Chapter 2 Does it Feel Good to be Smacked by Money

“Yao Yue, I want to see you…”

Ye Zichen stood outside the girl’s dormitory holding two briefcases.

“We no longer have any relationship with each other, can you not… Aiya, Qiang-ge, don’t mess around…”

The panting from the other side of the phone turned Ye Zichen’s expression terrifyingly dark. However, when he looked at the suitcases in his hands, a smirk resurfaced at the corners of his mouth.

“This is the last time. I just wanted to give you a present…”

“A present! Wait just a bit.”

Ye Zichen waited fully half an hour before he saw Yao Yue walk out of the girl’s dormitory.

From the flushed look on Yao Yue’s face, it seemed the two of them had enjoyed themselves not long ago.

For some reason, Ye Zichen felt that he had been so stupid. He hadn’t even dared hold Yao Yue’s hand, not even after dating her for more than half a year.

His roommates called him a coward but he'd only replied with a laugh and said that it was true love!

True love!

True love? What is true love!

“What, you feel like the money Qiang-ge gave you wasn’t enough so you want some more for your breakup fee?”

Yao Yue took a card from her wallet and threw it at Ye Zichen with a laugh of contempt. The card fell onto the ground with a heartbreak-inducing sound.

“Here’s ten thousand. Qiang-ge said to stay away from me in the future.”

Ye Zichen, who'd been standing in place without moving, suddenly laughed. He playfully picked up the bank card on the floor and fidgeted with it before throwing it back in Yao Yue’s face.

“You think you’re amazing because you have some money?”

“Don’t be dumb when we’re trying to give you face...”

Yao Yue cursed him with sullenly but stopped halfway when she saw Ye Zichen open his briefcases.

Both briefcases that were full of money.

However, there was a bit of problem with this money. It was really just joss paper. [1] Ye Zichen went to a funeral store and spent twenty thousand yuan just to buy it. 

“Just f*cking rich, right? Ah!”

Ye Zichen's eyes widened as he casually threw several stacks of money onto Yao Yue’s face.

Yao Yue had completely been stunned since the moment Ye Zichen opened the briefcases.

All of the students in the surrounding area watched as stacks of money get rained onto Yao Yue’s face. 

They had never actually seen someone using money to literally smash others.

All of them silently wondered just which family’s young master Ye Zichen was for him to actually act in such an oppressive manner. Quite a few of the girls had already secretly memorized Ye Zichen’s face in order to try and find a chance to create a ‘coincidental meeting’ with him.

“You like money, right? Does it feel good to get smacked with money? Hehe, what the hell are you?”

After pouring the briefcases of money onto Yao Yue’s head, Ye Zichen turned around to leave, his gaze icy.

As the students in school saw the money cover the ground, they immediately got riled up and started fighting over it. At that very moment, Yao Yue returned to her senses and shouted at the surrounding students, “nobody move, this is my money!”

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s roommates were done eating and had all returned to the dorm. They'd even a box of food back for Ye Zichen.

Zhu Yunbai was the youngest in the dorm. He spoke carelessly, never stopping to think before he spoke. “Why isn’t Fifth Bro’s number going through? He couldn’t have gone to commit suicide, could he?”

Hearing that, Kang Peng raised his hand and smacked his head, then cursed at him, “can’t you f*cking wish for something better?”

“What Ol’ Six said might just be possible. It’s not like you guys don’t know Ol’ Five’s personality. Don’t be fooled: he’s pretty cheerful normally, yes, but he was completely sincere about Yao Yue," Bai Yu sighed lightly and frowned. Everyone else in the dorm turned silent.

“How about calling the police?” suggested the youngest, Zhu Yunbai.

Kang Peng thought it over for a while, then nodded.

“Let’s call the police!”

“Wait, have you seen this?”

Just when everyone was about to call the police.

