Chapter 199 A Happy Life with a Large Bed

Chapter 199 – A Happy Life with a Large Bed

When Ye Zichen saw Xie Lei’s display picture on the friend request, he nearly vomited.

Xie Lei dressed in pink and was pouting as he wore a ribbon on his head.

How can Xie Bian have a grandson like this... What’s a guy trying to act moe for?

Ye Zichen looked up sneakily and rolled his eyes at Xie Lei, then accepted the latter’s friend request.

“You really can add me,” Xie Lei was stunned for a moment, then looked at Ye Zichen with a bit of confusion on his face. “Can you send me toys from the mortal realm? I really like Transformers!”

Although this brat’s profile pic caused Ye Zichen to want to retort, he understood the need of lowering one’s position when in other people’s territory…

Ye Zichen nodded respectfully with a forced smile, “No problem. I can send Young Master Xie whatever toy you want.”

“Then leave,” Xie Lei pointed at the door behind Ye Zichen and shooed him away.

Ye Zichen glanced at the two cages that were still in Bu Er’s hands and smiled coyly, “Young Master Xie, then can my friends…”

“Hmm?” Xie Lei frowned. When the Xie family does business, there was a time when the other side takes the product before paying.

Ye Zichen quickly gave White Impermanence a cue when he saw that the other person’s expression darkened.

White Impermanence also touched Xie Lei’s cheek with a smile, “Third Young Master, just let his friends go first. He’ll definitely send the toys over to you later.”

“That will be breaking the rules!”

“Are you not going to listen to Rou-jiejie’s words anymore?” White Impermanence pouted slightly unhappily.

Seeing that, Xie Lei immediately submitted, “Alright, alright, then I’ll just listen to Rou-jiejie.”

He twitched his mouth at Bu Er, so the young man with a stark white face immediately handed the two cages to Ye Zichen, “Here.”

With that, the young man quickly took a step back. It was clear that he didn’t like dealing with living people.

Only then did Ye Zichen let out a sigh.

Ye Zichen smiled and bowed towards Xie Lei, then left from the door behind him. At the same time, White Impermanence also rubbed Xie Lei’s head, then followed Ye Zichen out.


Ye Zichen stepped out of the door.

He was beyond excited when he breathed in the air of the Modern Realm once again.

He quickly let Liu Qing and the little ghost out.

The moment the cage opened, Liu Qing leaped into his aims. “Ye Zichen.”

Liu Qing started to sob before she even finished her sentence.

At this moment, White Impermanence also walked out of Xie Lei’s back garden. She had already donned her hat and regained the image where her face was hidden.

“Alright, you saved your little ghost girl.”

“Thank you so much.”

If White Impermanence wasn’t there, I might not have been able to get Liu Qing back from Xie Lei.

“It’s nothing. You helped me so much, what does this count as? What’s more, there’s no need to be so courteous when it’s between us.”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded, then patted Liu Qing’s shoulder before raising his head up with a frown. “The place we went to just now belongs to the Underworld, right?”


“How did a mere mortal like me get to the Underworld? Your little ghost led the way for me, and I got into the Underworld just by climbing over the fence?”

To be honest, Ye Zichen was truly confused.

He had thought that he entered the back garden of some hidden families, he never would have imagined that he would have went to the Underworld.

“I’m confused about it as well,” White Impermanence shook her head. “Most of the Underworld is indeed merged with the mortal realm, but technically speaking, you mortals can’t enter the Underworld or see structures of the Underworld, but…”

White Impermanence hesitated a little, then shrugged, “You have always been different from other mortals. Just the fact that you can communicate with those of us from the Underworld and send us red packets… That makes you very special!”


I am indeed special.

If I didn’t live f*cking twenty something years as a mortal, I would even think that I’m an immortal.

Entering the Underworld and dealing with people from the Heavenly Court.

This is truly a shocking life. It can’t be explained by common sense.

“Alright, I have an appointment training to go to later, so I won’t chat with you here. Oh yeah. You should try to get into good terms with Xie Lei, that child is special. If you are on good terms with him, he might be of great help to you.”

With that, White Impermanence and the little ghosts beside her disappeared in front of Ye Zichen’s eyes.

After White Impermanence left, Ye Zichen looked at Third Hou and Fourth Hou angrily, “Say, just what can you two do? You even got caught. You are the Great Sage’s descendants. He’s the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the great lord that wrecked havoc in the Underworld! Seriously shameful!”

“Boss Ye, we couldn’t help it, the one that caught the two of us…”

“Stop finding excuses, your Wahaha supply is halved!” Ye Zichen glared fiercely at the two of them, then patted Liu Qing’s shoulders helplessly with a soft sigh. “And you, little girl…”

“I… It’s all because of you,” Liu Qing bit her lips. She had wanted to thank him, but when the words reached her mouth, it had turned into a complaint. “You said that you didn’t want me anymore, so I left.”

Ye Zichen caressed her head. He was really starting to suspect that he owed her in his previous life, “When did I ever say that I don’t want you anymore?”

“You didn’t say it directly, but that’s what you meant,” With that, Liu Qing started to sob again. “You want to revive me, then you can stop caring about me. That would let you to live a happy life of a huge bed with your Yumei, Shengyu, Susu and the others.”

“What the hell is your little brain thinking!”

Ye Zichen was speechless.

Ye Zichen lifted his hand to knock her on the head. Just what ero-doujins have this chick been reading? She really is progressing far on the path of a fujoshi, “Reviving you is my promise to you. I’ll be honest, you can’t always remain in a ghost form. After you get revived, if you are worried that the ones beside you can’t accept you, then just keep following me.”

“Are you for real?” Liu Qing’s eyes lit up and squinted in the shape of a crescent moon.

Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly and twitched his mouth after seeing her happy look, “Of course I’m for real. I already got used to a little burden like you following me around for so long already.”

“You’re the burden!” Liu Qing rolled her eyes, then smiled proudly. “I think that you’re just lusting after this lady’s beauty. Hmph, don’t even think about it. I’ll run away after I get revived. Then I’ll tell scientists that you’re dealing with deities so that they’ll capture and study you like a guinea pig.”

“Wow, you’re so evil at such a young age. I kind of regret saving you now!” With that, Ye Zichen took out his phone and pretended like he was going to send a message to Xie Lei. “I should send you back.”

“Heh, it’s too late!” Liu Qing raised her chin like a tsundere, then flew on top of Ye Zichen’s head to stick out her tongue. “I’ll get you captured then!”

Ye Zichen shook his head and smiled. This little ghost girl truly had the mindset of a little girl.

But then again, didn’t my life become less boring with her around?

Ye Zichen smiled, then entered the WeChat group. He knew that Soul Pearl Yiyuan could enter and exit his body at will, and the only thing he lacked now is the rootless water near Chang’e’s Moon Palace!

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