Chapter 208 Sleeping on the floor pitifully

Chapter 208 – Sleeping on the floor pitifully

Xia Liuli!

Yellow Emperor?

“What crappy Yellow Emperor? If he dares to fight with me over my woman, watch me beat him to death if he comes!” Ye Zichen pulled Xia Keke into his arms slightly bossily.

He didn’t care about it very much.

If the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation actually came… and… I can’t… beat him, then can’t I just call others over?

My bros aren’t easy pickings.

“Hehe, that’s why, be nicer to me from now on. If you always bully me, then I might really run away with the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.”

“You dare!?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Time slowly passed by as they bickered.

Ye Zichen held Xia Keke’s hand and sent her off at the girl’s dormitory. At that moment, she also wrapped her arms around his neck with a bit of reluctance to leave him.


“Bye bye,” Xia Keke walked towards the dormitory door after kissing him on the cheek.

Ye Zichen looked at her with a smile. However, not long later, the girl returned…

“The door’s locked,” Xia Keke’s face was extremely red.

At the same time, Ye Zichen’s heart also leaped up, while he spoke out something he had always wanted to say after going to university, but never actually said, “Then… let’s get a room?”


Tick, tick, tick.

The receptionist at the inn returned Ye Zichen and Xia Keke’s ID cards with a smile, then handed a room card over to them, “Sir, Madam, here is your room card. I hope you enjoy your room!”

The two of them already felt extremely awkward, and the receptionist’s words only made it even more awkward.

Ye Zichen held up the room card as he walked into the elevator with Xia Keke.

Isn’t this giving him a chance!

There was only a room with a king-sized bed left!

A king-sized bed!

Along the way to the room, Xia Keke kept quiet with a blush, while Ye Zichen did the same.

Although he had girlfriends before, it truly was his first time getting a room with his girlfriend.


The room opened!

It was as expected of a king-sized bed, the bed took up at least half of the room. Ye Zichen licked his lips and was unsure of what to say.

However, Xia Keke spoke up shyly first, “I’m going to take a shower!”

Then, Xia Keke ran off shyly. When Ye Zichen heard those divine like words…

Time will not wait!

When a chance was placed in front of you, you have to fight to grab it.

In less than three seconds, Ye Zichen made the wisest choice!


Ye Zichen stripped off all his clothes in a few moments, then jumped onto the bed, and closed his eyes as he awaited the beauty’s return.


The sound of Xia Keke’s slippers rang out in the room. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then saw something huge in front of his eyes…


“Hehe, Zichen-gege, are you waiting for Keke?” Xia Keke said with a beyond cute voice as she blinked her bright eyes.

Ye Zichen continuously gulped, then moved his body a little, “I left some space for you!”

“Wow, Zichen-gege is great!” With that, Xia Keke jumped onto the bed.

Just as Ye Zichen’s heart cheered out loud.


Xia Keke kicked him onto the floor, while she activated Super Saiyan mode once more.

Her tone also turned incomparably sinister.

“If you dare to come on… Hehe!”

Then she took a glance at Ye Zichen’s little brother…



The lights turned off.

Ye Zichen sat on the floor stunned. Not long later, a set of pillows and blanket was thrown onto his face.

F*ck, the script shouldn’t be like this.

How about I sneak on the bed in the middle of the night?

For some reason, Ye Zichen remembered Xia Keke’s earlier gaze…

He felt a chill at his crotch!

I’ll calm down and sleep on the floor.

“Ye-zi, there’s no professional lessons in the afternoon, let’s go and play games!”

The people from his dormitory hooked their arms around Ye Zichen’s shoulder. Ever since Ye Zichen’s mechanics improved, these people would often go and get him to carry them.

Ye Zichen pushed their hands away in annoyance, then got onto his bed as he muttered, “No, go yourselves.”

He was extremely tired. During the previous night, he stayed in the same room with Xia Keke, so how was he supposed to fall asleep when such a drool-inducing goddess was just a meter away from him?

Then, in order to avoid the Kind Killer, Mu Jinglei causing trouble for him, he forced himself to go to lessons through the entire morning.

At that moment, his soul was about to leave his body.

Ye Zichen hugged his blanket after sending the others away…


The phone beside his bed rang. Ye Zichen looked at the caller ID…

They really aren’t letting him off.

“Hey!” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then sat on the side of the bed as he lit up a cigarette and forced himself awake with a frown. “Gramps, what are you finding me for!”

At the same time, he received another call…

Huang Ming!

“Gramps, hurry up if there’s anything, I got another call here!”

The sounds of argument were very severe on Deng Cheng’s end. After quite a while, the gramps said in a hurry, “Zichen, I need your help here!”

“I truly submit, no matter what, you are a titan in the medical realm, why are you seeking me out whenever there’s some crappy matter!? What is it? Did your operation fail again?”

“Hurry over, it’s hard to explain everything over the phone.”


Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and hung up the call. Then, he picked up Huang Ming’s call.


“Zichen-ge!” Huang Ming said with a tone that was essentially sobbing. “…”

Ye Zichen’s expression immediately tensed when he heard Huang Ming’s words. Then he linked it to Deng Cheng’s call earlier!

“I’ll be right there.”

Outside the operation room, Liu Qianqian’s face was covered in blood, she lowered her head with fear in her eyes as she hid behind Deng Cheng.

The primary surgeon was changed to her because it wasn’t a very complicated operation.

However, she failed the operation!

Due to her error, she directly caused the patient to lose all hints of her life.

The patient’s family cried and shouted out in a worked up manner. Liu Qianqian didn’t even dare to raise her head and meet their eyes.

Yet, in the midst of these relatives, there was a very logical young man!

He was Huang Ming.

At this very moment, a man in a hurry appeared at the corner of the corridor to the operaetion room.

“What’s the situation!?”

Ye Zichen frowned, while Deng Cheng and Huang Ming essentially greeted him at the same time.


“Little friend Zichen!”

“It seems like you guys sought me out for the same person!” Ye Zichen glanced at them. “Gramps, just what’s with you, how long as it been? You’re always failing! If it wasn’t for me helping you out, you…”


During this, one of the patient’s relative went up and grabbed Liu Qianqian’s hair.

Liu Qianqian screamed out, so Ye Zichen quickly went over to separate the two. Then, he only noticed the person behind him was Liu Qianqian as he looked abck.

“Why are you here?” Ye Zichen revealed a look of shock.

At the same time, Liu Qianqian also looked up timidly as she trembled… “The operation… was-was done… by… me…”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen sighed.

Meanwhile, a relative of the patient also cursed, “Who are you? Her boyfriend? I’m telling you, the failure of the operation is due to your hospital. I want compensation!”

The person that spoke up was a young man around Ye Zichen’s age. From the looks of his triangular eyes, it was clear that he wasn’t a good person.

“You are the patient’s family?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and looked at the young man.

“I’m her older brother!” The young man straightened his neck.

“Fine, then I’m telling you, the operation did not fail!” Ye Zichen protected Liu Qianqian behind him. “Failure will not happen with me here! Sit on the chair properly and wait for the patient in the room to walk out healthily!”

“Sterile coat!” Ye Zichen called out. Deng Cheng immediately got someone to get a sterile coat for him.

Hearing that, the young man’s expression immediately darkened as he snorted.

“Stop bullshitting with me. I want compensation!”

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