“Huge, huge news…”

Zhang Rui, who was on the top bunk, suddenly stuck his head out. He was Ol’ Four in the dorm and wore lensless glasses frame to give himself a scholarly, elegant air. He was outwardly cold but passionate in private. At the same time, he was most concerned with school gossip. 

“What’s up?”

Kang Peng and co. went over to look while Zhang Rui pointed at the title on his phone…

“Do you see that. Some overbearing second-generation rich kid appeared in a shocking manner. He actually used money to hit someone at the girl’s dorm!”

Ye Zichen heard him from the doorway and momentarily froze. Aren’t they talking about me? Why is that on the school forum already?

“Oh wow, he really is using money to hit people. That retard is too cocky,” Zhu Yunbai shouted and swore. “I hate this sort of second-generation rich kid the most.”

The others nodded in agreement. They were all from normal families. They loathed this sort of young master that used their parents’ money to act tough more than anything.

“What second-generation rich kid? Look at the person in the photos.”

Only then did everyone notice just who the person in the photo was. All of a sudden, the dorm became terrifyingly quiet.

“It looks like Fifth Bro,” Zhu Yunbai swallowed.

“It really does seem like Ol’ Five…”

“You don’t say, it really does.”


Ye Zichen, who had used money to hit someone, walked casually into the dorm. The moment he entered the room, everyone surrounded Ye Zichen as if they were looking at a rare animal. Zhang Rui jumped down from his bed and held his phone up to examine the photo carefully.

“Ol’ Five, the person in the photo is you, right?"

Hearing that, Ye Zichen took the phone from Zhang Rui. When he saw that eye-catching title, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile wryly.

“What second-generation rich kid? I threw f*cking joss paper.”

“Joss paper? Then why are there a bunch of people fighting over money in the photo?”

“I special-ordered it. It cost me quite a lot!”

The people in the dorm exploded into chatter once more.

“Ol’ Five, you’re evil enough.” Bai Yu gave a thumb up towards Yi Zichen. Slapping someone with joss paper was very unlucky. He never would have guessed that, although Ye Zichen normally kept under the radar, when he acted up he really went all out.

Ye Zichen ignored them and walked to the side of his bed, then took out his phone.

He opened the deities’ WeChat group and saw that the fight between Erlang Shen and the Monkey King had already ended. The deities were all chatting about stuff like how much cultivation they'd earned the previous month or about trials they had to pass through and other stuff like that.

The miracle of the ingots had already taught Ye Zichen just how unique this group was. He wasn’t an idiot. If he really couldn’t sense it, he might as well just go and commit suicide.

Could it be that it really is a group of deities?

Although that seemed rather unbelievable, it truly had happened to him.

Hearing his bros from the dorm praise him, Ye Zichen touched the bank card in his pocket. “Everyone, quiet down a bit.”

Everyone in the dorm instantly quieted down. Ye Zichen raised up the bank card in his hand and smiled, “in order to celebrate me successfully becoming single again, I’ll treat everyone to go out to eat at Latte.”

The room went completely silent.

Everyone in the dorm looked at him as if he were an idiot, making Ye Zichen feel very uncomfortable.

“Why are you guys looking at me like that for?”

“Ye-zi, when have you ever treated us to a meal? It’s already good enough if you don’t try to get a meal off us every time. I can’t be hearing things, right?” Bai Yu said with an expression of disbelief.

“I feel like Fifth Bro’s gone crazy,” Zhu Yunbai also shrugged.

“Ol’ Five, I know you’re in a bad mood because you just broke up but you don’t need to say this sort of crazy stuff, right? The cost of a meal at Latte is at least several tens of thousands, right?” As the big bro of the dorm, Kang Peng spoke a bit more rationally.

“I’m just asking if you’re going or not,” Ye Zichen replied forcefully.

“We're going, " everyone in the dorm answered together. Damn, you'd be an idiot if you didn’t go when someone else was treating you!

“Then let’s start the night at Latte!”

[1] Joss paper is a kind of fake money burned on certain holidays and at funerals as an offering to the dead.

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