donating millions. You have gained 10 Reputation.

Ye Zichen didn’t know how to react when he saw the system notifications.

Saving a life should be referring to the person within the operation room.

Donating millions!

Could Lin Hanben have done that? That brat truly donated quite a bit.

However, Ye Zichen was truly confused about what Reputation did.

When a new mode came out in games, there would be a guide for the new function. However, for him, the system didn’t tell me about the new function at all.

All he knew was that he had 12 Reputation to his name.

And nothing else.

Just as Ye Zichen was pondering about the use of Reputation, a white-cloaked woman suddenly appeared beside him!

It was Liu Qianqian!

“What a little intern like you running around instead of staying in the hospital properly?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and returned his phone to his pocket. “Senior, it’s not that I’m scolding, but just intern when you’re an intern. What are you being the primary surgeon for? If we don’t have the ability, then don’t do that sort of thing. Say, it was fortunate that I came this time, if I didn’t, then wouldn’t you have been responsible? What’s more, that brat might even have extorted your dad out of his antique store.”

“I know my wrongs,” Liu Qianqian lowered her head deeply.

She had asked to be the primary surgeon this time. Since she would follow surgeons for their operations daily, she always felt that her skills was no worse than those doctors. However, she only realized that she was too naïve after trying it out.

She instantly panicked when blood spurted on her face.

The other doctors in the operation room immediately conducted emergency procedures, but…

“Thank you so much, if that paitent really died, then I would regret it for my entire life.”

“Enough, it’s not the first time I’ve helped you, Lucy!” Ye Zichen smiled meaningfully.

Liu Qianqian immediately blushed, “Can you stop mentioning about the Lucy thing? Alright, I am Lucy, didn’t I admit it last time?”

“Hmm!” Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile.

Liu Qianqian licked her lips, “Erm, can I treat you to…”


Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly rang, so he took out his phone!

There was a new system notification.

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