Chapter 205 False Marriage String

Chapter 205 – False Marriage String

The tables had turned.

Gu Le gulped in shock and didn’t dare to look back. Meanwhile, Zhuge Kongming’s face brightened up and dispelled the barrier in front of him.



Gu Le’s expression tensed. He had heard Zhuge Kongming mention this name before.

He didn’t pay attention to the name back then, since he could do whatever he wants with two Spiritual Body attendants by his side in the Modern Realm.

However, those two hulks had sent his attendants flying.

“Brat, say it, why did you come to trash my place?” Ye Zichen walked past Gu Le with a chuckle, then walked in front of Zhuge Kongming to rub his head. “Little fellow, I knew you weren’t a normal person.”

“Hehe,” Zhuge Kongming smiled coyly and scratched his head.

“Brat, these are matters between us, the Gu clan and the Zhuge family. You better not butt into it.”


One of the Hou brothers slapped the attendant.

“How are you speaking to our Boss Ye!?”

Late stage Spiritual Body level.

The attendant immediately shut his mouth, while Gu Le’s face darkened.

He was wary about this Ye Zichen, whose identity was unknown… However, slapping his attendant’s face in front of him… Isn’t that just face-slapping him?

“Brother, you are not quite right when you’re doing this, right!!?”

“Then what do you think is right?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled.

At this moment, Gu Tian also ran over, “Gu Le, why did you come?”

“Gu Tian!”

The two glared at each other as the smell of fire powder spread through the air.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Brothers of the Gu clan!

What’s more, from the looks of it, they were rivals.

“I naturally came to find you to call you back to the clan…”

Gu Le instantly swept his gaze over Gu Tian and Ye Zichen, causing his dark expression to turn even more sullen…

“Gu Tian, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

“The heck are you, why should I explain it to you?”

Gu Tian rolled his eyes at Gu Le, then walked in front of Ye Zichen. When Gu Tian saw Zhuge Kongming, he even nodded and smiled towards the little fellow.

“Brother Ye, I’m really sorry…”

Ye Zichen smiled helplessly, “What does that have to do with you? The one who failed to appreciate kindness is that grandson, I won’t drag you in.”



Just as Gu Le, who was behind them, was about to speak, Third Hou and Fourth Hou had already appeared by his side…

Gu Le smiled coyly, then swallowed what he was about to say.

“From the looks of it, you aren’t the only retard in your clan,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Gu Tian in annoyance.

Gu Tian replied speechlessly, “Brother Ye, I’m stubborn, he’s a retard, we’re different.”


He actually spoke about his kin like that, it seems like their relationship is like oil and water.

Ye Zichen smiled, then nodded, “Then do you have to return with him?”

“Mhmm, I have to return,” Gu Tian nodded. “The succession to the junior family head is about to begin. As one of the main family, I have to return and see, when that happens, I’ll have to rely on Brother Ye helping me?”

“No problem,” after getting Ye Zichen’s confirmation, Gu Tian stopped worrying and walked to Gu Le’s side. “Let’s go, my cute elder clan brother.”

After the Gu family members left, Ye Zichen turned around with a wry smile, and smiled at Zhuge Kongming, who was playing with his fingers.

“Little fellow, you truly tricked your Zichen-ge, so, so much!”

Hearing that, Zhuge Kongming looked up and stuck out his tongue with a smile, “At the start, I didn’t know Zichen-ge was also someone from our place. Even if I told you, you won’t believe it…”

“Hehe, then why didn’t you say that earlier?” Ye Zichen swept his gaze over Zhuge Kongming meaningfully, then glanced at Blackie, “Blackie, you’re a ghost that I brought back personally…”

“Boss Ye, my heart is definitely with you,” Blackie saluted. Ye Zichen glanced over them with a meaningful smile, then walked into the supermarket.


“Enough, I’m not blaming you,” Ye Zichen rubbed his head. “Since you are someone of the hidden families, and you have an infant engagement with Xia Keke, doesn’t that mean…”

“Mhmm, she is as well.”


Ye Zichen sighed.

No wonder neither Xia Keke nor Zhuge Kongming found it weird that the Great Sage came.

I had thought that Xia Keke was merely insensitive…

It seems like I’m the insensitive person here.

The more he knew, the more Ye Zichen felt like his brain wasn’t enough. He let out a long sigh, then pushed his feelings down in his heart, before brightening up, “Go and take out all of the spicy gluten in our shop.”


“Don’t mind so much. Hurry up!” Ye Zichen kicked Zhuge Kongming on the butt. Thus, both Zhuge Kongming and Blackie went to the storage to move spicy gluten packages.

In the Moon Palace.

Chang’e held her phone tightly. She had remained like that for a long time in order to receive the spicy gluten that Ye Zichen would send at the very first possible moment.


Her phone vibrated.

Spicy gluten!

Chang’e’s eyes lit up and quickly received the red packet.

You received Sky Sovereign’s red packet.


A pile of spicy gluten instantly appeared in the Moon Palace. It had piled up to the size of a small mountain.

“Bunny, our good days have come.”

Seeing these, the Jade Rabbit also turned into her human form, then started to munch after grabbing a packet. Meanwhile, Chang’e couldn’t help but gulp.

If it wasn’t because she cared about her image, she might have done the same as the Jade Rabbit.

However, when she thought about courtesy, she still picked up her phone and replied.

“Thank you, Sky Sovereign.”


Your intimacy level with Chang’e increased by 50. Current intimacy level 200.

Intimacy level leveled up. Current intimacy level Trusted.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled when he saw Chang’e’s reply.

“This is what Fairy deserves. If Fairy finishes all these spicy glutens, come find me. This sovereign said that from now on, fairy’s spicy glutens will all be on this sovereign.”

Chang’e’s heart was moved when she saw the message.


You received False Marriage String x1.

Current Possessor: Fairy Chang’e. Possessed: Only Idealism.

What the heck is a False Marriage String?

What’s more, this marriage string had a lot of places that were different from before. He wasn’t the possessor, and his name isn’t on the possessed side, instead, it was his nickname.

Very strange.

When Ye Zichen looked back onto Fairy Chang’e’s chat, he noticed that the color of their intimacy level had changed.

Normally, it was green, but his intimacy level with Chang’e had turned pink.

In order to ensure that it wasn’t something wrong with his phone, he deliberately took a glance at his intimacy level with other people.

No change.

Damn, was he on the way to pick up a fairy?

If Houyi finds out…

That was a guy that dared to shoot down the suns, if he knows… Then wouldn’t I get shot to death!

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