Chapter 202 Erlang Shen, who’s no longer in poverty.

Chapter 202 – Erlang Shen, who’s no longer in poverty.

You received Erlang Shen’s red packet.

Gold Ingot x50

Cultivation experience x100000.

Ye Zichen was shocked upon seeing that. What’s going on with Erlang Shen? Why did he send me so much in the red packet?

50 gold ingots… That was five hundred thousand yuan.

There was also the one hundred thousand cultivation experience…

Is this still the Erlang Shen that I know?

“Bro, you got rich, ah?”

Ye Zichen sent a message in shock…


Erlang Shen: Hahaha, bro, I, your brother, finally managed to stand up on my own two feet!

Erlang Shen: That Landlord game that you taught me is so goddamn amazing. I, your brother, have been slaughtering everyone in the Heavenly Court.

Erlang Shen: I’m telling you, I, your brother, managed to stand up on my feet!

Ye Zichen could feel exactly just how excited Erlang Shen was from these words.

To be honest, Ye Zichen was truly moved when he saw the reply.

Such a great bro.

He still remembered to send me red packets even after earning so much, but I was only focused on benefits when I taught him the game.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen sighed in his heart and shook his head.

“Bro, how about I teach you another way to earn money.”

“No need, your bro, I, am earning happily with Landlord right now. When those guys in the Heavenly Court have more or less learned everything, then you can teach me something new so I can go slaughter them again.”

“Sure, it’s good that bro’s earning.”

“Haha, that’s it. The geezer, Old Lord Taishang, is not happy with losing and asked me to keep playing, so I’ll leave now.”


Your intimacy level with Erlang Shen increased by 200. Current intimacy level: 500.

F*ck, an increase of 200 instantly. It seems like Erlang Shen has truly earned a lot in the Heavenly Court.


He mentioned Old Lord Taishang just now.


Ye Zichen entered his chat with Erlang Shen, then started to spam him.




Erlang Shen, who was about to begin playing, raised his hand to signal the others to wait a moment. This caused Old Lord Taishang and the God of Fortune to be rather displeased.

“Yang Jian, are you going to play or not?”

“Yeah, are you still playing?”

“One sec, my bro’s looking for me,” Erlang Shen crossed his legs, then replied to Ye Zichen’s message.

“Bro, what is it?”

“You said that you’re playing Landlord with Old Lord Taishang, right?”


Erlang Shen couldn’t help but chuckle when Old Lord Taishang was mentioned.

That geezer had earned a lot by refining pills in the Heavenly Court. He was definitely one of the richest people in the Heavenly Court.

He was stubborn, and would call to be Landlord no matter his cards.

Yet, he was also old, so he wasn’t the brightest person around.

He was the typical fool with a lot of money.

The reason Erlang Shen was able to get back on his feet so quick was mostly thanks to that geezer.

“Bro, I have a request to ask of you.”

No need to ask, just say it.”

The reason he could get back on his feet was all thanks to Ye Zichen. In his mind, although Ye Zichen was a bro, he was more of a savior.

“Play with Old Lord Taishang, and help me win a Three Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill.”

“Pill? Sure, no problem, wait for the good news.”

With that as well as the urging from Old Lord Taishang and the God of Fortune, Erlang Shen let go of everything to “fight”.

Ye Zichen smiled as he put his phone back into his pocket after getting Erlang Shen’s confirmation. However, he saw Mu Jinglei holding her head in her hands as she looked straight at him.

“… Sis, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Did you hear me call you just now?” Mu Jinglei looked at him. “You were so focused when chatting with your girlfriend just then!”


Who the f*ck is my girlfriend!?

Ye Zichen looked up speechlessly.

Then, Mu Jinglei said with a shudder, “Could it be that it’s a boyfriend and not a girlfriend… Sigh, Zichen, that isn’t good.”

“Sis, enough!”

He really didn’t think that Mu Jinglei was actually that kind of person.

“Ye Zichen?” At that moment, a slightly surprised voice sounded out at the stairway to the second floor.

Mu Jinglei looked over, then saw an oily-faced man in a suit walking towards them.

“Zichen, he’s looking for you?” Mu Jinglei looked over at Ye Zichen as the oily-faced man arrived in front of their table.

“Zichen, it really is you.”

“Cui Xuan, long time no see.”

Ye Zichen stood up from the chair. This was his high school classmate. They weren’t on really good terms, but they weren’t on bad terms either. His family had a bit of money, and after graduation, he seemed to have gone with his dad to do business on the oceans.

They didn’t meet after that, so it was a surprise that they met here.

“I couldn’t tell, but you’re doing pretty good. You can actually come dine in these places now,” Cui Xuan patted his shoulder and laughed.

Ye Zichen could only laugh dryly in response when he felt his ex-classmate’s intimacy, “I’m not bad.”

“Is this your girlfriend?” Cui Xuan glanced towards Mu Jinglei.

Ye Zichen quickly explained, “This is my sis, actually I can only come here because she’s treating me to a meal.”

“Oh, it’s like that... Ai, this you’re eating here too, I’m a Gold member here and is having a meal with an important person here. Don’t say that your old classmate isn’t taking care of you, let’s go together, I’ll introduce you…”

“Is that really good?” Ye Zichen smiled wryly, he merely wanted to eat a meal here…

Moreover, to have this happen when Mu Jinglei was with him, that wasn’t good.

“What’s wrong with that? You should still be in university, right? I’m telling you, you don’t know how hard it is in our society. That important person is around our age, knowing an extra person is an extra way out!”

Ye Zichen was unable to refuse when he saw that his old classmate was so passionate.

He could only sigh in his heart, then turned around to look at Mu Jinglei, “Sis, what do you think?”

“Then let’s go and take a look,” Mu Jinglei felt rather helpless as well. Since the other person has already said that, the two of them can’t really refuse.

“Then, thank you.”

Cui Xuan smiled on the way to the room, “Old classmate, what are you studying in uni?”


“Medicine’s good, being a doctor can earn you quite a bit of money. It’s not like me, I went to the oceans with my dad and earned several million in a few years, but my body isn’t well.”

“I study veterinary medicine.”

“A vet?” Cui Xuan frowned slightly. “That’s a bit worse since you’re not treating people, but it’s still alright. Animals are worth more than people these days.”

“It’s alright,” Ye Zichen didn’t know how to reply exactly.

Eventually, Ye Zichen followed Cui Xuan to a room. Right before entering, Cui Xuan couldn’t help but to remind Ye Zichen, “Old classmate, don’t casually say things after entering… This is related to the financing of my new company.”

“Understood,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile. Only then did Cui Xuan knock lightly on the door, then walked in respectfully with his hands by his side.

“Young Master Qu.”

The person that was witting on the sofa in the room was a young man of about twenty something years old. Ye Zichen looked over…


Qu Yaoyang.

Ye Zichen wanted to leave subconsciously, but Qu Yaoyang had already started walking towards him.

“Young Master Qu, this is…”

Cui Xuan wanted to introduce Ye Zichen, but Qu Yaoyang ignored him and instead directly greeted Ye Zichen.

“Young Master Ye.”

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