Chapter 201 The Kind Killer Mu Jinglei

Chapter 201 – The Kind Killer – Mu Jinglei

Di Tian, who stayed under the same roof as the Hou brothers, gradually became more obedient.

He had no other choice, if he didn’t, he really would get beaten up!

What’s more, under Ye Zichen’s education, those two brothers were terribly evil in beating him. That’s why, right after eating breakfast super early in the morning, Di Tian obediently ran over to the kitchen sink to wash the dishes.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was watching TV as he sat casually on the sofa. To be honest, I seem to be going to school less and less now…

Just as Ye Zichen was pondering whether or not he should report in at school…


When Ye Zichen heard the phone in his pocket ring, he placed it beside his ear and heard the sound of Zhang Rui gulping.

“Ye-zi, hurry and come back to school. The Kind Killer’s looking for you.”


Ye Zichen promptly rushed towards the school after putting his phone in his pocket without saying anything.

In the university’s office of academic affairs.

Zhang Rui smiled dryly as he looked at the woman with a delicate face, who looked to be twenty seven or twenty eight.

If people were to judge her solely based on her appearance, she would definitely be a goddess in the hearts of men.

However, at that moment, the faint cold smile on her face caused the entire office to freeze.

She was Mu Jinglei, the head of the veterinary department, whose nickname was the Kind Killer.

“Zhang Rui, how many times did you help Ye Zichen call out his presence in class?” Her soft voice and the warm smile on her lips would cause people to mistakenly think that she was just a neighboring older sister.

However, Zhang Rui, as a student in the veterinary course, knew, this older sister was not as mesmerizing as her appearance led one to think.


Zhang Rui silently gulped, then dipped his head.

I can’t meet her eyes.

I’m dead if I do.

“Wow! You aren’t speaking. You guys have a very deep friendship, as expected of brothers that have slept together for two years! Just now, you called Ye Zichen when you were outside, right? You said… KIND! KILLER! Right?”

She retained her warm smile, but the atmosphere had become even more suppressing.

Zhang Rui was extremely stressed out. Being in the same room as the Kind Killer was definitely not a lucky thing.

Dong dong.

A knock sounded out at the office door. Not long later, Ye Zichen stuck his head in to have a look.

Ye Zichen’s eyes opened wide when he saw Mu Jinglei, who sat at the desk.

“You still remember coming back to class? I was getting ready to expel you,” Mu Jinglei smiled. Her kind smile was like a sharp sword, but she wasn’t the kind to stab you to death at once, she was the kind to slowly cut you to death.

Ye Zichen ran in quickly, and subconsciously looked at the file on the desk.


She’s serious.

She really wanted to expel me.

Ye Zichen shrugged with a coy smile, then licked his lips, “Miss Mu, why did you come back so early? Didn’t you say that you were going to be gone for a foreign exchange for two months!?”

“Ha… Two months, wouldn’t you completely rebel in the school?” Mu Jinglei smiled meaningfully. Then she looked at Zhang Rui, who didn’t even dare to breathe on the side. “Go on, I’ll deal with you later.”


Zhang Rui ran away from the office in less than a single second.

He didn’t want to stay in this sort of damn place for even a single second.

After Zhang Rui left from the office, Ye Zichen pulled out a chair and sat opposite Mu Jinglei with a chuckle, “Sis, how did the foreign exchange go?”

“Who allowed you to sit down? Stand up!” Mu Jinglei glared at him. “I’m the dean of your department in school!”

“There aren’t any outsiders here, so why act so formal? I saw auntie a while earlier.”

“Is my mom well?”

Mu Jinglei actually lived in Ye Zichen’s village before. She was the child of his auntie.

The reason he could come to Polytechnic University to study and choose study a veterinary degree was partially due to Mu Jinglei.

“She’s doing pretty good. Our home’s getting taken down. Auntie and little bro should have moved elsewhere. What? Have you guys not been in contact recently?”


Mu Jinglei’s expression saddened. Ever since she started to work, she very rarely contacted her home. This was especially true since she wasn’t on the best terms with her family.

It could be said that they had no communication outside of her giving living expenses to her family.

Thus, they gradually ended up like this.

“Sis is busy, so it’s normal, just go back to take a look a while later when we’re on holiday.”

This was the sort of conversation that Ye Zichen liked. Mu Jinglei nodded, then all of a sudden, she frowned and slammed the table, “Wait, why are we chatting about this? Tell me, why haven’t you been going to class? I also heard that you’ve been rather close with Su Yiyun, that second-generation rich kid… Zichen, we’re from normal families. You are always messing around with him now. When you graduate, he can go and work in his dad’s company, but you can’t!”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel a bit of warmth in his heart when he heard everything from the initial interrogation to the advice later.

She wasn’t his real sister, but she was just like one…

“Sis, I understand, I will definitely go to class properly.”

Mu Jinglei sighed softly when she saw Ye Zichen’s apologetic expression, then stood up and walked to his side, “Alright, sis wasn’t blaming you. I just wanted to tell you not to disturb your future. We haven’t met for so long, sis will take you out for a nice meal.”

The place the two went was the restaurant that Ye Zichen frequents under Xiao Hai’s control. Mu Jinglei couldn’t help but shake her head when she saw the fancy decorations within the restaurant, “Zichen, sis can’t afford to treat you to this place.”

Although she was the dean of a department in a university, her salary wasn’t that high. She might be able to afford a normal western restaurant, but this place…

It was clearly a place that only wealthy people could go to.

“Even if you want to rip sis off, it has to be somewhere that sis can afford financially, right?” Mu Jinglei said as she started to drag Ye Zichen out.

At this moment, the shop manager hurried over and smiled respectfully, “Mr. Ye.”

“I see that the first floor is full? Is there space on the second?”

“There is space on the second floor, but there are still rooms in the third!”

“No need, I just wanted to eat a casual meal with my sister…”

“Understood,” the manager bowed respectfully, then made a “please” gesture before leading Ye Zichen and Mu Jinglei to a booth near the window on the second floor.

“Mr. Ye, what dishes should be chosen?”

“Just do as you see fit, but don’t be like last time. It was too much, we couldn’t finish it!”

“Understood, please wait a moment.”

The manager’s respectful attitude caused Mu Jinglei to be stunned. When the manager left, she finally whispered secretly, “Zichen, what’s going on?”

“It’s a long story. Your little brother got a bit money. Just treat this meal as little brother’s treat to welcome sis back,” Ye Zichen laughed softly. However, Mu Jinglei looked at him with a shocked expression…

“A bit of money… This place isn’t somewhere that you can come to with something as simple as a bit of money, right?”

“Hey…” Ye Zichen smiled idiotically, but the phone in his pocket started to vibrate with a very bad timing.

Ye Zichen took out his phone to take a look at WeChat, then saw a huge red packet from Erlang Shen.

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