Chapter 203 Gu Tian’s Deal

Chapter 203 – Gu Tian’s Deal

Young Master Ye?

Cui Xuan, who was at the side, was completely shocked. This young master in front of me is famous in Bingcheng.

His family’s business is also top class. Even if my father saw this young master, he would have to act respectfully.

But he actually called Ye Zichen, Young Master Ye!

All of a sudden, Cui Xuan felt as if his brain had short-circuited.

It seemed like his old classmate wasn’t just simply doing good.

“Qu Yaoyang…” Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

Qu Yaoyang quickly nodded, “Young Master Ye, I’m here!”

“Have a seat,” Ye Zichen pointed at the sofa in the room, then led Mu Jinglei over.

I didn’t think that I would bump into this great lord here.

Qu Yaoyang felt beyond awkward. Ignoring the fact that he had been beaten, he wasn’t in a position to get back at Ye Zichen either.

The meeting between the two was as awkward as it could possibly get.

However, the most awkward person present was definitely Cui Xuan.

In his mind, Young Master Qu was a very important person. From the looks of things, Ye Zichen seemed to be a very important person in the minds of the person he regarded as a very important person...

“Why aren’t you speaking!”

Ye Zichen sat on the sofa and crossed his legs, while both Qu Yaoyang and Cui Xuan forced a while.

Ye Zichen glanced at his ex-classmate, who was on the side, and said softly, “Qu Yaoyang, let me introduce you. This is my old classmate, Cui Xuan.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Qu Yaoyang quickly stood up from the sofa, while Cui Xuan also did the same to shake hands.

“I heard that you two have some sort of cooperation going on… Hmmm, take good care of my old classmate in the future!”

“No problem, a friend of Young Master Ye is a friend of mine,” With that, Qu Yaoyang patted Cui Xuan’s shoulders. “Cui Xuan, about financing your company, just directly come to see me with the contract.”

“About this…” Cui Xuan was shocked.

He had troubled himself a lot for this financing matter.

He never would have thought that just because of a single one of Ye Zichen’s sentence that it was passed through!

“Thank you Young Master Qu, thank you Young Master Ye. Continue chatting here, I’ll be leaving first.”

Since Cui Xuan wasn’t someone that couldn’t read the mood, he understood that he was just in the way after finishing the talk about the contract.

Thus, Cui Yang left the room with an apologetic smile.

At this moment, Qu Yaoyang also smiled coyly, “Young Master Ye.”

“Mmm, it seems like you recovered pretty well, I can’t tell that you were ever wounded,” Ye Zichen nodded.

Hearing that, Qu Yaoyang’s expression froze as he maintained his smile, “Young Master Ye, last time, this little brother had eyes, but no pupils, I hope Young Master Ye does not take it to heart.”

“I won’t, don’t be nervous, I’m not the type to hold a grudge.”

“Thank you for Young Master Ye being magnanimous,” Qu Yaoyang smiled coyly. When he saw Ye Zichen’s impatient expression, he immediately spoke up. “Young Master Ye, I’ll leave this room to you. I won’t disturb your world of two.”

“You don’t want to stay to have a bite?”

“No need, no need!” Qu Yaoyang waved.

How would he dared to stay?

“Fine, then go. When you go out, tell the manager to take the dishes over here.”

After Ye Zichen sent Qu Yaoyang away, Mu Jinglei, who was sitting beside him, spoke up in confusion, “Zichen, we haven’t met for a bit more than a month, but you changed so much that sis doesn’t really know you anymore!”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, “How is that possible? Aren’t I the same as before?”

Mu Jinglei shook her head and said with a hint of confusion in her eyes, “When I went out for business, I saw your header on Weibo. I’ve also heard about a talent agency taking you on board. When you told me that you earned a bit of money, I thought you signed with a talent agency, but from the looks of it, it isn’t as simple as I thought!”

The meal continued slightly awkwardly.

During the meal, Mu Jinglei’s questions continuously flew towards Ye Zichen like bullets.

Her title of the Kind Killer was not just for show. Although her questions seemed normal, but each one was deadly.

Ye Zichen felt like his head was going to explode just from answering the questions.

When they left the restaurant, Mu Jinglei squinted her eyes and smiled meaningfully, “Our Zichen grew up…”

“Sis, you are really making me feel troubled,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

Mu Jinglei giggled and stopped a taxi, “Didn’t you say you have stuff to busy yourself with? Then go, but the lessons tomorrow…”

“I’ll definitely be there!” Ye Zichen quickly stood straight and saluted.

“Don’t worry, sis isn’t such a not understanding person. Since you’ve achieved so much, it doesn’t matter if you go to lessons or not.”

“Sis, I’ll definitely be there!”

“Sis is very happy when I see that little brother loves studying so much. Remember to come to class tomorrow!” With that, Mu Jinglei opened the taxi door and left the restaurant.

Only then did Ye Zichen let out a long sigh…

Women are truly creatures that are hard to understand.



At that moment, the phone in his pocket rang annoyingly once again.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown and take out his phone when he heard his phone.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry for what! I was eating just now, would I keep owing you a toy!?”

While he was eating, Xie Lei kept on hurrying him to send the toys over.

If he wasn’t Xie Bian’s grandson, Ye Zichen would’ve just ignored him.

“Can I interpret this as you getting angry with me?”

XIe Lei pretty much replied instantly, while his unfriendly tone caused Ye Zichen to roll his eyes.

Cocky for what.

When my Immortal Heart of Pure Yang is of a high level and I’ve become an Immortal King, even your grandpa’s going to be of no use.

However, he wasn’t able to match this brat at this moment.

“No, I just didn’t want you to be anxious. This lowly one will go and buy the toys now!”

“Then hurry up. Oh yeah, buy a puzzle as well. Bu Er said that he wants to play.”

I’ll endure it.

It doesn’t cost much anyways, so I’ll just buy it.

Ye Zichen replied Xie Lei bitterly, then stopped a taxi to go to the toy store.

However, before he got on, Ye Zichen realized that he should buy a car.

Ever since the 918 Xiao Hai gave him was trashed, he never had another car.

I’ll buy one for myself when I have time. No matter what, it is still more convenient.

When Ye Zichen got to the toy store, he bought the Transformers and puzzle, then sent it to Xie Lei.

He thought he could earn a bit of intimacy level.


There wasn’t even a word of thanks, not to mention intimacy level.

It was still Cold at 0.


Just as Ye Zichen was looking at his phone screen and retorting about how sissy Xie Lei was, he felt someone suddenly pat him on the shoulders.

He shuddered, put away the phone and turned around.

It was a face with a bright smile, but what awaited the face was Ye Zichen’s fist.


Gu Tian felt really dizzy by Ye Zichen’s punch.

After a long while, he finally muttered in an extremely troubled tone, “Why did you hit me again?”

“My hands itch whenever I see you,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. Then he took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it for himself. “Say it, what did you seek me out for this time!? Don’t tell me it was a coincidence, we really don’t have such fate!”

“I want to discuss with Brother Zichen about a deal!” Gu Tian smiled, and took out a piece of ancient wood. “This… is the pay!”

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